Top 10 Fictional Locations in Wrestling

Pro wrestling is wonderfully ridiculous. It’s a form of entertainment where Olympic gold medallists can go one-on-one with 7-foot zombies with magic powers. In a world full of so many extravagant characters, it makes sense that some of them can’t possibly be from actual places that exist in the real world. Sometimes pro wrestling goes so far into kayfabe that they need to invent places for their characters to be from……or sometimes wrestlers just like to use where they’re billed from to make cool pop culture references. Whatever the reason behind it though, I’m going to rank them – here are the Top 10 Fictional Locations in Wrestling.

For this list, I am only including wrestlers that have competed in major companies or popular indie promotions, such as PWG or Progress.




10. Parts Unknown – Various

Of course, the most infamous location in the history of wrestling. How could I not include good old Parts Unknown? The dream holiday destination for any wrestling fan. Plenty of stars have emerged from this mysterious area over the years, so why is it so low down on the list? Well, although it does have lineage and nostalgia on its side, Parts Unknown is just a little too vague for my liking. I much prefer real fictional locations (that’s called an Oxymoron, kids) rather than a shroud of mystique. Despite your low ranking, Parts Unknown, you will always have a special place in our hearts.


9. The Log Cabin on Moustache Mountain – Trent Seven and Tyler Bate

Somewhere deep within the Black Country, there is a mystical mountain only visible to those with exceptional facial hair. For those follicly gifted enough to witness such a sight, you’re welcome to ascend up Moustache Mountain, where about half way up you will find a cosy log cabin, home to Tyler Bate and Trent Seven.

Apparently it has a lovely mantelpiece full of championships, and there’s most likely an array of oils and waxes to keep your facial hair looking as fetching as possible after a long climb, after winning tag team championships, or after becoming the youngest champion in WWE history. Maybe one day they can add the NXT Tag Team Championships to that mantel of theirs, and if they keep having the success they’ve experienced in the last couple of years, they’re going to need a bigger cabin.


8. Pokemon Stadium / Angel Grove – Kenny Omega and Xavier Woods

This one is dedicated to two of the biggest geeks in all of wrestling. When Kenny was a PWG regular, he was announced as hailing from Pokemon Stadium (must be in Winnipeg somewhere) whilst before his days eating Booty O’s, Xavier Woods was billed from Angel Grove in reference to the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers series. As a lover of Pokemon, and someone who was once obsessed with Power Rangers (still got my white megazord to this day), open geekiness like this in the world of wrestling will always have a special place in my heart.



7. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – Shark Boy

The whole Shark Boy character is ridiculous in the most wonderful way. Somebody as entertaining and unique as Shark Boy couldn’t just be from Dayton, Ohio, he had to be from the open water of course! Originally hailing from The Deep Sea, Shark Boy decided to upgrade and move to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, in reference to the title of a classic science fiction story written by renowned novelist Jules Verne.

Although the 20,000 leagues from the book actually refers to a distance traveled underwater (as 20,000 leagues is nearly twice the circumference of the earth and is a depth physically impossible to achieve), it still sounds pretty awesome nonetheless, and besides, as Scott Steiner proved, people in TNA aren’t great when it comes to calculations anyway.


6. Badstreet, USA – The Fabulous Freebirds

This entry deserves a place on the list simply because without it, we wouldn’t have one of the catchiest entrance songs ever recorded. During the 1980s, the premier team in Southern Wrestling were The Fabulous Freebirds. Inventors of the Freebird Rule, and involved in a truly legendary feud with The Von Erichs, this trio were real trailblazers, and they came from a little place called Badstreet, USA.

Sure, it seems a little cheesy these days, but come on, it was the 80s. Badstreet was a representation of the kind of characters the Freebirds were – three bad guys full of street smarts and ready to brawl at any time. Also, The Freebirds took their billed hometown a step further by incorporating it into their now somewhat iconic merchandise and aforementioned theme song. So if you’re ever in Atlanta, GA, in a place you don’t wanna be, remember that the further down the block you go, the badder it gets.


5. When Reptiles Ruled the Earth – The Reptile Tribe

Out of all the entries on my list, this has got to be the most inventive. This isn’t even a place, it’s a period of time.

