Top 15 Entrance Themes in WWE

Whether it’s the breaking of glass, a haunting gong, or the infamous words, “I’M AN ASS MAN!”, entrance music is there to let you know exactly who you’re about to see. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s GLORIOUS! (we’ll get to that later) But what’s the best current entrance music in the house of Vinny Mac? Here are my top 15 entrance themes in WWE today.

To qualify for this list, each theme must have been heard on WWE TV in the last three months (Sorry Undertaker and Rock), and it can belong to a wrestler, general manager, or anybody that has theme music.

Let’s get started.

15. No Way – No Way Jose

Super catchy. Super Fun, Not super clever, but still, pretty super. Although the song just consists of the same three words repeated throughout, it’s almost guaranteed to make you dance, and have a little fiesta in your living room. A bad theme song? No way.

14. Sky’s the Limit – Sasha Banks

If you’re gonna call yourself The Boss, you better have the right song to back it up. Full of attitude and self-confidence, just like Banks herself, Sky’s the Limit fits the former Women’s Champion perfectly. Obviously though, if her cousin Snoop was always a part of her entrance like he was at Wrestlemania 32, then this would be much higher on the list (pun intended).

13. Break the Walls Down – Chris Jericho

You better set your clock, because we’re about to rock. As soon as you hear the words, “Break the walls down!” roaring in your ears, your attention is fully set on the screen. It grabs your attention and keeps it with loud, clear vocals, sharp pronunciations, and memorable lyrics. Although Jericho himself has changed and adapted multiple times over the last seventeen years, his theme music has barely altered at all because it sounds just as good and just as current today as it did back in 1999.

12. Here Comes the Money – Shane McMahon

Admittedly, this song is only good for about thirty seconds, but what a thirty seconds it is. If this doesn’t make you want to get up and attempt to do the Shane O’Mac shuffle every single time you hear it, then you’re crazier than Shane is.

11. #MMMGorgeous – Tyler Breeze

Although it would certainly top the list for worst entrance theme names, #MMMGorgeous places at number eleven on my list because even though it’s not something you’d catch me singing along to in my car, it is overflowing with Prince Pretty’s narcissistic brilliance. The song is essentially a love letter from Tyler Breeze to Tyler Breeze. With lyrics Derek Zoolander would be proud of, Breeze’s character is translated perfectly in his theme music, which is exactly what it’s supposed to do. He’s completely in love with himself, he’s a little ridiculous, and not to mention super good looking.

10. Playing with Power – TJ Perkins

The newest entry on our list sounds like the oldest. Playing with Power may only be weeks old, but it sounds like something straight out of an NES game. With clear influences from the Megaman franchise, the Cruiserweight Champion’s theme is not only catchy and unique in the world of WWE, it’s also a perfect reflection of who Perkins is. Any fans of TJ will know that when he’s not dabbing in the ring, he’s a huge comic book and video game geek. Unfortunately, the Cruiserweights have been given very little mic time to display their personalities, yet as soon as you hear those 8-bit inspired beats, you get an instant taste of Perkins’ fun, quirky personality.

9. Worlds Apart – Sami Zayn

Dressed in his Harrington jacket and flat cap, Sami bounces to the ring with almost as much energy as his entrance music has. Not only does Worlds Apart reflect Sami’s fantastic taste in music (in my opinion), it mirrors his fun, eccentric personality, and boundless amounts of energy. What’s more, it’s just an immensely catchy song that would fit perfectly in any big Ska Revival band’s back catalogue. You would have to be ‘inzayn’ not to love this one.

8. Celtic Invasion – Becky Lynch

The only way I can describe this one is that it’s very ‘woahy’ – it has a lot of woahs in it, with a few heys mixed in there for good measure. The blend of woahs, heys, and Japanese rock-inspired guitar riffs makes for one damn fine entrance song. When the fans in Full Sail University sang Celtic Invasion as a sign of respect to Becky after a fantastic match against Sasha Banks in 2015, it made for a truly memorable moment, and if it wasn’t for the simple lyrics and memorable tune, that may never have happened.

7. Voices – Randy Orton

I’m not exactly the biggest fan of the viper; I can understand exactly why others may love him, and his in-ring talent and natural athleticism are undeniable, nevertheless he just doesn’t really excite me. His theme music on the other hand is a different story. Simply put, Voices is just a really good song, it was even on my iPod at one point. Although it wasn’t written specifically for Randy, it suits his cerebral, dangerous persona flawlessly. The memorable lyrics, melded with the razor-sharp delivery of the song’s bridge and chorus ensures that you will be hearing Voices in your head on a regular basis.

6. Phenomenal – AJ Styles

When the clock reached zero for the number three entrant in the 2016 Royal Rumble, we heard an unknown piece of music, yet we saw a very well known wrestler for the first time in a WWE ring. Just like AJ Styles, Phenomenal is, well, phenomenal. It’s brash, boastful, and brilliant. The Phenomenal One’s theme is hip hop with a little country twist, and it suits him perfectly.

