Another Top 15 Wrestle Crate UK Items

Wrestle Crate UK is a monthly service that sends out a random box of collectables, clothing, DVDs, and an assortment of miscellaneous, yet wonderful items straight to your doorstep. Although you may not know what you’re getting in advance, the small price tag in comparison to the gifts you receive is always well worth the mystery. Plus, it feels like you’re getting a mini wrestling Christmas every month, which never fails to get me a little excited. With prices starting at £11.99 a month (plus postage and packaging), it’s hard for any fan to resist this little monthly cardboard box of awesomeness.

This time last year, I was so impressed by the merch I had received from them that I wrote an article ranking the Top 15 Wrestle Crate UK Items from their first year of service. One year on and twelve more crates later, there have been so many more great collectables arrive at my door that I’ve had to rank fifteen more. So, to celebrate their two year anniversary, here are Another Top 15 Wrestle Crate UK Items (from the past twelve months.)



  1. Kota Ibushi Postcard Set

Kota Ibushi is legitimately one of the best wrestlers in the world today – he also happens to be completely insane. Whilst he can put on five-star matches and compete in high-profile tournaments such as WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic and NJPW’s G1 Climax, he also willingly chooses to be involved in feuds with blowup dolls and rides bicycles into his opponent’s genitals. Earlier this year in London at an XWA show, Ibushi decided for whatever reason to leave the venue, stand atop of somebody’s car, and aim a lit firework directly at his own chest. Wrestle Crate decided to capture this crazy, yet strangely artistic, moment with a series of three postcards documenting Ibushi’s insanity. With sparks and flames flying all over the place as fans look on in amazement, it makes for a truly memorable trio of images, perfect for any graps fan’s bedroom wall.


  1. SteveWeiser Drink Koozie

Do you love beer (or a nice non-alcoholic substitute)? If your answer was, “HELL YEAH!”, then you will love this Texas Rattlesnake drink koozie, which keeps your Steveweisers Stone Cold, perfect for quenching your thirst after a long Stunner Party.


  1. Ringkampf Pin Badge

Originating in Germany, Ringkampf is a sportswear brand that sponsors some of Europes best wrestling talents. In 2017, Ringkampf athletes have had the world talking, from Alexander Wolfe, who won the NXT Tag Team Championships as a member of Sanity, to WALTER, who competed in PWG’s BOLA tournament, won the Atlas Championship in Progress, and earned himself a five-star match rating from Dave Meltzer when he fought Zack Sabre Jr. (CLICK HERE FOR MY LIST OF THE BEST FIVE-STAR MATCHES). In June, which overall was one of the best crates of the year, Wrestle Crate collaborated with the brand on a sweet, simple logo pin badge, a perfect addition to any fan’s graps show attire.


  1. British Strong Style T-Shirt

In 2017, Wrestle Crate really stepped up their game when it came to collaborations. Back in April, they gifted all of us lucky subscribers with a black and white tee featuring the three biggest names in British wresting, all of whom were and still are a part of WWE’s UK division. To collaborate with not one, but three WWE contracted superstars, one of which was the holder of their beautiful new UK Championship at the time, was a huge deal for an independent, family business, and shows just how popular Wrestle Crate has become in the UK within such a short amount of time. Whilst the design itself isn’t my favourite of the last twelve months, hence why it doesn’t rank higher on the list, it’s still an awesome shirt featuring three fantastic talents that have had fans around the world talking all year long.


  1. I Am Phenomenal Poster

Very few have made such an impact in WWE within just two years as AJ Styles has. Since his debut at Royal Rumble 2016, AJ has headlined PPVs, won the WWE and US Championships, faced some of the business’ biggest names, and been credited publicly by his employers as the best in-ring competitor of his generation. Such a phenomenal performer deserves some equally phenomenal merchandise, and Wrestle Crate UK has you covered. This beautiful poster, crafted by popular CAW maker Defract, is one of the best designed works of art featured so far in Wrestle Crate’s history, and we would expect nothing less from this phenomenal service.


