Top 10 Worst Tag Team Names in History

Names – they’re pretty important.  In the crazy world of wrestling, it’s important to get a name right as it’s often the first detail fans will know about you. A great name tells the audience exactly what a wrestler is about, and what their prerogative inside the ring is, especially when it comes to tag teams. On the other hand though, get a name wrong, and it can make everything set off to a very bad start. In fact, some names are so terrible, they destroy a tag team’s run instantly with no hope of success. But out of all the pairings seen in promotions across the world over the last five decades or so, which teams have doomed themselves the most with miserable monikers? Well, there’s no need to decide for yourself because I’ve done all the hard work for you. Here are the Top 10 Worst Tag Team Names.

For this list, I am only including tag teams with two or three members, no stables are eligible as I will be making a dedicated list for those next week. In some cases, some teams are given purposely bad names because of the nature of their gimmick (comedy, parody, etc), therefore I will be more lenient on terrible team identities that are supposed to be awful. Also, I will only be including teams that had a considerable run together, so no one-time pairings or made-up names for house-show only teams. With that being said, let’s get started.



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  1. The Hype Bros

Almost as bad as Mojo Rawley himself, The Hype Bros is a classic case of a bad team name being a combination of the members’ gimmicks. One says “hype”, one says “bro”, together they are….fucking terrible. Not only is The Hype Bros a terrible name, it’s just a bad idea. The two have never quite gelled together, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the pairing split up sometime soon (especially considering how obsessed with splitting teams up WWE seem to be lately). Also, Zack Ryder definitely deserves so much better than this, bro.

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  1. The Gangstanators

What happens when you combine two of the most memorable and successful teams in ECW history? Something surprisingly awful. Take one half of The Gangstas and one half of The Eliminators, and what do you get? The Gangstanators. The fucking Gangstanators. Do I really need to say more?

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  1. American Males

1995 WCW Creative Team: Right, we’re forming a new tag team with Marcus Bagwell and Scotty Riggs, but what should we call them? Hmm….Well, they’re both Americans….and they’re both males…..yeah, that’ll do!…..Now, how do we continue to ruin our product and drive away our most promising young talent?

Image result for dynamic dudes

  1. Dynamic Dudes

Woah, man! This team name is like, totally bogus! The Dynamic Dudes is exactly what happens when a group of middle-aged men attempt to get ‘down with the kids’. Complete with backwards caps, neon clothing and some totally radical skateboards, The Dynamic Dudes were a bad comedy sketch come to life. Luckily for Johnny Ace and Shane Douglas, the joke was short-lived, and both men would skate their way to much brighter horizons later in their careers.

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  1. Rybaxel

This is what you get when you take two guys that WWE creative have absolutely no clue what do with. Two men thrown together with no direction or hope for a push simply because there was nothing else for them to do, and just to put the cherry on top, they threw their names together as well. At least with the likes of Breezango they’re a comedy team, they’re supposed to be ridiculous so an idiotic name is appropriate, however, when you’ve got two legitimate wrestlers that are intended to be taken seriously, nothing will bury them faster than a name like Rybaxel.

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  1. Generation Me

The Young Bucks have revolutionised wrestling. They’ve proven that WWE isn’t always the best option by being immensely successful, selling out their t-shirts in Hot Topic stores around the world, creating their own hit YouTube show, and winning multiple titles across the globe. However, from 2009 to 2011, it was a far different story. The high-flying brothers were a part of the TNA roster, and despite their unbelievable ability, they were not given the greatest of treatments. In fact, in their own words, they couldn’t even afford to buy a chicken sandwich for lunch, even whilst they were still on TV. Back then, the Jackson siblings were known as Max and Jeremy Buck, and sadly, as a team, they went by the name….Generation Me. Yep, the most popular tag team in the world today once had the name Generation Me…whatever the fuck that means. At the time, I was watching TNA every week, and although I was always blown away by these two athletes and the incredible things they could do as a tandem, I genuinely couldn’t support them simply because of how fucking terrible their name was. Thankfully for us all though, they left TNA, let the company keep that awful name, and moved on to much greater, much sweeter things.

