Top 10 Potential WWE UK Competitors

Who would have thought just 6 months ago that WWE would have it’s own UK division, and an absolutely beautiful United Kingdom championship to go with it. This truly is a treat for fans around the world, not just in the UK, as we all get to witness some incredible talent on a much more regular basis. We’ve already seen the likes of Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne, Mark Andrews, and Wolfgang show off their craft within the WWE realm, but there are still plenty of incredible independent talents around the UK that need a worldwide platform to show off their abilities. With a weekly UK show starting on the WWE Network, there’s no better time than now for WWE to recruit some new stars from these isles, and these are the best of the best. Here are the Top 10 Potential WWE UK Competitors.


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10. Dave Mastiff

Although it does seem that WWE has plenty of big, bearded beasts on their roster at the moment, I’m sure they have room to squeeze just one more giant, hairy man in there. The Bastard has been a firm staple of the UK independent scene for fifteen years now, but he still has plenty left to give. The Suplex Apparel sponsored athlete (I implore you to check out his merch, it is beautiful) would please officials with his size, experience and throwback brutality, whilst entertaining audiences with his surprising athleticism and fantastic mic skills. If WWE are looking for more heels to add to their UK division, look no further than this big bad bastard.

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9. Joe Coffey

Joe Coffey is big hairy guy with plenty of endurance and experience that would certainly make him a good, mid-card level talent in WWE. The current ICW Champion already has plenty of approval from fans, but he also already has the respect from legendary wrestlers such as Minoru Suzuki and WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, whom he faced in 2016, putting up an impressive display against both. With his size, strength, endurance, indie credibility, and good looks, it’s pretty much just a matter of time before WWE starts serving up Coffey.

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8. Rockstar Spud

A few years ago, former TNA talent were pretty much blacklisted from WWE. Big Vinny wanted nothing to do with anybody who was once an impact player (unless they had previous experience in his big house of graps), but given how Dixie Carter’s former employees have pretty much taken over the WWE and NXT rosters in the past couple of years, with the likes of AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode achieving significant success, it seems as though the TNA stigma is no longer a problem. Hell, the winner of the second TNA British Bootcamp is already a featured part of the UK division, so why not add the first ever winner to the mix as well?

Rockstar Spud is the perfect underdog. Since he’s undersized when matched up against pretty much anyone (he even managed to lose against a freakin’ toddler back in 2016), it’s pretty impossible not to be on his side in any match. What’s more, his comedy timing and mic skills are up there with some of the best in the world – he could essentially be the Chris Jericho of the WWE UK division. On the other hand, Spud can also easily be the most snivelling, weasely little sidekick heel in the entire wrestling business. Whatever position he’s injected into though, Rockstar Spud is guaranteed to deliver, and would make a fantastic member of the WWE UK roster.

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7. Mark Haskins

It’s almost evitable that Mark Haskins will one day end up in WWE, whether that’s a part of NXT or their budding UK division. His technical ability and great look has already taken Haskins to TNA, PWG, Dragon Gate, as well as various promotions around the UK. Unfortunately for Mark, the former Progress Champion was unable to compete in the WWE UK Championship Tournament in January due to injury, but now he is freshly recovered, he is ready to become the star he’s destined to be.

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6. El Ligero

If you’ve been to watch a live independent wrestling event in the UK, there’s a 99% chance you’ve seen El Ligero. I once went to a wrestling convention that El Ligero was attending (and managed to get a really bad selfie with him). In that one day alone, Ligero had already wrestled a match for a different promotion in a completely different city, drove straight down to the convention, took photos and sold merch to fans, and then went on to wrestle two more matches that evening. It certainly would not surprise me if there was a cyborg underneath that mask.

Although I think his gimmick would probably limit his chances of climbing up the ranks in WWE, the hardest working man in independent wrestling would fit right at home within the UK division. His in-ring work as well as his reliable, hard-working reputation would go down well backstage, and he could always be relied on to put on a great bout with any of his fellow countrymen (and I’m not talking about Mexico), and we all know that workhorses, or workbulls in this situation, are a vital part of any entertaining wrestling show.

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5. Doug Williams

Doug Williams is a true British wrestling legend that still has a lot to offer. Not only does he have one of the best finishers in wrestling, he has a wealth of experience and technical ability that he could pass-on to younger competitors in the UK division, and could add a veteran flare to the roster. In my opinion, Doug Williams is one of the greatest grapplers to never compete in WWE; but hopefully, that statement won’t be true for much longer. (Also, extra note, I shook Doug’s hand once in a McDonald’s. Lovely guy.)

