Top 10 Worst Finishers in WWE

A wrestler’s finisher/s is/are the best weapon/s in their arsenal. It says something about them, explains how they choose to fight and how they decide to end their matches. Not only that, good finishers can also define the wrestler they belong to – what would Stone Cold be without the Stunner, or Scotty 2 Hotty without The Worm? Given how important they are, nailing a good finisher is one of the most important decisions a wrestler can make; but sometimes, they get it seriously wrong. In this list, I’ll be looking at the wrestlers in WWE today that really got it wrong (for the ones that got it right, check out my list of the Top 15 Best Finishers in WWE).

I’m going to be ranking the top 10 worst finishers in WWE today based on how ineffective they are, how little sense they make, and how visually unappealing they are to me.

There are currently over 100 active competitors signed to WWE, each with at least one finishing manoeuvre, so there are bound to be some stinkers. Finishers are incredibly subjective things, thus if you think I’ve missed something off the list, or I’ve gotten the order wrong, let me know about it in a comment or on Twitter (@hairywrestling).

Image result for seth rollins pedigree gif

10. Seth’s Pedigree 

The Pedigree isn’t a bad move, neither is Seth’s delivery of it; the reason why it’s the number 10 entry on this list is because the move is completely in the wrong hands. Continuing to use this move is like breaking up with your ex, saying you’re over them, but still checking their Facebook and getting jealous. Although I would love to see him use it against Triple H when they finally have a match as a way of getting revenge, if Seth really wants to break out on his own and throw off the shackles of his authoritative past, he desperately needs to get a new finisher. Since the fantastic Curb Stomp is banned in WWE, I would recommend Seth delves into his deep bag of tricks to finish off his opponents from now on, possibly using the Small Package Driver, or a new move all together. Either way, STOP USING THE PEDIGREE!!

Image result for eva marie sliced bread gif

  1. Eva Marie’s Sliced Bread #2

In the right hands, Sliced Bread #2 (Brian Kendrick for example) is a perfectly fine move, however, in the not so capable hands of Eva Marie, it’s pretty awful. Simply put, it just doesn’t have the flair the move deserves – instead of quickly leaping up the ropes and flying backwards, Eva cautiously steps across the ropes and reluctantly falls back to put away her opponent. Even though she’s a fantastic heel, she’s unfortunately nothing special between the ropes; I don’t even know what I could suggest as an alternative for Eva as I’m not quite sure how many moves she can actually pull off well, but I’m sure there’s something out there for All Red Everything.

Image result for cena stf 2016

  1. Cena’s STF

It’s been said so many times, if he just actually locked in the move properly for once instead of giving his opponent’s neck a gentle cuddle, it wouldn’t be on this list.

Image result for enzo and cass rocket launcher

  1. Badaboom Shakalaka

There’s nothing wrong with using a top rope splash as a finishing move, it’s actually pretty damn effect, that’s if it’s only one person doing it. When a duo passes off one person executing a move as a double team finisher, that’s when problems occur. Not only does it have one of the worst, clunkiest names for a finisher I’ve ever heard (earning it a place on my list of the Top 10 Worst Names in WWE), it’s a terrible tag team move as Enzo does all of the work, whilst Big Cass offers no assistance. Cass seems to stand next to Enzo with his arms out stretched to appear as though he is actually launching and then subsequently slamming his partner into his opponent, yet he barely even makes any contact with the Certified G. The simple alternative is to start using a double team move that actually involves both people!

Image result for big ending gif

  1. Big Ending

With his incredible strength, there is a wealth of power moves Big E could utilise to finish his matches, yet the biggest New Day member decides to end them by essentially laying his opponent on top of him. His giant traps, arms, and chest make this move look as painful as landing on a huge, muscular pillow. Considering the fact he could probably lift every single member on the main roster, Big E could easily find a new finishing maneuver that ‘rocks’ to keep those tag team titles from now on.

Image result for dolph ziggler zig zag the miz

      5. Zig zag

The Zig Zag isn’t just bad, it’s inconsistent – sometimes Dolph grabs them by the neck, sometimes the head, even sometimes the shoulders, but no matter what variant he does, it looks weak. It’s essentially just making somebody fall over with a lot of jumping involved. His satellite DDT would make a perfect finisher, or perhaps he should just stick to the superkick from now on.

Image result for nia jax leg drop

       4. Leg Drop

Despite being one of the most famous finishers of all time, it’s also one of the weakest. Once you analyse the Leg Drop, you can clearly see that absolutely no weight is landing on the opponent; in fact, this move does more damage to the performer rather than the receiver. With her intimidating size and strength, Nia Jax could find a significantly better way to finish off her many squash match adversaries.

Image result for xavier woods lost in the woods

  1. Lost in the Woods

Lost in the Woods (also used by Gail Kim as Eat Defeat) is a terrible move. Xavier falls backwards as he simultaneously pulls his opponents face into his boot – the problem is that there is no impact whatsoever. It makes no sense – how does falling onto somebody’s foot hurt even in the slightest bit? Whilst he’s in the New Day, Xavier doesn’t really need a new finisher for the moment as he is rarely the one earning the three count, but once he eventually does become a singles wrestler again, my suggestion would be to stick to the Shining Wizard. Xavier needs to make sure this move gets lost in the woods for good.

Image result for naomi rear view gif

  1. Rear view

Using the most cushioned part of your body to beat someone up makes absolutely no sense whatsoever (neither does bouncing back off the ropes when someone gets whipped into them, but that’s beside the point). Imagine if you lost to a flying arse, you’d feel so embarrassed and demoralised. The worst part of the Rear View is that Naomi deserves so much more; with her impressive talents in the ring and fantastic image and entrance, she needs a legitimate, believable way to end a match. Naomi must get a new finisher that displays her amazing athleticism, rather than a move that displays her rear end.

Dishonourable Mentions –

Bayley to Belly– I absolutely love Bayley; whenever she’s on my screen, I’m full of joy. Nevertheless, it can’t be denied that her finisher is just a little bit boring. It’s not exactly a bad move (hence why it’s not on the list), it’s a just simple move done by a variety of wrestlers. I don’t really think it needs to change exactly though, after all, not everyone can have a great finisher.

Reverse Chokeslam – It’s too early to know if this is going to be Braun’s permanent finisher, so I decided to just keep it as a dishonourable mention. It’s hard to describe a move as “looking weak” when it’s performed by a man who’s well over 300 pounds, however in comparison to a regular Chokeslam, Strowman’s variation of the move just doesn’t quite match up.

Image result for big show ko punch gif

  1. W.M.D/KO Punch

The gigantic Big Show once had a fantastic finisher in the Showstopper Chokeslam, so the fact we have to watch him use this monstrosity of a move to end his match is a crying shame. Admittedly, it is far more effective than other finishers featured on this list, yet it gains the top spot as the single biggest problem with the KO Punch is that it is void of all logic – most finishers require some kind of setup, and most of the time, competitors need to weaken their opponent in order to successfully hit it, whereas with this, Big Show could literally hit this at any time in the match. What’s more, he actively chooses not to use it at any chance he can. Rather than punching his foe in their face which, as we’ve seen, can leave anyone completely incapacitated (its guaranteed knockout ability is another problem with the move) and almost ensures victory, he instead punches them in the sternum, thus in spite of having a gigantic head with a massive brain to match, Big Show is clearly a colossal idiot. As his wrestling career slowly draws to a close, Big Show needs to revert back to his old ways to ensure his retirement is a showstopper.

To find out what made the list of the best finishers in WWE, click here.

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