Eddie: An Original Poem

Little legs on the floor, crossed with expectation,

With a remote in hand to find the right TV station.

Every Saturday morning, whilst the sunlight crept in,

I’d be wide-awake and ready for wrestling to begin.


I sat in anticipation, pyjamas rested on my skin,

To see who would lose, and who was going to win.

Out of all the colourful characters that appeared in front of me,

The one that meant the most was the amazing Eddie G.


Born down in El Paso, blessed with the Guerrero name.

Technical, charismatic, the best in the game.

He gave every inch, he grinded down to the knuckle.

The crowd always popped when he climbed the turnbuckle.


He would kick and claw and scratch and bite,

Fought many blood battles beneath the spotlight.

A man bred for greatness, a champion in the ring.

Guerrero was my hero, Guerrero was the king.


On a dark November day, many years ago.

I felt a sadness in the air, and a cold breeze blow.

I walked onto the courtyard, dressed in school uniform.

And suddenly, to my surprise, classmates began to swarm.


All the kids gathered round and franticly said,

“Haven’t you heard? Eddie Guerrero is dead.”

With one fell swoop, my happiness had drowned.

I couldn’t believe what I’d heard that day on the playground.


I didn’t trust what I was hearing, I knew it was a lie.

That is until I tuned in and saw the wrestlers cry.

I’d seen him alive and well just a few days before.

How could it be that my hero was no more?


I couldn’t get over it, my first experience of death.

My one true idol had breathed his final breath.

When he was in the ring, wrestling was an art.

He lied, he cheated, and stole a place in my heart.


I wasn’t ready to say goodbye, you had so much left to do.

You always gave your everything, and for that I must thank you.

Whether blinded by crimson, or flooded in sweat,

Your face is a memento that I never will forget.


Although you’re no longer here, although you are no more,

I’ll never forget those memories born on my living room floor.

And now although you’re gone, although I wasn’t ready.

You’re still my hero. My idol. The one and only, Eddie.




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