15 Weird and Wonderful Kota Ibushi Moments

Kota Ibushi is legitimately one of the best pro wrestlers in the world today – he also just happens to be completely insane. Whether he’s moonsaulting off balconies, shooting fireworks at people, or rolling around a ring with a blow up sex doll, it’s fair to say that The Golden Star is a pretty strange guy, so let’s look at some of his more bizarre antics in the world of pro wrestling and beyond – here are 15 Weird and Wonderful Kota Ibushi Moments. 

(Trust me when I say that I had to limit myself to fifteen so I didn’t spend hours lost in Ibushi’s weirdness. There will more than likely be a part two for this.)


Unwillingly Fighting Aja Kong in the Streets

Let’s kick things off with one of the very few instances where Ibushi himself wasn’t the instigator of weirdness.

A Japanese hidden camera prank show once had a hoard of people suddenly leap out at the unsuspecting Golden Star, chase him down the street, and right into a pop-up wrestling ring inhabited by legendary competitor, Aja Kong. The former WWF wrestler then proceeded to beat on Ibushi, who played along with the match, despite clearly being utterly confused by the whole thing. Kong was ultimately victorious in this literal street fight, but at least Ibushi got a kiss and a load of face paint smeared on his face for his troubles.





As brilliant as Kota Ibushi is, he can also be a bit of an idiot sometimes, or possibly a crazy genius, I’m not quite sure. Case in point: standing on top of a car in London, shooting fireworks at his own chest, and then moonsaulting onto the floor.

We adore you, Kota, and all of your quirky ways, but please, stop trying to obliterate yourself.



Fighting Against a Blow Up Doll

Normally a wrestler taking repeated Canadian Destroyers from a blowup doll would be absolutely ludicrous, but by Kota Ibushi standards, this is pretty much an average day for the Golden Lover.

According to DDT, Yoshihiko (the doll) weighs in at an astonishing 400KG, and is an eleven-time Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion – if anyone is going to destroy Ibushi like this, it’s going to be a star as accomplished as Yoshihiko.




Delivering a Really Crap Piledriver

This one pretty much speaks for itself…


Dressing as a Girl for a Game Show

A 2016 New Year’s Day game show special entitled Kore Katsu Arashi featured a round in which the two competing teams were given a board of images starring famous male Japanese stars dressed in drag. The aim of the game was to choose one of the male personalities on-screen and guess their weight based purely on their photo. The team with the lowest combined weight after four rounds won.

Despite looking hardly anything like him in his photo, Ibushi did take part in this game, weighing in at 86KG, and ultimately cost his team the game.


Kota Ibushi – Weapon for Hire

During XWA’s Please Don’t Die! 2 show in London 2017, Rhia O’Reilly was facing Sammii Jayne in a ProWrestlingEVE Championship match (please go and check them out, they put on great shows). Spying Ibushi in the crowd, O’Reilly decided to drag the Golden Star into the ring, where, without any prompt whatsoever, hit Jayne right on the chin, bowed, and left the ring. Wonderful.



Fighting Kaijus with Minoru Suzuki

Daikaiju Mono is a 2016 Kaiju Japanese film about a scientist that discovers a way of growing humans to gigantic sizes in order to defeat 250 year old Godzilla-esque monsters. And guess who are the ones that are in charge of beating up those grotesque gargantuans? That’s right, Kota Ibushi and Minoru Suzuki.

As you can expect, there are plenty of wrestling moves and a whole heap of weirdness in this one. If Ibushi landing a Phoenix Splash on a gigantic monster sounds like entertainment to you, this is the only Kaiju movie for you.



Wrestling on a Campsite Alongside Kenny Omega

Campsite Pro Wrestling is an annual tradition in DDT Pro Wrestling where some of its biggest stars battle it out across a holiday park inhabited by genuine vacationers. These shows always produce some of the weirdest and most unique matches you will ever see in your life, as evidenced by the clip above.



OhqxGAm - Imgur.gif

Rock Paper Scissors

He must have been king of the playground with those lightning fast skills, but perhaps during a wrestling match isn’t the best time to show them off.



Going for a Lovely Bicycle Ride…Into his Opponent’s Face

In the hands of Ibushi, anything can be used as an instrument of pain, even a humble bicycle.


Nice Jasmine Tea Commercials

Now, normally I wouldn’t buy a beverage that says “Drink this and it will feel like having a man’s crotch in your face followed by sharp back pains” in its advertisements, but if it’s good enough for Kota, it’s good enough for me.


Sumo Wrestling

Somebody who once competed in the Cruiserweight Classic probably is the last guy you would expect to have had a sumo wrestling match, but Kota “Willing to Give Anything a go Because he’s Certifiably Insane” Ibushi had one for the now defunct Japanese promotion, Kohaku Pro Wrestling.

Everything starts off traditional and respectful, but ultimately, it ends with Ibushi stripping his opponent naked. I guess plain old sumo wrestling just wasn’t quite weird enough for good old Kota.



Grand Theft Ibushi

Buckle up, Ibushi has stolen a go kart, is more than prepared to use it as a weapon, and judging by the look on his face, is overjoyed about the whole thing. A New Japan kart racing game definitely needs to be developed just so we can all experience the fun of Ibushi crashing into other humans.



Apartment Pro Wrestling

Taking place inside a soon to be demolished apartment block building, Apartment Pro Wrestling was a one-time event in DDT where Kota Ibushi went from room to room battling an array of challengers as a crowd of people followed him around, promenade theatre style.

As this is DDT, the fighters in each room were always up to something weird prior to their reveal, whether that be pursuing their interest in pornography or exploring the world of bondage. I’m sure those in charge of the demolition had a very interesting time clearing away the rubble after this one.



Kayak Pro Wrestling

Kota Ibushi and El Generico, two genuinely amazing wrestlers, once fought each other inside of kayaks on a river because… it was DDT.

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Let me know what your favourite weird Ibushi moment is, especially if it wasn’t included in this list!



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