Top 10 Candidates to Join Bullet Club

Bullet Club is the most popular stable in the wrestling world. Not since the late 90s have we seen a group completely take over the sport quite like this. Bullet Club shirts are the new NWO shirts, and too sweet is the new…too sweet.

The group has had some of the biggest stars in wrestling in its ranks over the last few years, including two of WWE’s biggest stars right now, but given the turnover of talent they’ve already experienced since their inception, and that the group currently contains some of the most highly scouted performers in the world, Bullet Club is always open to new recruits. But when the time comes to bring in some new bone soldiers, who should the Biz Cliz turn to? Well, I may have just who they are looking for. Here are my Top 10 Candidates to Join Bullet Club.

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Top 10 Story Modes in Wrestling Video Games

I’ve spent a significant portion of my life playing wrestling video games, and it’s probably one of the main reasons why my social and romantic lives are both in the state they are (I’ll give you a clue as to how they’re going, I run a wrestling blog and a poetry blog, work it out for yourself). The majority of the many, many hours I have sunk into these grappling games were spent playing story modes – career modes, roads to Wrestlemanias, season modes, whatever name they were under, I was obsessed with them. But with so many games with so many story modes over the years, it begs the question – which ones are the most worthwhile playing? Well, The Hairy Wrestling Fan is around to solve your problems. Here are my Top 10 Story Modes in Wrestling Video Games.

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January 2017 – The Best Month in Wrestling History?

2016 was a gift to wrestling fans. An absolute nightmare for celebrities, and pretty much everyone else in the world, but we were all able to escape from the horrors of the world by watching some outstanding wrestling. And if the first month of this new year is anything to go by, it looks like 2017 is set to somehow be even better. January 2017 is a wrestling fan’s dream, and by the end of it, it could possibly go down as one of, if not the greatest month in wrestling history. Don’t believe me? Well, I’ve got plenty of reasons why.

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Top 20 WWE Matches from 2016 that You’ve Probably Already Forgotten About

As evident by my list of the Top 25 Best Matches of the Year, 2016 was an absolutely incredible year for wrestling. It was crammed full of historic events, fantastic moments, and most importantly, amazing, memorable matches. However, even in such a landmark year for this wonderful sport, not everything was up to the world class standard. There were plenty of globally exposed matches from Vinny Mac’s House of Graps that have slipped through our minds in just less than a year. Even if you’re WWE through and through, you’ll be scratching your head when reading this one. Here are the Top 20 Big WWE Matches from 2016 that You’ve Probably Already Forgotten About.

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Five Reasons Why the WWE UK Championship Tournament Will Be Amazing

I’d like to say that the WWE UK Championship is a dream come true, but in all honesty this is such an unlikely concept that I could never have even dreamt of this ever happening. For years, the UK has been pleading for another PPV emanating from our shores, but who knew that after a long wait, our patience would be awarded with not only our very own tournament and weekly show, but our own championship as well (and what a beautiful championship it is).

There aren’t many things that leave me in a state of shock, but this certainly did. The possibilities and potential for this tournament are immense, and could lead to some incredible matches, amazing moments, and world-class signings. So if you’re not already extremely excited for this major event in UK wrestling history, and convinced it will be utterly epic, why the hell not?!!!! Not to worry though, I have five whole reasons why the WWE UK Championship Tournament will be amazing.

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Top 10 Most Promising Talents in WWE

2017 is here! A new year, new resolutions, and a new President (unfortunately). With all of this talk of new things, it got me thinking – which new stars will we see emerge in WWE in 2017? Who will grab Vinny Mac’s brass ring this year? We can never know for sure, but there are certainly some definite contenders. There are plenty of promising talents in WWE, but which of these future stars has the most potential? Here are my Top 10 Most Promising Talents in WWE.

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