Top 10 Unintentionally Funny Entrances in Wrestling Video Games

Pro wrestling can be utterly hilarious at times, even when it’s not trying to be whatsoever. The same applies to pro wrestling video games. Sometimes developers intentionally include wacky content to make their players laugh, however the biggest joys always come out of the things that aren’t supposed to tickle you, yet they make you howl the hardest.

So let’s lookk back at some of those randomly hilarious moments from past wrestling video games – here are the Top 10 Unintentionally Funny Entrances in Wrestling Video Games.

Just to clarify, glitched entrances do not count in this list, and neither do entrance animations given to a roster member that it was not originally designed for. The entrance must be in a un-glitched state for its accompanying wrestler, just as the developers intended. With that being said, let’s get started.



10. Fred Durst – WWF SmackDown: Just Bring It!

The lead singer of Limp Bizkit being a playable wrestler in a video game is already a joke, so obviously this one is going to be laughably bad. The combination of being thrown around in a car and hilariously awful early 2000s dance moves will surely put a smile on your face, for all the wrong reasons.








9. Buff Bagwell – WCW/NWO Revenge

Admit it, that smile is going to haunt your dreams tonight, isn’t it?

The hilarity with this entrance lies with those beautiful N64 graphics that bless us with that nightmare-inducing grin throughout as he casually strolls to the ring. Notice how relaxed Buff is as he makes his way into the ring, walks slowly into the middle as if he’s got no idea what he’s going to do, then out of nowhere breaks into this spinning jig from out of nowhere. Simply beautiful.


8. Any Entrance on Nintendo DS

You thought Bagwell’s face was nightmare inducing? Well, at least he actually had a face.

Seriously, without the entrance music accompanying it, I would have had no idea that the first wrestler featured in this compilation was Hardcore Holly, there’s just a white blur where his facial features are supposed to be. Thanks handheld 2007 graphics for giving us all a good laugh, along with several night terrors.







7. Kurt Angle – WWF Road to WrestleMania

Walk, walk, fashion baby.

Starting with an admittedly awesome 8-bit style rendition of Kurt Angle’s theme music, complete with a little bopping Angle head, this GBA game has Kurt strut out like he’s on a London Fashion Week catwalk, followed by two of the most enthusiastic jumps I’ve ever seen. Rumour has it this is where Angle got the inspiration for Sexy Kurt from.







6. Kane – WWF Warzone

It’s hard to make the early incarnation of Kane not seem intimidating. He was a behemoth of a man wearing an awesome mask because his face was covered in burns, and had the ability to summon fire with his bare hands. Well, WWF Warzone took all that intimidation away.

In this early PS1 game, Kane walks out, flaps his arms up and down without a single lick of flame appearing, then just stands there awkwardly, completely still for a good few seconds before casually strolling down to the ring. If Kane ever did this for real in the late 90s, he’d be a bigger laughing stock than Isaac Yankem.







5. Jim Ross – WWF No Mercy

In WWF No Mercy, as an effort to save memory on the cartridge, certain wrestlers had to share the same character slot as up to three other roster members, being included as an alternative attire rather than a separate character slot. One of the sacrifices of doing this was that each wrestler had to share the same move set and entrance motions.

Jim Ross was a playable character in WWF No Mercy, but had to share his character slot with Jerry Lawler, Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco. At the time, Brisco and Patterson, AKA The Stooges, were imitating Hulk Hogan’s signature poses, and even using The Hulkster’s old entrance music on the way to the ring, so when they were included in this N64 game, it made sense to give them Hogan’s animations for their entrances, right? Well, only problem was that it meant Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler had to share those entrances too, which gifted us with this gem.


4. Stone Cold – WWF Attitude

What the hell is that walking animation? Austin waddles around aimlessly like a penguin, it’s amazing. Steve plods his way to the ring like he couldn’t care less, walks towards the other side before suddenly turning back round as if he’s just remembered where he has to go, and then gives the least enthusiastic poses to the crowd in history. Oh, early PS1 wrestling games, you were so bad you were brilliant.








3. Goldberg – WCW/NWO Revenge

Goldberg in WCW/NWO Revenge is probably the worst rendering of a professional wrestler, or any human being for that matter, in video game history. Just look at that face. Who the fuck is that meant to be?

Given that Goldberg has one of the most bad-ass entrances of all time, the contrast of this pathetic effort is what makes it so laughably terrible. Put together that abomination of a character model and the embarrassing arm flailings on the entrance ramp, and you’re off to a terrible start. The hilarity really begins when Goldberg walks as slow as possible down to the ring, gets in, and then immediately sprints as fast as he can to the other side of the ring, only to then do a little spin around, followed by a few squats against the rope. This is a complete shambles, and I love it.








2. 2 Cold Scorpio – All Star Pro Wrestling 3


What’s not to love about this? A clearly ageing 2 Cold Scorpio busting out a load of shapes in his own time atop a gigantic stage, taking as long as he wants. The highlight of this major dance sequence is definitely the part where for no reason at all, Scorpio suddenly runs down the entrance ramp like a tip-toeing fairy completely out of nowhere, only to suddenly stop and carry on dancing. Over two minutes of a man grooving away in a huge Japanese arena – amazing.


  1. Rikidozan – All Star Pro Wrestling

Rikidozan is the father of Japanese pro wrestling. This legend is credited as being responsible for popularising the sport in Japan in the 1950s, and without him, who knows if it would ever have become as huge as it is. Sadly, Rikidozan was brutally murdered in 1963 by a member of the Yakuza, yet his memory is still honoured to this day due to his hero status in Japan.

In the 2000 PS2 game All Star Pro Wrestling, the developers wanted to include Rikidozan as a playable character, however, unlike WWE games where they just include legendary wrestlers in their prime states appearing alongside modern day competitors without any explanation, clearly SquareSoft wanted to make the game ‘realistic’.

So to explain how this deceased icon was able to grapple alongside living pro wrestlers, Rikidozan literally descended from heaven during his entrance within the game. And just look at the smile on his face as he is beamed down to Earth. Literally beaming whilst being beamed. He is so happy to be back in the ring, you cannot help but smile when you watch this incredible piece of game design.

Thank you, Japanese video game industry, you have delivered once again.






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