Blackheart vs. Rebel Heart – An Original Poem


Separate they climbed to reach the big time,

Struggled along living from dime to dime.

Heart to heart they achieved their glory,

Won over fans with an emotional story.


But along the way their paths were parted,

Their bond once strong is now departed.

Each man a foe but once a friend,

Rebel Heart. Blackheart. Rivals ’til the end.


When one fell short the other turned spiteful,

And broke up a bond once strong and delightful.

Once stood by his side on the day that he wed,

Then drove a crutch to the back of his head.


Their friendship was over in a blink of an eye,

Goodbye to the memories of D-I-Y.

With heart turned black and beard turned prickly.

His actions in the ring were devious and sickly.

He spat on their union and tossed it aside,

And brought out the darkness from deep inside.

Punished each other until they could stand no more,

Weapons were broken, skulls hit the floor.


The rebellious heart tried to keep composure,

To defeat his foe and receive some closure.

But after his wife was put through sadness,

Darkness took over and so did the madness.


Blinded by anger spawned from his rival,

Rebel Heart forgot his sense of survival.

This Starlord succumb to his rivals’ ambition,

To send his morals into a violent transition.


Evil won the battle through deceit and sin,

Opened a heart to let darkness creep in.

But the war rages on with no end in sight.

Rebel Heart. Black Heart. Destined to fight.



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