One-Hundred Reasons Why I Love Pro Wrestling: 100th Post Celebration

This is the one-hundredth post on my website. Thank you to anybody that has ever read one of my articles, shared one of my posts, or accidentally clicked on my website because they found the name of it very misleading.

To celebrate, I’ve decided to list a whole bunch of explanations as to why I spend hours every week watching and writing about the wonderful world of sports entertainment. Here are One-Hundred Reasons Why I Love Pro Wrestling.



  1. It can be loved by any age group – my five year old self was captivated when I first watched a clip of WCW, and I still adore it as a fully-grown adult for completely different reasons.
  2. I’ve made friends because of pro wrestling.
  3. Whenever real life is becoming difficult to deal with, pro wrestling offers a temporary escape from all of life’s problems.
  4. If it wasn’t for pro wrestling, everyday wouldn’t be Rusev Day!
  5. The thrill of experiencing wrestling live and being a part of that crowd environment is something that cannot be matched.
  6. Pro wrestling can encompass every form of entertainment. In one show, you can see athleticism, violence, music, comedy, emotion, soap opera storylines, blood, weapons, MMA, pageantry, and more.
  7. Wrestling is a constant in my life. No matter what happens, no matter what changes, it’s always there for me to enjoy.
  8. Watching NXT or NJPW allows you to see rookie wrestlers start from the bottom and work their way up to being a main-event star.
  9. Wrestling gives people a voice, a vehicle and a platform to express what they believe, which can result in some very positive changes.
  10. I’ve discovered some great songs through WWE, including My House by Flo Rida, Giants by Banks and Steelz, and Judas by Fozzy. Click here for my best songs about wrestling
  11. Pro wrestling can make me laugh.
  12. I can watch pro wrestling at home alone, in a public place, or as part of a live crowd – each has a different feel, yet each can be a fantastic experience.
  13. Knowing I have a WWE/NJPW show to watch once I get home gives me something to look forward to at work.
  14. During the Kenny Omega vs. Kazuchika Okada match at Dominion last year, I was so gripped and filled with tension that I couldn’t physically sit down for the last 15 minutes of the one-hour match. Nothing else has had that effect on me.
  15. Mick Foley as commissioner.
  16. When surprise entrants enter the Royal Rumble match, it brings back memories from your childhood. Seeing these heroes you loved as a kid make a very brief return to the ring is guaranteed to make you smile. Click here to read my poetic tribute to the Royal Rumble match.
  17. There is so much wonderfully pointless wrestling trivia for me to spend days of my life discovering.
  18. Multiple people have said that pro wrestling has saved their life, by helping them overcome tragic events in their past or to give them something to live for, and that is an absolutely wonderful thing.
  19. Wrestling storylines spark more drama and more emotion in me than any other form of entertainment.
  20. Pro wrestling teaches people that it’s okay to be different.1.jpg
  21. Pro wrestling has made me cry.
  22. I owe about 75% of my wardrobe to wrestling t-shirts.
  23. Modern WWE and Fire Pro games are so advanced, you can create pretty much any kind of combat game you want through detailed creation suites, easy image importing and community sharing. Want an incredibly accurate representation of WWE? You can do that. Want a New Japan game or a game with all your favourite indie talents? You can do that. Want to make a super hero fighting league made up of completely fictional characters? You can do that.
  24. Without pro wrestling there would be no Botchamania, and Botchamania is amazing.
  25. Pro wrestling is the only event where you can bring a sign with you expressing your opinion or telling a joke for the world to see.
  26. I’ve had my hand spin-kicked by “Speedball” Mike Bailey at a live show, which was an honour……and my wrist was legit still aching the next day.
  27. Regardless of what mood I’m in, there’s a type of pro wrestling for me to watch, whether it be a comedy match, an hour-long time limit draw, or a ridiculous spot fest.
  28. The pro wrestling scene is inclusive of everyone. Yes, unfortunately like in all aspects of life, they are some extremely toxic people in the business and in the fan community, but for the most part, anybody is welcome.
  29. Most nights, I stick on some old WWE matches I’ve seen multiple times and they really help me fall asleep. I love how wrestling can be something that grips me completely and at the same time something that completely relaxes me.
  30. Thanks to pro wrestling, my vocabulary has improved gloriously. Without it, I wouldn’t know what a “government mule” is or be able to slip “kayfabe” casually into conversation.1.jpg
  31. Grado’s Like a Prayer entrance.
  32. Listening to wrestlers tell stories from their careers is absolutely fascinating, especially the likes of William Regal, Mick Foley, and others.
  33. Because of pro wrestling, my website is at the top of certain Google search results, and yes, I still get excited over that.
  34. Wrestling is so great at the moment, it’s impossible for me to watch every good piece of content that’s produced by companies around the world.