5. Catch Your Breath – Finn Balor

Like The Demon himself, Catch Your Breath is a captivating and theatrical blend of genres that stands out from everything else in WWE. Balor’s entrance has the dramatic greatness of an artsy short film, therefore it’s fitting that his theme music could easily be mistaken for part of a cinematic score in a major hollywood movie. The grand atmosphere created by the slow build-up and wonderful roar of the orchestra is the perfect accompaniment to Finn’s demonic presence.

4. Glorious Domination – Bobby Roode

There’s a reason why it’s had over two million views on Youtube. At first, it sounds like I Will Survive is about to play, but then suddenly your eardrums are invaded by what seems to be the booming chorus of Greek gods. It is so ridiculously over-the-top and flamboyant that there is no way Glorious Domination wouldn’t become the most talked about entrance theme for a very long time. When it was announced that Bobby Roode was coming to NXT, we knew it was going to be….very good, but nobody expected him to be upstaged by his brand new entrance music.

You know a song is instantly legendary when it is talked about more than the former world champion that it belongs to. Roode’s theme music is about as grand and in-your-face as it can get, and of course, it is…really great.





3. Turn it Up – Bayley

The key to good entrance music is that it should be an accurate reflection of the wrestler it belongs to. If you’re seeing this person compete for the first time, you should have a clear idea of their personality and their approach in the ring before you’ve even seen their face just by listening to their chosen song. No song in the WWE captures this spirit more than Bayley’s: it makes you smile and feel good, it’s cheesy and fun without being generic, and you sort of feel like you shouldn’t be enjoying it, but you can’t help but feel good when you listen to it. Turn it  Up makes you feel like this is the sort of thing that should annoy you, like somebody who wears a shirt that says “I’m a hugger” on it, but you’re not annoyed, in fact you’re wearing that t shirt and you’re hugging everyone in sight because Bayley is about to come out. Whenever this song comes on, I certainly want to turn it up.

2. The Rising Sun – Shinsuke Nakamura

Everything about this song  screams Shinsuke Nakamura: the Japanese influences, the mix of traditional and modern themes and instruments, and overall, it’s just effortlessly cool. When he debuted at NXT Takeover Dallas, fans all around the world heard that screeching opening guitar riff, and they fell in love with The King of Strong Style and his entrance music. Upon release, The Rising Sun topped the iTunes soundtrack chart, which is a testament to how popular it actually is.

The song builds-up in a way that makes you know that you’re about to hear and see something epic. You can tell from the music alone that Shinsuke is special; not just anyone can have a theme as expertly composed and melodious as this. Also, the violin section of the song is so damn catchy that the crowd can’t help but sing the tune to Shinsuke every time he’s in the ring. I look forward to hearing this theme almost as much as I look forward to seeing Nakamura work his magic in the ring.

Honourable Mentions –

Sawft is a Sin – Enzo and Cass: Enzo and Cass’ attitudes and characters shine through in this song, the only problem is that the duo are always talking over it. Perhaps if we all actually heard the song a little more often, it may have made the list

Amazing (Remix) – Naomi: If this was a list of the best entrances, Naomi would definitely make it. The accompanying song isn’t quite as good as her neon antics, but still worth an honourable mention.

The Future: Asuka: It’s a pretty cool song, shame I can’t actually understable one single lyric in it.

Fight – Kevin Owens: Those opening guitar chords let you know exactly who’s about to walk out. The song itself isn’t all that catchy, but it certainly sets the tone for what’s about to come.

Won’t Let Go – Cedric Alexander: I feel like the more I see Cedrick in WWE, the more this song will grow on me, however it’s just not quite worth an entry yet.

1. Live in Fear – Bray Wyatt

The fact this song wasn’t actually written specifically for Wyatt is astounding. You’ve probably heard the story before, but I’ll tell it again.

When Bray was first developing his new character, he wanted to make sure his entrance music was an extension of his enigmatic ways. Most wrestlers in development just pick a generic song that they like, and once they reach the big leagues, maybe they’ll be given something a little more memorable – but not Bray. The Eater of Worlds sat at a computer for two whole days listening to a plethora of songs in the WWE database, until he eventually found Live in Fear (at the time called Broken Out in Love) by former touring member of The Jesus and Mary Chain, Mark Crozer. Interestingly, Crozer himself has admitted that he almost forgot he even made this song when WWE first bought the rights to it, but it has now become a regular feature of his live shows due to the song’s popularity.

The beauty of Live in Fear is that it’s not completely in-your-face as most songs are; it’s subtle, the lyrics are sung softly, and it creates a quiet tension and unsettling atmosphere that makes you feel on edge, like something frightening is about to happen. Every other song in the WWE is loud, erratic and extravagant, therefore the contrast of Live in Fear‘s calm, haunting tones is what separates it from the rest. Bray’s creepy, eerie persona is perfectly matched with his incredible theme music, and is the reason why

If only Bray could get a push as great as his entrance music is.

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