  1. Matt Riddle T-Shirt

If you ever see Matt Riddle in person, your self-esteem will instantly plunge into the ground. Not only is he ridiculously good looking, he also happens to be a fantastic wrestler, one of the sport’s best and most believable strikers, and without doubt a future WWE superstar. Although you will feel inferior compared to this former UFC fighter, if you were subscribed to Wrestle Crate back in August, at least you will have this awesome Matt Riddle retro-style tee to look great in. Guaranteed to feel extremely soft, and make you feel like a true bro.


  1. Two Sweet Foam Finger

Good job this one was included back in February’s crate because if they tried to release it now, Wrestle Crate may be greeted by a nice cease and desist order from a certain Big Mac Daddy. Sporting the traditional NWO text and colour scheme, WC’s unique foam finger is simply too sweet. When I took my nephew to his first wrestling show earlier this month, he didn’t take this off his hand for the entire night, so even though it may be a little bias, for creating that memory for me, I have to raise a too sweet up for this one.


  1. Jushin Thunder Liger Poster

In the history of Japanese wrestling, there is arguably no more globally recognised figure than Jushin Thunder Liger. His captivating, anime-inspired look is impossible to hate, which is what makes Liger so beloved even to this day after a three-decade career. As Jushin winds down towards the end of his career, major victories are becoming more and more scarce, yet back in July, he nabbed himself the British J Cup from RevPro. Talented photographer and Wrestle Crate regular, Robyn Goding of Beyond Gorilla, captured Liger’s historic victory in this beautiful photo, printed onto a high-quality poster for Wrestle Crate subscribers to enjoy.


  1. Kenny Omega T-Shirt

This year, no talent outside of WWE has had the world talking more than Kenny Omega. Not only did he become the first-ever IWGP US Heavyweight Champion, he competed in four matches that earned more than five stars from Dave Meltzer, including what many consider to be one of, if not the greatest match of all time against Okada at NJPW Dominion. What’s more, Kenny just happens to be a member of the merchandise-machine that is Bullet Club, so when Wrestle Crate announced that they would be collaborating with Omega on an official Cleaner t-shirt, we knew they would have to step up to compete with the MOTY Factory’s popular line of merch. Luckily for us subscribers, we weren’t disappointed. Featuring a stylised version of Omega’s signature pose and Terminator-inspired look, this shirt is deserving of a six-star rating. As a big, hairy guy with a love of all things black, white tees aren’t usually my thing, but for a tee this sweet, I had to make an exception. This marked the fourth time that Kenny worked with Wrestle Crate on an awesome piece of merch, and let’s hope it isn’t the last.


  1. “You Just Made the List!” Clipboard

2016 was one of the best years of Chris Jericho’s career (so much so that it inspired me to write an article). The former-world champion delighted fans everywhere with a new, goofier, delightfully entertaining twist on his well-known character, calling everyone a stupid idiot and forming the greatest friendship in the history of the world with Kevin Owens. Back in September of that year, Chris decided to put all who wronged him on The List of Jericho, and fans absolutely loved it. Week after week, we all waited in expectation to hear the GOAT scream, “YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!” at new victims. Right at the end of 2016, Wrestle Crate gave us all the best Christmas gift possible with this Jericho-inspired clipboard, perfect for crafting our own lists full of stupid idiots. One of the things I love about Wrestle Crate is the variety and uniqueness of the items they include in their crates. I appreciate the creativity and effort they put into their items, and with merch like this, they won’t be making the list any time soon.


  1. WWE Retro Figures

Official WWE figure? Check. A line of classic Attitude Era stars to choose from? Check. Retro, carboard-backed packaging, reminiscent of LJN’s WWF figures of the 1980s? Check. Classic, stubby figure designs, calling back to the original days of WWF toys? Check. Included inside of a Wrestle Crate’s October 2017 edition? Check. What’s not to love about series 2 of these figurines?! As much as we all love Wrestle Crate’s own designs, their choice in official company merchandise is just as superb.


