Top 10 WWE Wrestlers Who Deserve a World Title Match

World championships are the biggest prizes in any sport. Just being in the conversation for a world title means you’re probably one of the best in the world at what you do, and the same applies for wrestling. Unfortunately though in this wonderful world of sports entertainment, some deserving talents aren’t given the chances that they rightly deserve. While wrestlers like Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and John Cena are repeatedly involved in world title matches, there are plenty of members of the main roster that are more than ready for the opportunity to win some major gold. But who are the most deserving of a one-on-one shot at the biggest prize in wrestling? Here are my Top 10 WWE Wrestlers Who Deserve a World Title Match.

Let me be clear, just because I think they deserve a one-on-one world title match does not mean I also think they deserve to be a champion. In some cases, I think certain talents deserve title matches because it would boost their reputation, or because it could result in a potentially good storyline, or simply because I know they would put on a great match. Also, I am only including main roster talents, although if Shinsuke Nakamura isn’t given a title match once he makes the switch, that may require an entire article dedicated to it.


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10. Neville

The reason Neville should have a title shot is simply because it would be a damn good match. The Man That Gravity Forgot is one of the most athletically gifted performers in the company, and as such, his abilities should be more than enough to propel him to the main event.

Obviously, Neville would have to be rescued from the depths of the low-card in order for this to be possible, but with plenty of time and mid-card victories, this Geordie would be primed for a PPV title match. Whether he’s World Champion material is down to WWE, but in my opinion, Neville is more than worthy of flying towards the top of that mountain.

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9. Big Cass

All signs indicate that WWE higher ups are big fans of Big Cass, and it’s easy to see why: he’s got the size; he’s athletic; he can talk; and he’s over like crazy. The pop Enzo and Cass get every time they emerge from that curtain on Raw is reminiscent of the Attitude Era days. And while the team still have a lot left to give and achieve as a tag team, it’s clear that Big Cass may have singles gold in the future. In fact, he’s already been involved in a fatal four way for the Universal Title on Raw, and I’m sure it won’t be his last significant title match.

Clearly the big man isn’t quite ready to carry the company on his massive shoulders just yet, and Enzo should stay by his side for a long time to come, but a one-off Universal Title Match at a PPV would do wonders for both of the Realest Guys in the Room. With the Certified G by his side, we’d be in for a build-up full of world class promos, catchphrases, pop culture references, and the duo’s patented brand of hilarious insults. The world title picture would be guaranteed to be a lot more entertaining with these two involved, even if it would just be for a short time before they set their sights back on the tag team gold.

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8. Baron Corbin

It’s clear that WWE have big plans for the lone wolf, so why not throw him in at the deep end? Corbin clearly has a lot of fine-tuning to do before he’s ready to reach the top of the mountain, but what better way to get him prepared for his potentially bright future than by giving him an early shot at the WWE title. Also, given the few established main eventers currently on Smackdown, introducing new talent into the main event scene will give the champion a more diverse pool of talent to defend against. It may not be a match of the year candidate, and for now it probably doesn’t deserve to be a multiple PPV rivalry, but the promising star should definitely be given the opportunity.

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7. Luke Harper

If you’ve read my list of the Top 10 Most Underutilised Talents in WWE, you’ll know that I consider Luke Harper to be a monster heel in waiting. If he’s finally allowed to break away from behind his charismatic leader, Harper could become one of the most dominant forces in the company, and would easily be a top contender for the biggest prize on his brand. Although this may be a long shot considering he seems to just be there to help Bray win and to be someone for The Eater of Worlds’ rivals to defeat on Smackdown, Harper could have a convincing run as world champion, and at the very least, would be able to put on a fantastic title match, as we’ve seen previously with his ladder match against Dolph Ziggler. Please WWE, set this monster free to force his destructive ways upon the main event scene.

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6. Big E

Many have been speculating about what will happen to the New Day when their monumental title finally comes to the end. Will they almost immediately split up? Are they going to carry on riding their wave of popularity as a tag team, feuding with other teams for a while? Well, I have a suggestion.

Even after two years of being together, New Day are still one of the hottest properties in WWE; they can stick a unicorn horn on anything, and it is guaranteed to sell. An act like that doesn’t come along all too often these days, thus they shouldn’t be disbanded in a hurry, even when they’re finally stripped of their gold. However, it seems as though they’ve accomplished everything possible for a tag team, so perhaps they should trade in those tag team bouts for a while and focus more on singles gold.

Out of the three New Day members, Big E is the most suitable for a WWE title match: Kofi’s opportunity should have been years ago (although it is surprising he never had a one-on-one world title match in his prime), Xavier rarely steps in the ring and mainly acts as the cowardly manager, whilst Big E is seen as the most dominant member of New Day, being able to use his incredible strength to put his opponents away.

