Top 5 Songs About Wrestling

Music and wrestling go hand in hand; whenever I see a man in spandex, it just makes me want to sing, and I’m sure you’re exactly the same. But what are the best songs about wrestling I hear you ask? Well, what a coincidence, I have a list of the top five best songs about wrestling right here for you, you lucky thing.

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Top 10 Wrestlers Who May be Better Off Not Signing with WWE

(My first ever post under my new gimmick, hope it gets over.)

The WWE is the biggest wrestling company in the world; there’s no question about it. It seems that the man with the giant grapefruits has built a sports entertainment empire that cannot be rivalled in the modern wrasslin’ world. It’s where stars are made, the pinnacle, the big time, yet not everyone in the wrestling business is aiming to reach out and grasp Vinnie Mac’s brass ring. In fact, some are much better off without WWE, as evident by the likes of Colt Cabana, and more recently, Drew Galloway. Without including talent who have already had a considerable run with WWE, here are the top 10 independent wrestlers who are better off not signing with WWE.

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