Top 10 Worst Wrestling Stable Names in History

Names – they’re pretty important. In the crazy world of wrestling, it’s essential to get a name right as it’s often the first detail fans will know about you. A great name tells the audience exactly what a wrestler is about, and what their prerogative inside the ring is, especially when it comes to stables. On the other hand though, get a name wrong, and it can make everything set off to a very bad start. In fact, some names are so terrible, they destroy a stable’s run instantly with no hope of success.  But out of all the factions seen in promotions across the world over the last five decades or so, which stables have created the worst monikers? Well, there’s no need to decide for yourself because I’ve done all the hard work for you (you’re welcome). Here are the Top 10 Worst Stable Names.

For this list, I am only including stables with three or more members, no tag teams or duos within stables are eligible. Also, I will only be including teams that had a considerable run together, so no one-time pairings or made-up names for house-show only teams. With that being said, let’s get started.




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  1. Misfits in Action

By the year 2000, WCW was essentially ran by a bunch of misfits, so it’s rather fitting that a stable formed at that time in the company was called Misfits in Action. Now, I have no problem with the “Misfits” part of the name, it’s the “in Action” part that definitely ruins it. What action are they referring to? In-ring action maybe? It’s not the worst stable name in history, and it’s certainly not the worst thing to happen in WCW in 2000, but still, it’s bad.

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  1. The Band

For those that don’t know, Kevin Nash, a very out of shape Scott Hall and Syxx-Pac all debuted together in TNA back in 2010 as The Band. Here’s a tip – if you don’t have any legal rights to any of the NWO or Kliq properties, and at least one of the wrestlers involved is clearly battling substance abuse issues and is in no real fit state to compete, don’t bother trying to start a stable reuniting members from both of those famous groups, because when you do, that’s when something as bad and as vague as The Band happens.

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  1. Planet Jarrett

Imagine a planet dedicated to Jeff Jarrett – a place where everyone is inexplicably successful, and nobody has any clue how it happened. A place where mediocrity somehow rises to the very top despite nobody seemingly wanting that to happen. Luckily, such a heavenly body does not exist, but there was a stable in TNA once called Planet Jarrett, and it reflected perfectly the ego, and the overall awfulness of the faction’s leader. An appropriately bad name for an equally bad wrestler.

Image result for dungeon of doom

  1. Dungeon of Doom

The Dungeon of Doom is possibly the cheesiest thing pro wrestling has ever produced, and not in a good way. Go and watch the moment that Hulk Hogan first wakes up inside their dungeon, it is the best bit of terrible acting you will ever see in your life. The Dungeon of Doom is a good reflection of what state WCW was in back in 1995 – corny, behind the times, and just downright terrible. Plus, a ‘dungeon’ isn’t exactly a term associated with a group of people, so the stable name itself doesn’t really even work. WCW couldn’t even create a bad name that makes sense.

Image result for teddy long


Holla! Holla! Holla! Teddy Long had his own stable once – he called it Thuggin’ and Buggin’ Enterprises, and I still have absolutely no fucking clue what that means. Regardless of the name’s definition, it sounds absolutely awful, and thankfully, the project didn’t last very long. Stick to putting 6-man tag matches together, Teddy.

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  1. Da Baldies

Yes, ECW really did form a faction purely on the basis that each member had a bald head. And just to add that extra layer of ninetiesness to it, it wasn’t ‘The Baldies’, it was Da Baldies. As great as the late 90s were for wrestling, some aspects of it are better left in the last century.

Image result for nwo 2000

  1. Harlem Heat 2000/ NWO 2000

As discussed in my Top 10 Worst Tag Team Names list, sticking “2000” at the end of a pre-existing idea was just what people did back in the late 90s, and every single time somebody did it, it was terrible. Case in point, Harlem Heat 2000 and NWO 2000. The original NWO was spliced into every possible variation you could think of, but this is possibly the worst chapter of them all, and Harlem Heat 2000 isn’t even worth talking about. We were all excited for the new millennium just so this awful trend in professional wrestling would finally be put to an end.

Image result for team pcb

  1. Team PCB/The Submission Sorority

In July 2015, Stephanie McMahon emerged on Raw to declare a Diva’s Revolution, followed by the main roster debuts of Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch, and thus formed three factions within the women’s division – Team Bella, Team B.A.D, and the Submission Sorority. Despite the obvious sexual overtones, these three women, Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch, branded themselves with this moniker as each of them utilised a submission move as their finisher. And then, within just a matter of days, WWE had to change the name because it was also the web address of a pornographic website. Nice work! (What makes this worse is apparently some were already aware of this beforehand). So with their backs against the wall, they simply put the three wrestlers initials together and called it a day. Not only was Team PCB unimaginative and quite frankly boring, it also sounded like a recreational drug. Two terrible names for one shortly-lived team – that’s almost impressive.

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  1. EV 2.0

What happens when you try to do an ECW reunion, but you have absolutely zero rights to use anything related to ECW? EV 2.0, that’s what! Instead of going with something like The Hardcore Originals, or The Extreme Legends, you know, names that would immediately make sense, they went with EV 2.0. The question is, who exactly were the original EV? It apparently stands for ‘Extreme Violence”, but they were never known as that! They were the ECW Originals! You know what’s worse than putting 2.0 in front of a stable name? Putting 2.0 in front of a stable name that never existed in the first place! Well, that’s TNA for you!


Honourable Mentions

Generation Next – Not as bad as Generation Me, but not far off.

Special K – It’s named after a breakfast cereal, simple as that.

The Undisputed Era – The newly formed NXT faction of Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reily and Bobby Fish are a fantastic group, shame they’ve been given a pretty bad name.



Image result for sports entertainment xtreme

  1. Sports Entertainment Xtreme

It literally spells SEX, okay. Not only does it have “Sports Entertainment” in the title, and adopts the late 90s spelling of the world “Extreme”, it’s literally a stable of professional wrestlers called SEX. Sports Entertainment Xtreme were a faction led by Vince Russo of all people, intent on taking over TNA back in 2002.

Yes, Vince Russo created this ‘xtremely’ terrible idea, and not for the first time in his career, punished viewers with his signature brand of sports entertainment, only this time he literally spelt it out for his audience. And the worst part about this whole thing is that this faction was completely serious! This wasn’t like The Dicks or The Johnsons where the joke was in the name, Sports Entertainment Xtreme was supposed to be like TNA’s NWO! They dragged genuinely talented stars such Low Ki, Chris Sabin, Road Dogg, Raven and Christopher Daniels into this sports entertainment orgy of despair. Although SEX and TNA sounds like the perfect combination, it was one of the worst runs of any faction in wrestling history. I mean, would you want to be involved in SEX with Vince Russo? Didn’t think so…


What do you think is the worst stable name of all time? Let me know in a comment below or over on Twitter @HairyWrestling.

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