Steel Cage: An Original Poem

An animal in a steel cage, fans thirsty for some action.

The circus is in town again, and I’m the main attraction.

There’s no lions in the show, no clowns on the stage,

Just two men and four ropes, surrounded by a cage.


I stare into his eyes, my foe stood across the ring,

The crowd is getting restless, the ringside choir starts to sing.

His claw grasps my hair, and slams my face against the wall,

The fans they all gasp as cascades of blood begin to fall.


The wire starts to cut, and my fingers start to bend,

As I scale up the wall, to the heavens I ascend.

Bright lights in my eyes, callused hands around steel,

My foe grabs a foot, boos reign down upon the heel.


With just one fell swoop, I come crashing to the mat.

Pains shoot up my spine as my aching body lay flat.

My eyes are glazing over, the world starts to fade.

Punishment is just another part of this brutal trade.


My face is gushing crimson, my body starts to swell.

The injuries are building up inside this metallic hell.

His feet hit the floor, marking the end of our brawl.

The booing from the crowd echoes all through the hall.


The punishment may be over, now a winner has been crowned.

But it will all begin again tomorrow, when the circus rolls around.

No matter what the venue, no matter how big the stage.

Our fate will always be the same, just two animals in a cage.


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