The Reptile Tribe is a group in Lucha Underground – each member wears a mask based on a different reptile, all of which have the common goal of being the most dominant force on the show. They want to return back to pre-historic times, back when reptiles were the most powerful and controlling creatures in the world, hence why they are billed from When Reptiles Ruled the Earth.

This entry a little strange yet undeniably cool, much like the Reptile Tribe themselves.


4. Beyond the Grave – Mil Muertes

Lucha Underground is possibly the craziest wrestling show on television today. One of the keys to the show’s success is how they aim to make themselves different from everything else available, right down to the smallest details. Fictional hometowns are common in LU, due to the extravagance of some of its roster member’s characters, and how each are portrayed as 100% true. For example, Drago isn’t just a pro wrestler that wears dragon themed attire in Lucha Underground – he actually has the ability to transform into a dragon and fly into the night, like we saw at the end of season one.

One of the show’s most dominant characters is Mil Muertes – a man who at one point is literally brought back from the dead thanks to his mystical associate, Catrina. This gigantic lucha zombie is appropriately billed as being from Beyond the Grave, which no matter how many times I hear it, always has an awesome ring to it.

The concept of an undead grappler literally resurrected by dark magic can be a little hard to portray in a cool way in modern times, yet Mil Muertes managed to pull it off, thanks in part to his fantastic fictional home.


3. A Town Called Malice – “Flash” Morgan Webster

Now, for any British readers out there, this one is just ridiculously cool.

For those that don’t know, “Flash” Morgan Webster is an independent wrestler that competes for the likes of PWG and Progress. Webster is known for basing his character and look on his love for Mod culture – a subculture which became popular in Great Britain during the 1960s, yet still survives today with a strong following. Everything about Morgan is Mod – his nickname, his ring gear, his haircut, and even where he is billed from.

In 1982, the legendary band The Jam, a group synonymous with Mod culture, released arguably their most beloved and famous song, Town Called Malice. So, if you’re The Modfather of Professional Wrestling, where else are you going to be from?! A Town Called Malice of course! Although I do hold a slight beef with Flash as he unfollowed me on Twitter (the ultimate betrayal), I can’t deny that this incorporation of character into his hometown billing is absolutely genius, and one of my favourite references in wrestling.


2. Concrete Jungle – Brodus Clay

Despite once being billed from “The Planet Funk”, Brodus Clay surprisingly had one of the coolest fictional hometowns in recent memory (at least in my opinion).

In the small period of time between giving up the Funkasaurus gimmick and his WWE release, which he spent most of competing on Superstars and NXT, as well as during his time in FCW, the behemoth was announced as being from The Concrete Jungle. To me, that has such an amazing ring to it – it’s a common phrase turned into a location which says a lot about the person using it. The Concrete Jungle reflected on Clay’s tough, city upbringing, and thuggish persona that he was using at the time, as well as his colossal, giant ape-like stature and tribal tattoos.

Whilst it’s not exactly the most well-known fictional location out there, it’s certainly one of the best. A clever play on a well-known metaphor that exhibits the characteristics of the man using it – the perfect use of a fictional hometown.


Honourable Mentions

The Cosmos – Aerostar

El Inframundo/The Underworld – Drago

Down the Rabbit Hole – Paul London

The Last House on the Left – Jeremiah Crane

Bombay, Michigan / Detroit, India – RVD and Sabu

The Other Side of the Tracks – Deuce n’ Domino



  1. Metropolis – Chris Hero

Before he became Kassius Ohno, he was Chris Hero – a champion of the US independent circuit with an obsession for Superman. In tribute to this comic book icon, Hero wore a blue t-shirt with “CH” stylised in the classic Superman logo printed on the chest, and of course, he was billed from Clark Kent’s hometown, Metropolis.

What makes this my number one is the fact it was the first time that I remember hearing a wrestler use a fictional hometown to their advantage, and thinking about how awesome it was. It wasn’t something cheesy, unimaginative or a metaphor, it was a pop culture reference that tied in to Chris Hero’s character and image. As soon as I heard, “From Metropolis”, I instantly smiled and took a liking to Chris Hero.

These days, he hails from Dayton, Ohio under a different name, but I’ll never forget about Metropolis’ other great hero.


Tell me your favourite fiction wrestling locations in a comment below or on Twitter @HairyWrestling

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