Similarly to Big Cass, I don’t believe Big E should win the title, he’s too established as a tag team wrestler at this point to do so, yet a Big E title shot would make for some very interesting television. With his fellow New Day brethren backing him up, we would be able to see week after week of entertaining promos involving the likes of Kevin Owens (if he’s still champion), and the title match would be built around Big E’s teammates trying to help him win. There’s also potential there for using the title match as a way of splitting the team up by having Kofi/Xavier unintentionally costing Big E the match, which would in turn cause the team to disband, and set Big E for a run as a dominant heel.

New Day have beaten every team in WWE, both verbally and physical, so having one of its members focusing on a singles title would give them new opponents and new challenges to face, it may even save them from potentially growing stale with the fans. Whatever the fate of New Day though, WWE title match or not, I’m sure it’s guaranteed to rock.

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5. Rusev

Considering the high profile feuds the Bulgarian brute has been in with John Cena and Roman Reigns, it’s strange to think that Rusev hasn’t even had a sniff at world championship gold yet. His dominating ways may have subsided a little since his undefeated streak ended in 2015, nonetheless Rusev is still a believable, brutal, monster heel that could easily capture more than the US championship if given the chance. His anti-Americanism, superior athleticism, arrogance, and wrestling ability are the perfect combination for a true heel champion. Let’s face it, Rusev already has pretty much everything any man could ever want, yet in my opinion, it’s only a matter of time before he brings a world championship back to Bulgaria.

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4. The Miz

Although The Miz already held the WWE title back in 2010-2011, his reign wasn’t accepted by most fans, including myself. Many felt he simply wasn’t ready or deserving at the time, yet now he’s more than deserving of a shot at the biggest prize in the company. 2016 has been the best year of The Miz’s career, so much so that I wrote an entire article about it, so what better way to top it in 2017 with a programme involving the WWE title, and possibly even a second reign with the belt. The A-lister chasing after the WWE Championship whilst rubbing his opportunity in the face of general manager Daniel Bryan could make for brilliant television. With the work he’s been doing this year, there is no doubt that the king of safe style definitely deserves a golden future.

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3. Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn has everything it takes to be one of the company’s biggest stars: he’s extremely likeable, popular, and one of the best wrestlers in the world. Zayn has been involved in some of the best WWE matches of the last few years, yet sadly none of them were world title matches. If given the chance, Sami could deliver a PPV main event to remember, and would make a fantastic underdog world champion. It would give him a chance to face some of WWE’s biggest stars, as well as reigniting his on-going feud with Kevin Owens, but this time with a much bigger prize on the line. Sadly, this may not happen any time soon, but WWE would be crazy not to give the underdog from the underground a shot at gold.

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2. Cesaro

Cesaro may well be the most-well rounded wrestler I have ever seen. There’s simply nothing he can’t do between those ropes, plus with his ability to speak five different languages, he has undeniable global appeal. So, with all of his talent, all of his strength, and all of his linguistic abilities, why the hell hasn’t he been given a one-on-one world title match yet?! Fans have been crying out for the Swiss Superman to hold that gold, but WWE haven’t let him anywhere near it. The only sniff he’s ever had at the biggest prize in wrestling was in the 2014 Elimination Chamber match, which is a crying shame. We all know that he could put on some spectacular championship matches, and hopefully you can all agree that he would make a stellar champion, so please WWE, give Cesaro a chance.


Heath Slater – Heath Slater is one of the most entertaining characters in WWE right now, and once his tag team title run with Rhyno comes to end, I’d love to see the One Man Rockband get a fluke number one contender match victory, and face the WWE champion on Smackdown in the coming weeks afterwards, similarly to James Ellsworth. A Slater title match definitely isn’t worthy of a PPV main event, but a televised bout for the belt with a few weeks of build up would no doubt lead to plenty of entertainment.


Zack Ryder – Many believe (myself included) that Ryder should have been WWE champion in 2011/2012 when his popularity exploded. Unfortunately, the company seemed to do everything they could to destroy any momentum he had. Even though the time for the Long Island Iced-Z to hold the biggest prize in wrestling has come and gone, it would still be great to see this young WWE veteran finally get the world title opportunity he’s deserved for years.


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  1. Bray Wyatt

Why hasn’t Bray Wyatt had a title match yet? Not even a mid-card title match. It makes absolutely no sense to me. In fact, he can barely even get a win these days, when he should be dominating his way to the top of the card. He manages to effortlessly blend together a fantastic moveset, surprising athleticism, and captivating theatre every time that bell rings, yet he is still being denied the huge push he truly deserves.

With his family protecting him, the charismatic leader could hold Smackdown in ransom as he owns their biggest prize, and destroys anybody that tries to get in his way, including management. Bray Wyatt is a dark, dominating champion in the making, all it takes is for WWE to finally give him the opportunity.


Who do you think deserves a world title shot? Tweet your suggestions to me or leave a comment below.



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