50 Reasons Why Pro Wrestling Has Never Been Better: 2 Year Anniversary Special

On August 25th 2016, I decided to set up a website to talk about all things pro wrestling. Two years on, it’s evolved into something I could never have imagined. Thank you to everyone for the support so far, I’m excited to show you what I have coming up in the near future, and I cannot wait for what the next two years have to bring.

On my site and on Twitter, I try to be as positive as possible, and there is a hell of a lot to be positive about these days. In my opinion, pro wrestling as a whole has never been better, and here are fifty reasons why.



  1. Regardless of what type of wrestling you like, there’s something amazing out there for you to watch for a reasonable price by accessible means.
  2. The number of incredible, match of the year candidates has never been higher.
  3. The Undisputed Era exists.
  4. The state of wrestling has arguably never been greater in the vast majority of countries. The wide range of amazing talents, fascinating promotions providing unique content, and packed live shows across the globe is staggering.
  5. WWE provides family-friendly content that can be accessed through live TV or the Network, whilst also providing shows centred around in-ring action such as NXT and 205 Live to cater to more mature fans.
  6. We are seeing more cross-promotional shows than ever before, giving fans a chance to see performers live that they never would have otherwise, and allow audiences to see dream matches that wouldn’t usually be possible.
  7. Pro wrestlers can now have a prosperous, successful careers without any association with WWE, allowing them to have more control over their schedules and creativity.
  8. For the first time since WCW was it its peak, companies other than WWE are able to sell out arenas the size of Madison Square Garden in the West.
  9. The state of women’s wrestling in the West and other parts of the world has never been healthier, more respected and more competitive.
  10. Pro wrestling has never been more diverse than it is today. Changing standards and years of game-changing influential talents have resulted in much more variety in performers, whether that be in regards to their in-ring style, race, nationality, sexuality, gender, or character.160427_njpw
  11. More companies than ever before have been able to globally expand their business, making their content accessible to more people regardless of where they reside.
  12. Thanks to the WWE Network, NJPW World, YouTube and other streaming platforms, there is more quality out of the ring content than ever before.
  13. British indendent wrestling is in such a healthy state that PROGRESS Wrestling is able to run a show in Wembley Arena without importing ‘big’ former WWE names.
  14. Unexpected, incredible things are happening all the time.
  15. The pro wrestling scene is more inclusive than ever before, both inside and outside of the ring. Yes, unfortunately like in all aspects of life, they are some extremely toxic people in the business and in the fan community, but for the most part, anybody is welcome.
  16. Scott Steiner now has a Pro Wrestling Tees store where we are all able to purchase a shirt that has his infamous Maths Promo written in full as a back print.
  17. Through social media, fans have a voicenthat can make a legitimate impact, as we saw earlier this year with the Fabulous Moolah controversies.
  18. Kazuchika Okada yelling “SCOOBY DOOBY DOO!” in the middle of matches.
  19. Pro wrestling in all of its forms has never been more accessible. It’s possible to stream live shows from around the world as they happen, and watch a plethora of content inside and outside of the ring whenever you want.
  20. The Gargano vs. Ciampa feud.Danielson-Strong
  21. Daniel Bryan is once again cleared to wrestle.
  22. The amount of talent from the top to the bottom of the card in most major wrestling companies is exceptional.
  23. DDT Pro Wrestling have a streaming service where you can watch men wrestling blow up dolls and wrestlers cosplaying as ECW legend The Sandman (read more about that here).
  24. Velveteen Dream exists.
  25. Although none are quite as popular as peak WCW, there has never been more high quality alternatives to WWE.
  26. More people than ever are aware of Minoru Suzuki’s amazing theme song.
  27. Certain WWE wrestlers are now able to wrestle for independent promotions on special occasions.
  28. Through tournaments and special events such as the Mae Young Classic, WWE is giving a spotlight to amazing outside talents that aren’t signed to the company, such as Meiko Satomura (click here to read more)
  29. It is easier than ever to purchase merchandise from performers around the world, and the range and quality of products have increased drastically in independent wrestling.
  30. Toxic values of old, such as wrestlers needing to be a certain size, heterosexuality is the only sexuality to be treated with respect, etc, are fading away more by the day.maxresdefault (1).jpg
  31. Kyle O’Reilly’s air guitar skills.
  32. We know more about the human body than ever before, meaning that although pro wrestling will always unfortunately cause injuries, we are now more aware of certain damages, and thus can avoid serious, lasting damages.
  33. The treatment of women’s wrestling in the West has never been better.
  34. WALTER’s chops.
  35. Social media allows us to interact with performers like never before, and lets us see a more personal side of them which we would have never been able to previously.
  36. WWE are allowing talents to flourish and perform with less restrictions in NXT, leading to some absolutely outstanding matches.
  37. Wrestling is mainstream again, to the point where huge media outlets are covering WWE, New Japan, All In, and more.
  38. New Japan Pro Wrestling has never been more accessible to English-speaking viewers thanks to a fantastic commentary team and streaming service (click here for a guide to using NJPW World).
  39. The quality of pro wrestling documentaries has arguably never been better.
  40. Wrestling podcasts of all different varieties are giving us information, insights and entertainment like never before.daryl-gw.png
  41. Hiromu and Daryl Takahashi both exist.
  42. Pro wrestlers are being more open about their experiences with a wide range of social issues, such as mental health, sexuality, and more. By doing so, they’re sparking conversations around the world and providing inspirational stories and role models for a wide range of fans.
  43. Social media allows us to all enjoy shows together, and share recommendations for other content to watch.
  44. Independent wrestling is booming in popularity to the point where three wrestlers have managed to self-fund a show inside a 10,000 seat arena that sold out in 30 minutes, is being broadcast through four different mediums including a television channel, and has a four day long convention associated with it.
  45. Aleister Black’s entrance.
  46. WOS Wrestling is on one of the UK’s biggest TV channels at a prime slot on a Saturday, providing a great platform for a lot of talents who have yet to have a lot of exposure (Read more about that here).
  47. Zack Sabre Jr. has free reign to call people dickheads and quote The Mighty Boosh on globally broadcasted New Japan shows.
  48. Over the last couple of years, we have seen what many people believe to be some of the greatest matches of all time.
  49. Size has never mattered less. Extremely talented, yet traditionally undersized wrestlers such as Daniel Bryan and Johnny Gargano are thankfully getting the opportunities they deserve based on their popularity and ability rather than how large they are.
  50. There is currently so much good pro wrestling out there that is more than worth watching, it is realistically impossible to watch it all. Pro wrestling has never been at such a high quality around the globe – the only problem we have is that there isn’t enough hours in the day to enjoy it all.



Thank you to everyone for the last two years. Here’s to the next.


Tell me what you love about pro wrestling – @HairyWrestling

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