Wrestling Haiku Collection

“The crowd chants their songs

A choir surrounds the ring

Fans begin to sing.”


“Blood on the canvas

Colours flood from their foreheads

The war rages on.”


“Taker grabs his foe

Foley soars from the cell top

Good god almighty!”


“Sweat drips from his head

Hands wrapped up adhesive tape

Ready for a fight.”


Image result for wrestling


“Hands clasp together

His face turns into crimson

Choked out in a flash.”


“Bombardment of boos

Trash reigns down from the rafters

The heel’s job is done.”


“The blade breaks the skin

Crowd pops at the sight of red

Blood falls to the ring.”


“Climb the turnbuckle

Sweat glistens in the spotlight

The crowd starts to cheer.”


Image result for indie wrestling



“The legends gather

Gimmick tables are set up

Eight-by-tens galore.”


“Frog Splash from the top

Guerrero covers Lesnar

History is made.”


“They don’t have big names

All the seats may not be sold

But it’s still wrestling.”


“Up in the rafters

The cheap seats all go insane

Their hero arrives.”




“Drive all through the night

Go from one town to the next

Indie wrestling life.”


“Foreign object in hand

The referee’s back is turned

The heel wins again.”


“Back breaks with each bump

A sacrifice for my art

I’ll die in this ring.”


“Performed on canvas

Years of training and practice

Wrestling is an art.”


For more wrestling poetry, check out my original poem about Bruiser Brody

Follow me on Twitter for more wrestling – twitter.com/hairywrestling

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