The American Phoenix – An Original Poem

He wasn’t your typical star, not ripped or six-feet tall.

His skin not tanned nor inked, and that beard didn’t help at all.

Dragon wasn’t larger than life, his physique not carved from stone.

Fans didn’t care what mould he fit, they embraced him as their own.


His talents pleased the purists, his passion inspired us all.

His personality stole our hearts, his matches would always enthral.

Their support lead him to greatness, an inspirational ascent.

Cheers and outcry pushed him forth, to a tremendous main event.


Competition fast and fierce, full of desperation and grit.

But Dragon overcame it all, and forced them to submit.

His body was left beaten, bloodied, bruised and sweaty.

He held the title belt aloft, in a shroud of falling confetti.


The impossible now possible, his dream finally achieved!

But the ecstasy soon ran dry, when the news was received.

Passion flowed through his veins, a heart still burnt with fire.

Yet Dragon’s body couldn’t keep up, which forced  him to retire.


His eyes streamed with sadness, over this career he pursued.

A mouth so full of questions, a heart brimming with gratitude.

Tears shed around the crowd, a wave of sorrow swept the stands.

Memories of old came flooding back, in a sea of trembling hands.


Despite the passion in his heart, and his talents so supreme.

With despair now in his soul, he departed from his dream.

After climbing up the mountain, the Dragon crashed down to Earth.

But built himself back up again, and witnessed the miracle of birth.


Mere days after it all ended, The Dragon received a call.

The doctors were incorrect! Seems there was hope after all.

With support from his young family, the Dragon began to train.

Determination fuelled his journey, to re-live his dream again.


Training hard from dawn till dusk, inspired to make it back.

Willing to re-adapt and learn, to put his goals back on track.

Fans never forgot their hero, he still appeared on their screens.

But they all knew he needed to wrestle, by almost any means.


Time began running thin, as two years had passed by.

But unexpected news came out, just as hope was running dry.

After endless months of gruelling tests, the results were finally clear.

Dragon could return to the ring, and do what he held most dear.


News broke out around the globe, a ripple of sublime commotion.

No surprise the fans rejoiced, with a show of pure emotion.

Viewers tuned in that same night, to rapture in his return.

Our hero stood inside the ring, his fire continued to burn.


American Dragon was no more, he was past those former days.

Now re-birthed as a Phoenix, soaring through the blaze.

His dream pulled from limbo, a battle through pain and strife.

A majestic bird spread his wings, in a wrestling afterlife.


Rivals tried to put him down, but Phoenix would not retreat.

The way he moved around that ring, he hadn’t missed a beat.

Nobody could keep him grounded, nobody could slow his pace.

He still refused to change his ways, or shave his bearded face.


Here comes the Phoenix once again, hear his legion sing.

A fighter climbed from the ashes, soaring through the ring.

This plucky passionate underdog, achieved unrivaled success.

American Phoenix rose in glory, always shouting, “YES! YES! YES!”








13 thoughts

  1. That’s awesome I believe that is all true about the Daniel Bryan The King of Beards. I enjoyed and still enjoy being his fan no matter how he is on there now that’s he back in the ring I see more of a passion in his eyes though. Yes I do!


  2. Amazing story you weave with ease through the stanzas. Well done and hwrestling to more to come out of the heart of a poet.


  3. WOW!!! This is a really amazing poem you wrote here, if Daniel Bryan himself ever read this i’m sure he’d be extremely grateful for it, seriously amazing!! I really enjoyed reading it, I’m a big wrestling fan myself……..although I haven’t watched it in a good while, but everything you wrote here about Daniel is true and undeniable, not only is he one incredible wrestler, but he is also one heck of a fighter no doubt about it, I look forward to reading more of your stuff, hope you have a great day!! ^_^


      1. You’re very welcome and no way, did he actually!? That’s amazing then, good to hear that he approves of your poem, because it really is amazing and quite inspiring as well!! lol hey I don’t blame you, i’d be smiling too if that happened, so glad to hear he got to see it!! You have a great day ^_^


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