  35. Thanks to pro wrestling, the song Ric Flair by Killer Mike exists, and that’s a brilliant thing. Click here for my best songs about wrestling
  36. If it wasn’t for pro wrestling, I wouldn’t have been able to learn maths from the greatest scholar of our time, Scott Steiner.
  37. Pro wrestling is a world where somebody like James Ellsworth, the most unlikely looking potential star possible, can suddenly achieve success beyond what they ever could have ever imagined simply because they were given one opportunity, and made an impact.
  38. I owe my first-ever crush to pro wrestling (shoutout to Stacy Keibler).
  39. Live-tweeting shows is a great experience. Sharing good or sometimes bad moments with others around the world makes your average episode of Raw or a pay-per-view even more enjoyable.
  40. Every pun said by Stone Cold Steve Austin during the supermarket skit with Booker T.1.jpg
  41. Pro wrestling creates heroes and inspirations for all varieties of people to look up to, regardless of gender, race, size, or nationality. You can read my tribute to my childhood hero, Eddie Guerrero, here.
  42. Whenever there is a live New Japan Pro Wrestling show on a Saturday or Sunday, it makes my weekend far greater. I wake up at a decent time, make a good cup of tea, and chill out in my comfy clothes as I watch some of the best in the world do what they do inside that ring.
  43. It’s allowed me to see a woman in her 70s be powerbombed through a table.
  44. Some of the best documentaries I have ever seen are about pro wrestling.
  45. I attend shows with my friends and attend shows with my nephew – both are completely different experiences, and both are wonderful for totally different reasons.
  46. The Jay Lethal vs. Ric Flair promo.
  47. Because of pro wrestling, I got to appear on Being the Elite.
  48. It’s a sport where 7-foot giants and 5’6 cruiserweights well under 200 pounds can compete against each other, and win the same championships.
  49. Table spots are always fun.
  50. Anything where extremely serious, talented athletes can exist alongside supermodels, the undead, ballroom dancers, supernatural beings, and pancake-obsessed, unicorn lovers is fantastic in my books.1
  51. Randy Savage’s rap album is a thing that exists thanks to pro wrestling.
  52. Long-time fans get to watch a character grow, develop, and completely change multiple times over a period of many years. It has its ups and down, but you get to go along on a journey that can sometimes span several decades.
  53. Because of pro wrestling, I want to visit Parts Unknown at some point in my life.
  54. On rare occasions, the topic of pro wrestling can be used as a great small talk topic when I’m forced to awkwardly chat to someone.
  55. I can approach wrestlers at shows, chat with them and buy merch from people I respect and admire.
  56. Going to a local, family friendly show, and watching a room full of young fans completely lose their minds over the simplest of moves is heartwarming.
  57. Up until the age of 12, my older brother beat me up on an almost daily basis. No matter how much I struggled, he would overpower me, pull me away from whatever I was doing, and inflict pain until he finally became bored. Once it was over, I’d return to my room, and use wrestling to escape from what had happened.
  58. My American geography is far greater than it would have been otherwise thanks to pro wrestling. Seriously, thanks to WWE announcing where they are at every televised show, plus in the video games, I know states, capitals, and locations in the US better than any lesson in school could teach me.
  59. Without it, we’d never have gotten to hear the immortal words, “IT’S STILL REAL TO ME, DAMMIT!”
  60. The fact there is a promotion so ridiculous that it has crowned monkeys, dogs, ladders, and pieces of art as their champions. Click here to learn more about DDT Pro Wrestling.1.jpg
  61. As a kid and now as an adult, I’ve spent hours of my life playing WWE video games with friends, even those that normally aren’t wrestling fans. There’s just something about grappling games that everyone seems to love.
  62. As somebody with a terrible sleeping pattern, I’m basically designed to be a pro wrestling fan in the UK.
  63. Pro wrestling allows you to support people in a way unlike any other medium. You don’t have loyalty to one team, you just choose the performers you love the most. You watch them put their bodies at risk, watch them develop and grow right before your eyes usually on a week-to-week basis, you can interact with them, directly support them financially, follow them around wherever they perform, and watch them completely change their character/style over the years.
  64. Wrestling has always been something I could love and obsess over all by myself. The fact I barely had friends at various points in my life, if any at all, it didn’t matter because I had wrestling to keep me happy.
  65. Everything Broken Matt Hardy ever did.
  66. If a situation occurs where I need to defend myself, and there’s either a steel chair, sledgehammer or kendo stick nearby, I’ve studied hours of tape, so I’ll know exactly what to do. Thanks, pro wrestling.
  67. Some of the most impressive feats of athleticism and skill I have ever seen have been because of pro wrestling.
  68. The Shockmaster.
  69. Wrestling podcasts provide me with hours of entertainment regardless of where I am.
