Top 10 Best Tag Team Names in History

Names – they’re pretty important.  In the crazy world of wrestling, it’s essential to get a name right as it’s often the first detail fans will know about you. A great name tells the audience exactly what a wrestler is about, and what their prerogative inside the ring is, especially when it comes to tag teams. When two competitors come together, it’s vital they choose a name that reflects their relationship, their in-ring style, and their appearance. Having a fantastic name can be the difference between a team just being good, and a team being great. But out of all the pairings seen in promotions across the world over the last five decades or so, which teams have given themselves the most memorable monikers? Well, there’s no need to decide for yourself because I’ve done all the hard work for you (you’re welcome). Here are the Top 10 Best Tag Team Names.

For this list, I am only including tag teams with two or three members, no stables are eligible as I will be making a dedicated list for those next week. Also, I will only be including teams that had a considerable run together, so no one-time pairings or made-up names for house-show only teams. With that being said, let’s get started.




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  1. The Natural Disasters

Tag team wrestling wasn’t the WWF’s biggest priority back in the early 90s, but the division certainly featured two of the biggest wrestlers. Combining to make a massive 843 pounds (possibly kayfabe), Earthquake and Typhoon came together to become The Natural Disasters – a collective force that demolished its competition. Although their look and gimmick was a little cheesy (but so was everyone else’s at the time in WWF), the name The Natural Disasters sounds imposing. It immediately conjures up a destructive power that no man can stop, and while they’ll never go down as one of the greatest between the ropes, they will always be remembered.

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  1. Brothers of Destruction

Kane and The Undertaker each have one of the coolest, most timeless, and universally loved characters in the history of wrestling, so when they came together as a tag team, they were bound to have an awesome name. Given their sibling relationship, and their tendency to destroy everything that’s around them, The Brothers of Destruction was the perfect name for the former world champions. Without even seeing these two seven-foot behemoths, you’ll know they’re not to be messed with just by the sound of their team name. It’s fitting that two of the greatest of all time also have one of the best tag team names of all time.

Image result for the eliminators

  1. The Eliminators

What I love about The Eliminators’ name is that it’s no nonsense, and straight to the point, just like the team themselves (plus it sounds really badass too). It doesn’t try to be fancy or clever, it simply states exactly what these two men will do to their opponents, and given how dominant they were in ECW, there wasn’t a member of the roster that wasn’t eliminated by them.

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  1. Switchblade Conspiracy

Although they were never given a huge spotlight in a large promotion, Sami Callihan (formerly known as Solomon Crowe) and Jon Moxley (who went on to become Dean Ambrose) made one hell of a team together, with one hell of an identity. The name Switchblade Conspiracy may sound a little vague, it’s not immediately clear what the name means, but without question it sounds freaking awesome. Moxley and Callihan’s collective name instantly makes me think of blood, violence and  pain, three things you would certainly associate with both of these men. Whilst both men have moved on to bigger and better things, and one even became part of a far more successful team, it’s almost guaranteed they’ll never be a part of a group with a name as awesome as this ever again.

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  1. The Jumping Bomb Angels

The Jumping Bomb Angels. Just say that aloud to yourself. The freaking Jumping Bomb Angels. I’m not even quite sure what it means, but I know it sounds fucking amazing.  Back in the late 80s, Noriyo Tateno and Itsuki Yamazaki debuted in the WWF and shocked everyone with their incredible abilities. The western audience had never seen anything like these two Japanese athletes when they faced off against the likes of The Glamour Girls for the short-lived WWF Women’s Tag Team Championship. Tateno and Yamazaki were way before their time, and if they were teaming up today, they would be the talk of the wrestling world. The Jumping Bomb Angels – amazing to watch, and amazing to say their name.

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  1. The Miracle Violence Connection

Another name that doesn’t quite make sense when you say it out loud, yet also another name that sounds fucking awesome. “Dr Death” Steve Williams and Terry Gordy were known as The Miracle Violence Connection – two huge, ruinous hosses that destroyed anyone that dared face them. Their massively successful run in All Japan Pro Wrestling lead them to become Pro Wrestling Illustrated and Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Tag Team of the Year in 1992, and if there was a category for most awesome tag team name, they would have certainly won that honour as well. The team’s style was beautiful yet brutal, just like the words “miracle” and “violence” would suggest. Sadly neither man is around today, yet their legacy will always live on as members of this amazing team.

