Top 10 Most Underrated Finishing Moves

Finishing moves are the best weapons in every wrestler’s arsenals. Unfortunately though, from time to time,  a great finisher doesn’t quite get the attention it deserves. But of all the finishers we’ve seen over the years, which move is the most underappreciated? Here are my Top 10 Most Underrated Finishing Moves.

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10. Widow’s Peak – Victoria

The Widow’s Peak was arguably the best finisher in the women’s division at a time when it wasn’t presented as a respectable, competitive part of WWE. Whilst some members of the division were shown more for titillation rather than as actual wrestlers (you know, the reason why we watch it in the first place), Victoria was shown to be dangerous and aggressive, and her finisher was a huge part of that. Dropping her opponent onto their knees as she bent their neck back, the Widow’s Peak was one of the more unique looking finishers, and equally painful in appearance. When performed correctly, this move looked devastating to the opponent’s back and neck, and I would love to see someone from the current generation in WWE to pick this brilliant move up, and make it their own.

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9. Moss-Covered Three-Handled Family Credenza – Perry Saturn and Others

Apart from having possibly the worst name for any finisher in history, this spinning fisherman suplex is beautiful, technical, and devastating, especially when performed by the likes of Perry Saturn. I’m sure if we saw this maneuver more on our screens during The Attitude Era, we would all remember it much more fondly.

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8. Feast Your Eyes – Donovan Dijak

The only reason this stunning move is underrated is simply because it hasn’t been given a big enough platform to truly be appreciated. Featured in my list of the Top 15 Finishers Outside of WWE, Dijak’s Feast Your Eyes is like a smoother, more fluid version of a GTS. The 6’7 ROH star perfectly plunges his opponent straight onto his striking knee. Every time he hits the move really is a feast for the eyes. With his size and ability, there is no doubt that Donovan Dijak has a big future, and his stunning finisher will play a big part in his success.

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7. Regal Stretch – William Regal

William Regal appearing on an underrated list – that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. This torture device of Regal’s own design really does look like he’s tying his opponent in knots. The Regal Stretch has the victim’s legs crossed over with the applier’s weight pressed upon them, whilst they also have to endure the pain of an underarm stretch. Regal’s underrated finisher is brutal, painful, and technical, just like the man himself.

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6. Death Rowe – Raymond Rowe

In another case of a fantastic finisher not receiving enough exposure, Death Rowe is one of the most ferocious moves in wrestling today. Roye lifts his victim up for a full nelson slam, and then proceeds to thrust his knee into the back of their head as they fall – it really is as brutal as its name suggests. Unfortunately though, as Ray is currently a part of the fantastic tag team War Machine, and the move itself isn’t quite PG enough to appear in WWE, you won’t be seeing Death Rowe any time soon, but that doesn’t stop it from being criminally underrated.

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5. Sitout Gutwrench Powerbomb/Doctor Bomb – Steve Williams and Others

When performed with this much fluidity, the Sitout Gutwrench Powerbomb is a work of art. In one smooth, flowing motion, the opponent is spun and slammed onto the mat in beautiful fashion. With Jack Swagger recently released from the company, and thus the Gutwrench Powerbomb has no current owner, this is a move that definitely needs to be brought back for one of today’s WWE superstars to delight audiences with.

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4. Rope Hung Neckbreaker – Bo Dallas

This move was only used by Dallas on a few occasions (given how many victories he’s had in the last couple of years, that shouldn’t come as a surprise), yet that doesn’t take away from how incredible it is. Utilising the ropes for leverage, the user spins the victim’s head into a crashing  fall towards the mat. If Dallas finally gets the solid mid-card push he deserves, he needs to keep this standout maneuver as his finisher.

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3. Haas of Pain – Charlie Haas

Haas’ innovated hold has the victim’s legs tied up and held in the air, as all the pressure and weight of their own body presses down on their head and neck. In my opinion, the Haas of Pain has got to be a serious candidate for the most visually appealing submission move of all time, which makes it even more of a shame that it was never given the love it rightfully deserved.

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2. Final  Cut – Goldust

The Final Cut is so simple, yet so beautiful. What starts off as a standard suplex suddenly transitions into a spinning neckbreaker, and it looks sensational. If Goldust had used this move in the prime of his career, rather than during a period where he was earning hardly any singles victories, I’m positive this 24-carat gold finisher would be held in much higher regard.


Honourable Mentions

Peejee Waja Plunge – Although Silas Young tends to favour his other finisher, Misery, these days, he does occasionally pull this maneuver out of his bag of tricks. Given how flashy and athletic it is, in contrast to Young’s no nonsense, serious look and demeanour, this is possibly the most surprising finisher in wrestling today.

Go Flasher – I’m really surprised a high profile Western wrestler hasn’t adopted this suplex dropped into a sideslam as their own as it Is a truly gorgeous move.

Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex – This bridging Electric Chair Suplex innovated by Manami Toyota is one of the most celebrated moves in Japanese women’s wrestling – it’s just a shame that the rest of the world hasn’t taken it into their hearts quite as much.

Kairi Hojo’s Elbow Drop – This beautiful move is unappreciated simply because it hasn’t been seen by enough eyes, but once WWE’s newest signee makes her debut, I’m sure the world will take note.

Bitter End – Pete Dunne is a future world champion in the making, and this gorgeous move will definitely help him achieve that goal.


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  1. Chaos Theory – Doug Williams and Chad Gable

It should be no surprise to long-time readers that this move tops my list given that I’ve written at length about it on multiple occasions. The Chaos Theory suplex is one of my favourite finishers of all time, and is performed by the most underrated wrestler of all time (in my opinion), Doug Williams. An O’Connor Roll seamlessly transitioned into a deadlift bridging German Suplex is enough to make any pure wrestling fan erupt with delight. Williams seems to flow across the ring in one fluent motion, opponent locked in his grip, before hurling them backwards onto their shoulders. With so much fluidity and exceptional levels of technique and core strength required to pull off it off, Williams makes it look effortlessly beautiful. What’s more, American Alpha’s Chad Gable has delivered the move exceptionally on a couple of occasions during his time in NXT, and if he ever embarks on a singles run, it will be wonderful for me to see the move being used regularly on television once again, and hopefully the WWE exposure will help show the world how amazing this move truly is.


What do you think is the most underrated finisher of all time? Let me know in a comment below or on Twitter @HairyWrestling.

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