The Golden Lovers – An Original Poem

One man crossed the world, a dream to fight his idol.

Two men brawled all night, their actions suicidal.

Two rivals earned respect, and a standing ovation.

Two foes amazed the world, showered in admiration.


Two men formed a bond, one mutual connection.

Two rivals no more, they shared love and affection.

Two partners in the ring, gracing magazine covers.

Two men they once were, now proud Golden Lovers.


Two lovers in-sync, with each of their movements.

Two lovers grew stronger, with constant improvements.

Two lovers became one, in body and in mind.

Two lovers shared a union, one that couldn’t be defined. 


Two lovers won gold, across several promotions.

Two lovers entwined, with a range of emotions.

Two lovers gained acclaim, their art was perfected.

One lover found success, but in a way unexpected.


One lover broke out, in a spotlight of his own.

One lover left behind, to act as a cornerstone.

One lover became champion, without the other by his side.

One lover held back, which took a blow to his pride.


Two lovers faced it all, they’d been through everything.

Two lovers now apart, colliding inside the ring.

One lover on a mission, to prove he’s just as good.

Two lovers fought each other, in a way they only could.


Two lovers were unwilling, to brawl upon the mat.

Two lovers pitted together, but reluctant in combat.

Two lovers fought for glory, for honour and success.

Two lovers scrapped as equals, with power and finesse.


Two lovers put on a show, called the greatest of all time.

Two lovers’ bond unbroken, when the bell began to chime.

Two lovers remained together, the world was elated.

Two lovers ran their course, and mutually separated.


Two lovers had six years, of memories to reminisce.

Two lovers’ final outing, with one last final kiss.

One star stayed golden, the other black and white.

Two lovers now separate, with a goodbye and goodnight.


The Star’s golden glow, shone brighter than before.

The Star shot his way, into a championship war.

The Star was nigh on winning, close to going for the cover.

The Star was distracted, by a man he once called “lover”.


One man overshadowed, now stepped into the light.

One man awed the world, with his spirit and his fight.

One man reinvented, in his style and demeanour.

One man not a lover, now known as The Cleaner.


The Cleaner lead a club, to unbelievable heights.

The Cleaner rose to fame, under the main event lights.

The Cleaner’s epic matches, set a totally new bar.

The Cleaner swept up, and surpassed the golden star.


The Cleaner’s club crumbled, under conflicts and tensions.

The Cleaner’s bullet brother, fuelled by malice intentions.

The Cleaner was dropped, by a fellow club member.

The Cleaner kissed by Judas, a betrayal to remember.


Judas began preparing, to deliver the final blow.

Judas was interrupted, by a star’s golden glow.

The Star once a lover, came to The Cleaner’s aid.

The Star had prevented, the plan Judas had made.


The Star and The Cleaner, together again at last.

The Star and The Cleaner, returning to their past.

Two men’s eyes met, hearts filling with emotion.

Two men’s thoughts revived, ones of care and devotion.


Two men reunited, their bodies bruised and sweaty.

Two lovers finally embraced, in a shroud of confetti.

One lover’s brave actions, didn’t have to be explained.

Two lovers shared emotion, that couldn’t be restrained.


Two lovers told a story, one truly groundbreaking.

Two lovers back together, ten years in the making.

Two lovers one union, both in life and in the ring.

Two lovers showed us all, love conquers everything.






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