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  1. LOD 2000/Techno Team 2000

Reboots very rarely work. It’s extremely hard to reinvent something so beloved and glazed in nostalgia. Creating a new version of an already established brand without it being disappointing and infuriating for fans to endure is near impossible. And let me tell you, one ofthe worst ways to start a reboot of anything, is to put “2000” after the name, which is exactly what we got with LOD 2000. Yes, take possibly the best tag team name of all time, stick a year after it (because it was the late 90s and that’s just what you did back then), and behold! You’ve now got one of the worst names of all time! Congratulations, you just fucked everything up from the start! Well done you, WWF! Oh, and I’m also throwing Techno Team 2000 in there as a bonus because it’s equally millennial and terrible.

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  1. Anything with “New” in Front of it

On the subject of reboots, JUST DON’T DO THEM! Seriously, what was with the WWF and re-hashing old teams in the 90s?! They were obsessed! A conveyer belt of old tag team gimmicks were churned out with brand new, interchangeable members throughout the decade. And yes, it is extremely hard to be totally original in wrestling, so some characters are bound to be similar, yet these aren’t just similar, they’re actually boasting about how they’re an old team brought back from the dead! By slapping the word “new” in front of a classic tag team name, and then throwing a few faces in there for good measure, you’re effectively slapping every fan watching in the face. Thankfully this awful trend died out a while ago, let’s just hope we don’t have to endure “The New New Day” in ten years time…

Image result for minnesota wrecking crew 2

  1. Minnesota Wrecking Crew 2

And now, for the worst reboot tag team name in wrestling history – Minnesota Wrecking Crew 2. 2?! This isn’t a reimagining, or a tribute to those that came before, this is a fucking sequel! This is Marty McFly travelling to 2015. This is the Electric Boogaloo follow-up to one of the greatest tag teams in NWA history. Somehow, the National Wrestling Alliance managed to blow WWF’s ‘new’  fetish out of the water with this one huge blunder. And the most insulting thing is, this was a genuinely great team that originally had a far better name! At first known as The Destruction Crew as a tribute to the Anderson siblings, The Beverly Brothers had fantastic chemistry together, and won the Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Rookie of the Year Award in 1990, however what started as a homage transitioned into a low-budget, bastardised sequel to an incredible tag team. Let this be a lesson to you all, the original is always better.


Honourable Mentions

The Headshrinkers – It was a different time, but still, a little racist.

The Mongols – Once again, racist.

The Killer Bees – They were obviously supposed to be a bit of a joke, but come on? The Killer Bees. Really?

Well Dunn – One was called Timothy Well, one was called Stephen Dunn – get it?!

The Dicks/The Johnsons – Different companies, different years, exactly the same penis joke.

Voodoo Kin Mafia – Just….what?

The Ding Dongs – I don’t feel like I need to add anything to this one.

The Dude Busters – Unlike the Dynamic Dudes, this one took place this decade! What were they thinking?!

Air Boom – Apparently this name was decided by the WWE Universe. Proof that us wrestling fans don’t always know what we’re doing.



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  1. TM61

TM61. What the actual fuck were they thinking?

For those who don’t know, TM61 are an NXT Tag Team (currently out due to injury), formally known as The Mighty Don’t Kneel (TMDK), one of the most unique and interesting team names I’ve ever heard. When the Australian duo came to WWE, and were subsequently re-branded, the pair clearly wanted to keep at least part of their previous identity intact, as we’ve seen in the past with the likes of Kevin Owens and Kairi Sane. However, “The Mighty” is no longer present; instead, we are left with a name that sounds like a component from a flat-pack furniture kit, or a droid from an upcoming Star Wars film.

The thing about their name is that it has never actually been explained on NXT (from what I understand, T and M are the first letters of Thorne and Miller’s last names, and 61 is the dialling code for Australia). Besides, a team name shouldn’t have to be accompanied by a lengthy explanation, the point of a moniker is to give an indication as to who they are and what they’re about immediately. TM61 explains literally nothing, in fact, it leaves me with more questions than answers.

TM61 is such a bewildering and robotic name that doesn’t roll off the tongue whatsoever, so much so that it could potentially hold them back significantly. It’s not memorable (at least not for the right reasons anyway), it’s not a name you can chant, and it’s not going to catch on easily.

TM61, aka The Will-O-Wisp (well done if you understand that reference), desperately need to have a change of identity, embrace their mightiness, and stop kneeling down to this terrible name.


What do you think is the worst tag team name of all time? Let me know in a comment below, or over on Twitter @HairyWrestling.


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