  70. One of my favourite albums, Beat the Champ by The Mountain Goats, is a loving tribute to wrestling, so if it didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have this collection of beautifully written melodies. Click here for my best songs about wrestling.1.jpg
  71. Watching Scotty 2 Hotty do The Worm never fails to make me happy.
  72. It’s taught me that every sentence is improved when it ends with “brother”, brother.
  73. Pro wrestling can be a family friendly show that anybody can enjoy, or it can be the most violent, blood-and-guts, leaping off rooftops onto glass and tables, most disgustingly gory deathmatch fight that would make the majority of adults feel uncomfortable. I love that wrestling can be that diverse.
  74. There’s just something fascinating about watching humans jump off balconies and fall off ladders without permanently destroying themselves.
  75. When walking back to my car after a show, I managed to randomly bump into This Morning’s Phillip Schofield – genuinely one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met. Thanks, pro wrestling.
  76. Because of WWF Smackdown: Just Bring It!, a game exists where you can beat up Fred Durst as much as you want, and I for one am thankful that such a thing insists. Click here for my weirdest inclusions in wrestling video games.
  77. Chris Jericho putting people/things on The List will always make me happy.
  78. Without pro wrestling, we wouldn’t have the amazing The Gang Wrestles for the Troops episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  79. Pro wrestling gave me the chance to hang with War Machine!
  80. Fans are encouraged to get involved, and it can create some hilarious moments.1.jpg
  81. I owe part of my degree in English with Creative Writing to pro wrestling – for one of my dissertations, I wrote my own original poetry anthology, and within that were two poems about pro wrestlers, Eddie Guerrero and Bruiser Brody. You can read more of my poetry by clicking here.
  82. Without pro wrestling, I wouldn’t have a way of communicating with people through social media and through my website.
  83. Because of pro wrestling, people in countries such as Libya, Azerbaijan, and Nepal (I’m huge in Nepal) have read my writing.
  84. Although my brother and I have never been close, pro wrestling is one of the few things we’ve ever had a common interest in at any point in our lives.
  85. Pro wrestling attracts possibly the most diverse fan group on Earth as it can be loved for a plethora of varied reasons (as evidenced by this post).
  86. Due to how many different promotions and competitors there are in the world, and continue to be created everyday, I am constantly discovering new companies to watch and new pro wrestlers to support.
  87. Drew Gulak’s powerpoints.
  88. The first WWF episode of Weakest Link allowed us to see a highly intelligent man compete on a quiz show wearing a black and red mask.
  89. Pro wrestling is the only form of entertainment where a man can use his penis to overpower and subsequently flip people over, and that’s totally fine.
  90. We wouldn’t have the 2008 masterpiece, The Wrestler, without pro wrestling.1.jpg
  91. Compared to other sports, just because a wrestler is ageing and slowing down physically doesn’t mean they have to give up what they love to do. Sure, they may not be at the top of the card like they once were, and nobody should stretch themselves beyond what their body can handle, yet if they can still step between the ropes and perform without serious risk, we will always love seeing talent from past generations carry on doing their thing. Click here for the Top 20 Oldest Wrestlers to have a Five-Star Match.
  92. The incredible Netflix series Glow would not exist without it.
  93. Last year, I got to see Rey Mysterio perform live, one of my childhood heroes. Finally seeing somebody you’ve been a fan of for fifteen years is a delightfully emotional experience.
  94. Even when it’s bad, it can be brilliant.
  95. I would never have heard the ridiculously catchy Kaze Ni Nare if it wasn’t for New Japan Pro Wrestling.
  96. Kurt Angle in a cowboy hat.
  97. Obviously, without pro wrestling, I wouldn’t have a website to create content for every single week, something which I love doing.
  98. Fans truly do have a voice. Sometimes it does go ignored, but the outcry of the audience really can have a drastic impact on someone’s career, a match, or an entire show. Daniel Bryan’s extremely emotional win at Wrestlemania 30 being a perfect example.
  99. Anything that has one hundred different reasons why I love it has got be incredibly special.
  100. And possibly the biggest reason of all – it’s brought my nephew and I closer than ever before. Wrestling is something we can love and enjoy together, both sat at home or at a live show, and watching him begin his obsession with this wonderful sport I’ve adored for as long as I can remember brings me more joy than any match or feud ever could.



Now, I don’t expect you to give me 100, but please tell me why you love pro wrestling, either in a comment below or on Twitter @HairyWrestling. I would genuinely love to know.

Thank you for your support. Here’s to another 100 posts.

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  1. Very well done. It is a constant which is nice to have. The geography lesson is one I didn’t think about either. It’s probably weird how much of my vocabulary or worldview comes from wrestling, haha.


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