Andre – An Original Poem

He emerged from France seeking fortune and fame,

Andre the Giant, the whole word knows the name.

Standing seven-feet tall, too heavy to weigh,

A face so iconic it could make people Obey.


A myth come to life far, greater than the rest,

The Giant beat them all, the best of the best.

An incredible figure mother nature had allowed,

Whole rooms shook when he walked through a crowd.


He didn’t need to be flashy or ooze with finesse,

Fans were in awe when he hit the gorilla press.

In-between those ropes there was one guarantee,

Andre couldn’t be pinned for that one, two, three.



Inside the squared circle, Andre was the boss,

Went a whole fifteen years without one single loss.

Released gas so pungent it’d make you recoil,

Better go to the back, wash off that baby oil!


Shrouded in legends that were never put to rest,

Had three rows of teeth and two hearts in his chest.

Suffered crippling pain yet always in the fight,

Over one-hundred beers by the end of the night.


Inside the ring this behemoth was prevailing,

Outside the ring his giant frame was failing.

Fans filled-up buildings from floor to the ceiling,

Andre never showed pain he was always concealing.


Yet not all were so applauding, supportive and sweet,

Branded as a freak by strangers on the street.

He shrouded his agony with lashings of beer,

It’s hard to imagine he could ever shed a tear.


What made Andre so iconic and famously tall,

Ultimately was the cause of his painful downfall.

Although his mighty spirit was desperate to stay,

His body failed his soul when the icon passed away.


His death brought a tear to even the hardest of men,

There’ll never be another like this giant again.

Despite the imitators and an occasional knockoff,

There’ll never be another like Andre Roussimoff.






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