The Fall From Hell: An Original Poem

They tried to lock him up inside of hell,

But The Maniac would not comply.

Instead he ascended atop the cell,

And stood with the lights up in the sky.


The Deadman emerged from behind the curtain,

His body shrouded in deep nightshade.

What lied ahead was all but certain,

Yet neither man seemed at all afraid.


The Deadman looked upon his playground,

As he strode slowly along the stage.

The crowd erupted into a frenzy of sound,

As he began to climb the cage.



They brawled and brawled up on the ceiling,

Not a single fan was on their seat.

Millions at home were all left reeling,

When The Maniac was thrown off his feet.


Through the heavens and down to the floor,

With a fall so brutal and unholy.

A stunning sight never witnessed before,

It seemed like the end for poor Mick Foley.


A mass of humanity in an almighty collision.

A punishing deed on the devil’s behalf.

A piercing voice screamed through the television,

“As God as my witness, he is broken in half!”


The Deadman looked down upon his destruction,

Not an ounce of remorse was in his eyes.

He stood alone on the metallic construction,

As he stared in silence at the maniac’s demise.


A crowd began to form around his torso,

Crushed and broken by the dramatic fall.

So much destruction from a single throw,

Alone on the cage, The Deadman stood tall.


Paramedics arrived to save the madman,

And wheeled him away, held down by a brace.

It seemed that everything had all gone to plan,

Until the corpse stood up with a smile on his face.



Again the two men climbed up the steel,

And brawled once more on top of the cell.

The maniac’s efforts were simply unreal,

But quickly he fell into the pits of hell.


He crashed through the cage and onto the ring,

His beaten corpse lay still on the ground.

“That’s it, he’s dead!” cried out the king,

As the crowds of concerned horded around.


Somehow he made it back to his feet,

But after one shot he fell to the floor.

How on Earth was he still able to compete?

How the hell could he bare to take any more?!


A smile fell upon the maniac’s face,

With white enamel hanging from his nose.

So much brutality on a global showcase,

How he’s still standing, nobody knows.


Suddenly, The Maniac reached into the unknown,

And pulled out his bag of torturous toys.

A painful shower poured out like hailstone,

The roar from the crowd made a remarkable noise.


Back and forth , attack after attack,

The electricity in the building continued to flow.

The Deadman flung his foe flat on his back,

And into the piercing punishment below.


Image result for mankind vs undertaker


Flashes of silver emblazoned his torso,

The searing pain caused him to cry and yell.

The Deadman gazed at the torment below,

Grabbed him by the throat and sent him back into hell.


1-2-3 , and the fight finally finished,

Memories of this match still replay in my mind.

These unbelievable moments will never diminish,

From a match that’ll be remembered for the rest of mankind.



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