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  1. The Brain Busters

Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard are one of the most legendary tag teams in the history of wrestling. Their understanding of the art of tag team wrestling was sublime, and their fluid, cohesive style continues to inspire duos even today, with the likes of The Revival following in their footsteps. Whilst they are best known for their time in the NWA as a part of The Four Horsemen, it’s only when they made their way over to the WWF in 1988 when they were blessed with this magnificent name – The Brainbusters. You don’t need to see these two men wrestle to know they are rough, violent, and a force to be feared – their name tells you all of that immediately. Also, this moniker receives extra points for playing-off the name of a well-established wrestling maneuver – nice work, WWF. With their incredible tandem offense and flawless chemistry, not only did Tully and Arn bust brains, they also blew minds.

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  1. Minnesota Wrecking Crew

Over fifty years ago, ‘brothers’ Gene and Lars Anderson formed the original Minnesota Wrecking Crew. As their name suggests, they came in, destroyed everything they could see, and left……and they were from Minnesota. In later years, the two original members would be replaced by Ole and much later Arn Anderson, yet the prerogative of the team remained, go in and wreck their opponents. The crew members may have changed over time, however that didn’t sully the legendary reputation and legacy of the kayfabe Anderson family. The Minnesota Wrecking Crew just has this fantastic ring to it that screams rugged toughness, with no sense of remorse for what they destroy, and that is exactly what you want from an awesome team name.

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  1. The Holy Demon Army

And now for possibly the most Japanese name imaginable for a team – The Holy Demon Army. It doesn’t even really make sense, considering that “holy demon” is an oxymoron, and I wouldn’t consider two men as much of an ‘army’, yet I am not willing to argue against Toshiaki Kawada and Akira Taue, two of the stiffest and violent workers in All Japan Pro Wrestling during the 1990s. Known for mercilessly dissecting whoever had the misfortune of standing across the ring from them, Kawada and Taue took tag team villainy to new heights, and racked up eight matches rated five stars by Dave Meltzer in the process. As a name, The Holy Demon Army may not quite make sense, but it doesn’t have to when it sounds that badass, especially when the members are two of the best tag team competitors in Japanese history.

If you want to read more about Meltzer five-star matches, check out my top 20 list here.


Honourable Mentions

Devastation Corporation – It may sound a little corny for a team formed in the 21st century, but they can get away with that in Chikara, plus it rhymes.

War Machine – It’s fitting that one of the best teams in the world also has one of the coolest names as well.

The Midnight Express – Their name origins may stem from another team’s, but that doesn’t stop it from sounding amazing.

The Jurassic Powers – Big, scary and powerful, just as the name implies.

The Unholy Alliance – I wouldn’t exactly describe the combination of Mikey Whipwreck and Tajiri as “unholy”, but that doesn’t stop their name from being awesome.

The Ascension – This duo’s booking on the main roster may have been utterly tragic so far, but at least they have a pretty cool name.

Killer Elite Squad – Doesn’t get much imposing than that, does it?

Lethal Consequences – When your names are Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed, you’re pretty much required to form a team together.


Image result for legion of doom

  1. Legion of Doom

Who else could it be? When it comes to success, popularity, iconic status, most legendary appearance, and the best name, no tag team can compete with Legion of Doom. Despite being known as The Road Warriors (another fantastic moniker) for the majority of their run, their WWF name is undeniably captivating. Fitting perfectly with their larger than life personas and superhero-esque appearances, Legion of Doom was the most appropriate name for Animal and Hawk, and an appropriate name for that time period in WWF. No team will ever be more beloved and more successful than LOD, for reasons far beyond just having an awesome name. It’s only fitting that the best tag team name in history belongs to one of the greatest duos to ever step inside a ring.


What’s your favourite tag team name? Let me know in a comment below or tweet me @HairyWrestling.


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