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4. Martin Kirby

At a recent WWE tryout in London, a familiar bald head appeared in the crowd of potential signees, to the delight of many. Martin Kirby is one of the most popular and entertaining wrestlers on the UK independent scene, thanks mainly to his exposure and push from WCPW in the last year. The only problem with Kirby is exactly what makes him so popular – his unique style of entertainment. WWE officials may not get his whole brand of comedy, or may not think it will translate in front of big crowds or to a worldwide audience, which is why including him on WWE’s new UK show would be the perfect platform to show the world how great he is. Allowing Kirby to do what he does best in front of smaller audiences in his homeland that will no doubt fall in love with him will gradually help the rest of the world understand what makes him so special. Martin Kirby is one of the most entertaining wrestlers in Britain, and hopefully, if he ever does end up in WWE, his unique personality and style won’t be tampered with too much.

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3. Will Ospreay

The UK scene is currently a beautiful blend of every style of wrestling imaginable, each performed to perfection by a range of British talent, and the crown of our greatest high flier has got to go to Will Ospreay. The Aerial Assassin has set the wrestling world alight over the last couple of years with his inhuman high-flying antics. But the young sensation isn’t just flips and tricks, he’s also a fantastic heel when required to be that manages to make you despise him whilst keeping his awe-inspiring moveset intact. It wouldn’t surprise me if Ospreay went straight to NXT when he eventually gets signed by WWE, given how sought-after he is, yet if he did get brought into the UK division, he could quickly become their most valuable player.

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2. Zack Sabre Jr.

Considering that he’s already competed in the CWC, it’s fair to assume that WWE are highly interested in the best technical wrestler in the world today, whether he is interested in signing with them though is a different story. While his style wouldn’t be the best fit in for the typically short, fast-paced cruiserweight matches found on Raw and 205Live, his technical prowess would go down swimmingly in front of smaller UK crowds with more match time to display his skills. To give the new UK show a little traditional flavour, WWE may want to sign stars that can perform the scientific, technical style our shores are famous for, and it doesn’t get any better than ZSJ.


Honourable Mentions

Travis Banks – Despite competing mainly on the UK scene, Travis Banks isn’t from these isles, which is the only thing stopping him from appearing on this list. Banks is one of the most underrated independent wrestlers in the world right now, and if you haven’t witnessed his hard-hitting, strong style brand of brawling yet then you’re missing out.

Kenny Williams – Kenny Williams is very eye-catching, both with his high-flying wrestling style and his ring attire. He wouldn’t necessarily flip the WWE UK division upside down, but he would definitely make a great addition.

Liam Slater – A great, up-and-coming wrestler on the British scene that although wouldn’t bring much name value to the WWE UK scene, would certainly bring a lot of talent.

Nick Aldis – With recognition around the world, and the fact his wife, Mickey James, has been working with WWE as of late, it wouldn’t surprise me if we saw the former Magnus step into a WWE UK ring sometime soon.

Jonny Storm – Adding a true British veteran to the mix that can still put on one hell of a match would certainly mix things up in the UK division.

Nathan Cruz – A former Progress Champion that brings a lot of talent to the table.

Johnny Moss – Although he wouldn’t exactly set the scene alight, Johnny Moss’ combination of size, speed, strength, and experience would certainly be a welcome addition.


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  1. Marty Scurll

Okay, so since he’s currently in the middle of an impressive run as ROH Television Champion, about to make his New Japan debut as part of the Best of Super Juniors tournament, and recently set the internet on fire by becoming the newest member of Bullet Club (which I predicted by the way, just saying), this one is certainly a longshot. No doubt it will be a long wait before we see The Villain chickenwing fellas in the biggest wrestling company in the world, but when it happens, it will be incredible. Simply put, Marty Scurll is one of the best independent wrestlers in the world today, and is fastly becoming one of the most popular. It’s been such a wonderful experiencing watching Marty grow and gain popularity over the last few years, and now with Bullet Club behind him, a prestigious BOLA victory under his umbrella, and a significant winning streak developing in Ring of Honor, Scurll is bound to become one of the most desirable potential signees for any wrestling company in the world.

Marty Scurll’s villainous antics, stellar wrestling ability, brilliant unique look, and fantastic character work make him an essential future employee for WWE. It will be quite a while before he’s able to sign on that dotted line, and he may go straight to Orlando rather than staying on his home shores, but whatever the fate of The Villain, he’s bound to chickenwing his way to the very top.


Who else do you think should be added to WWE’s UK division? Let me know in a comment below or on Twitter @HairyWrestling.

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