  1. Jimmy Havoc Pin

Jimmy Havoc is one of the best, most sadistic hardcore wrestlers in the world. After winning CZW’s infamous Tournament of Death this year, Havoc’s name and gruesome actions spread around the world, and will hopefully continue to spread for years to come. Despite being so thirsty for punishment, Wrestle Crate decided to team with Havoc on one of the cutest items of the year. Even though it features the word “die” twice, this tiny Jimmy shaped badge is one of my favourite pieces of merch I’ve bought in the last year. Worth owning for the trading card-inspired backing card alone, this is just yet another reason why you NEED to sign up to this great service.


  1. Various Funko Figures

Funko are arguably the most popular brand in the world of figures today. The range of different franchises and mediums of entertainment they produce products for is absolutely astounding, they even have the juggernaut that is WWE as part of their expansive list of cliental. Featuring some of their biggest superstars from past and present, Funko have produced a fantastic (and adorable) range of signature figures to choose from, in various forms. Every now and then, Wrestle Crate like to treat us all by including official Funko products, ranging from pint-sized WWE blind-bag figures, to full size Pops of Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, and Finn Balor. For a fan of both wrestling and Funko like myself, this has got to be the best example of official merchandise Wrestle Crate has ever treated us to, and will hopefully treat us to again.


         2. 8x10s

Every month, Wrestle Crate includes at least one signed 8×10 in every box. From some of the most beloved legends to the biggest independent stars in the world today, Wrestle Crate has had an amazing range of signatures inside their little cardboard boxes. I decided to cram all of these fantastic collectables into one entry, as if I had tried to rank them all individually, they would have dominated this list. What I love about Wrestle Crate’s 8x10s is that they’re not just the same blurry studio shots that wrestlers have been using for decades. Their signed pictures range from beautiful, high quality studio shots, to in-ring photos, to well-designed artwork, and artsy photo shoots from locations around Britain. Highlights include Lucha Underground’s Penta El Zero M, Bullet Club’s Marty Scurll, and a gorgeous shot of British Strong Style, signed by all three members. When it comes to signed merchandise, this service is the heavy-crate champion of the world.


Honourable Mentions

Headlock Mini Comics – Featuring the likes of Shane Helms and Eddie Kingston, this wrestling-themed comic series, which has been running since 2009, has been included in Wrestle Crate on more than one occasion, making for a nice little readable addition to the service.


Puroresu Hat – It keeps you warm and let’s others know you love strong style wrestling – what’s not to love?


Jimmy Havoc T-Shirt A lovely white tee featuring a cartoon version of Jimmy’s distinctive face, perfect for displaying how much of your opponent’s blood you’ve spilt.


Randy Pawton Mug – If you like puns, wrestling and cats, this is the mug for you.


Pete Dunne T-Shirt – As much as I love both Pete Dunne and this t-shirt, there was just so many great items featured within Wrestle Crate over the last 12 months that there wasn’t room for it on the list.


Botchamania Pin Badge – I AM THE TABLE!


DVDs and Subscription Trials – At the heart of it, us fans just love watching wresting, and Wrestle Crate always includes some fantastic grappling action for us all to enjoy.


Ring of Honor T-Shirt – Put on this lovely vintage design tee, and you’ll start shaking hands and kicking out of finishers all night long.




  1. Kenny Omega Pin

As fantastic as all four Kenny Omega collab items have been, this may just be my favourite. Designed by LukeyBlueShoes (Please check out his other products, they’re brilliant), Wrestle Crate was inspired once again by Kenny’s signature Terminator look and pose with this amazing pin badge. With a little Omega symbol in place of a heart, this is the perfect way to show everyone that you love one of the best wrestlers in the world, and who honestly doesn’t love Kenny Omega these days?….Other than Jim Cornette of course….With elite items like this one, and every other great piece of merch included in this list, you should be signing up for a subscription faster than you can say, “Goodbye, and Goodnight.”

You can sign up over at

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