A Bullet Point Guide to All In

The biggest independent wrestling show of all time is here. This is all you need to know about All In.


Why You Should Consider Watching It

  • The event marks the first non-WWE or World Championship Wrestling promoted professional wrestling event in the United States to sell 10,000 tickets since 1994.
  • The tickets for this show sold out in less than thirty minutes. When ten thousand people are that desperate to get tickets for a show, you know that historic crowd is going to be overflowing with excitement during the entire show. That is something I do not want to miss.
  • All In has always been sold as an experience rather than a show. It’s a unique event that is a genuine part of history – the energy in that room will be something special.
  • This is the biggest non-WWE show in the US since WCW closed.
  • The event will feature wrestlers from Ring of Honor (ROH), Impact, NJPW, Lucha Underground, and the NWA, making All In a unique crossover experience.
  • There are a couple of potential MOTY candidates.
  • It’s a chance to see some wrestlers you know, and some you’re seeing for the first time, perform on a huge stage in front of a room filled to the brim with die-hard fans.
  • Don Callis on commentary.


How Did All In Come to Happen?

  • It all started with a tweet – a fan on Twitter asked WON journalist Dave Meltzer if ROH could sell 10,000 tickets to one show, to which Dave responded, “Not any time soon.” (We know now that ROH are actually capable of selling out Madison Square Garden, with a little help from NJPW).
  • Cody Rhodes took this as a challenge. Rhodes believed that he didn’t even need ROH to achieve this, and by this point, there were already discussions between himself and Matt and Nick Jackson about running their own self-funded show, but this comment was the fuel to set this potential project on fire.
  • Through self-promotion on Twitter and through their YouTube series, Being the Elite, they managed to spark up enough buzz that they sold out 10,000 tickets in less than 30 minutes with only one match announced.
  • Once companies saw how popular this event clearly was, they all jumped aboard to support it, including Ring of Honor, Cracker Barrel, TGI Fridays, and everybody involved in StarrCast.


When and What Time is it On?

  • All In Zero Hour (effectively the All In pre-show) starts at 6pm Eastern/3pm Western on Saturday September 1st.
  • The main All In show starts an hour later at 12am Saturday night (Sunday morning) in the UK, and 7pm Eastern/4pm Western in the US.
  • For those that can’t watch it live, if you order All In through a streaming service, you should be able to watch a replay of the show from about 30 minutes after the live broadcast ends.


How to Watch and the Best Way to Watch

  • All In: Zero Hour will air one hour prior to the main show on WGN America, and will feature the Briscoe Brothers vs. SCU, and an Over the Budget Battle Royal. THIS IS SADLY NOT AVAILABLE OUTSIDE OF THE US.
  • The main show will be available to watch live on certain PPV outlets, Honor Club and Fite TV, and it can be then watched on demand for no extra charge on NJPW World.
  • All In is priced at $38.99 on Fite and PPV (this is a pretty average price by American PPV standards)
  • Honor Club can only be watched currently through ROH’s website on mobile, desktop and browsers on certain devices such as Xbox One’s, however it can be streamed to TV using Chromecast and Apple TV. Be aware that many Honor Club live streams have suffered from poor quality and streaming in the past.
  • Fite TV can be streamed through their website, through apps on certain streaming devices, or you can use the Fite TV app on your mobile to link with streaming devices or your Smart TV. The good thing about using Fite on your mobile and linking it to another device is that you’re free to use your phone for other things and it won’t effect the streaming quality (I watch Fite through my Amazon Fire Stick via my mobile app whilst I use my phone to tweet at the same time, and I have never experienced streaming issues because of it.)
  • HOW TO WATCH ON YOUR SMART TV OR STREAMING DEVICE WITH FITE – If you don’t have a streaming device with a Fite app available, you can use your phone to link up with it. Just make sure your phone and your streaming device are connected to the same WiFi, click the Play button on the event you want to watch, and then you can use the TV symbol in the top right hand corner to pick which screen you want to watch it from, pick your streaming device, and once it’s loaded up, you’re free to use your phone for other things as you watch.
  • CHEAPEST WAY TO WATCH LIVE: The cheapest option is Honor Club. Pay $9.99 for a one month subscription to the streaming service, and you can purchase All In for half price. If you are Honor Club VIP (which costs $119.99 for a year’s subscription), All In is FREE.
  • CHEAPEST WAY TO WATCH ON-DEMAND:All In will become available to watch on demand for all NJPW World subscribers shortly after the show has taken place.





  • CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FITE TV APP or SIGN UP USING THE FOLLOWING CODE: ndvz0yo and you will get $15 FREE CREDIT (The link is for mobile users to download the Fite TV app with, and will automatically add the $15 to your account)
  • Highly recommend you download the app because it is far easier to do this entire thing through it compared to the website
  • You can use anybody’s sign up code to do this
  • Fite TV credits cannot be used to get discounts on shows, you can only purchase a show using credits if you have the full value of the show in credits on your account (e.g. you can’t use $15 to put towards the $38.99 price of All In and pay the rest yourself, you have to either pay for it all with credits or all with actual money).
  • This is how you get more credits – open up the sidebar menu on the left hand side of the Fite TV app and press the “Watch FREE PPV” option (there should be $15 credit next to that from signing up)
  • On here, you will get a unique promo code and a social media link to share – anybody that signs up to Fite using your link/code will get $15 of credit to use
  • Any time somebody uses your link or promo code, you get $5 of free credit added to your account. (NOTE: If that person orders a PPV with actual money, you get an extra $10. It used to be that you would get the extra credits when they used Fite credits you gave them but that seems to have changed recently).
  • Sign up using code above (or any other referral code), and then have five accounts sign up using your code, and you will then have enough to watch All In for FREE.
  • An easy way of doing this is to ask family members or friends to sign up to Fite TV using your code. It won’t cost them anything and they can delete the Fite app once you have your credit.
  • Cody, The Bucks and everyone else involved will stay receive payment for anybody that watches the show through their Fite TV credits so you will still be supporting them.

Quick summary: You download the app using the link in the article to get $15, once in the app go to the “Watch free PPV” button, on there it gives you a code to give to other people, every time someone signs up to Fite with your code you get credits, repeat until you have enough credits

Watch Being the Elite to Catch Up with Storylines that have been set up for All In

Watch “All Us”, a Behind-the-Scenes Series About the Efforts Put in to Putting All In Together



Zero Hour:


The Briscoe Brothers vs. SCU (Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky)

Two Ring of Honor mainstay tag teams that have worked each other, and The Bucks, many, many times. This certainly isn’t an exclusive dream match by any stretch, but with the amount of experience involved between these four men, it should be a pretty stellar tag team bout.


Over the Budget Battle Royal to determine the #1 contender to the ROH World Championship

Wouldn’t be an indie show without a battle royal, brother.

This battle royal truly was an budget-breaking decision. In fact, items and props from the ring and set, such as turnbuckle pads and ring skirts, have already been auctioned off to collectors before the show has even taken place just so they could pay the participants of this match.

The winner of this bout will recieve a Ring of Honor Championship match later on in the main show. What makes this elimination contest so interesting is the wide range of talents involved. You’ve got some of the most well-known veterans of the US indie scene mixing it up with some of those that are only just getting their names out there. Let’s take a look at what every competitor brings to the match:

Jordynne Grace: Jordynne’s impressive strength and infectious personality have made her a big hit both at wrestling shows and on Twitter. Look for her to show off her power against the other participants and put the likes of Billy Gunn and Brian Cage to shame.

Moose: Mr Impact will hit a few insane dropkicks, and get the crowd chanting his name in unison. Unlikely to win it all but will have fun while he can.

Rocky Romero: Although he is now transitioning more into commentary and office work, Romero can definitely still go. With a ring full of competitors, it looks like Rocky will have plenty of victims to land a few Forever Clotheslines on.

Colt Cabana: A true legend of Chicago wrestling. In front of a crowd of 10,000 die-hard independent wrestling fans all gathered in his home state, expect an unmissable reaction when Colt steps in the ring.

Ethan Page: He’s all ego, and he’ll try to destroy somebody with a Last Ride Powerbomb. If the Over the Budget Battle Royal needs a bad guy, Ethan is your best bet.

Brian Cage: With his inhuman physique, Brian Cage will be the monster of this match. Unless all other participants turn against him simultaneously, everyone will have a seriously hard time eliminating The Machine.

Billy Gunn: HE’S AN ASS MAN! (dun dun). A legend of The Attitude Era, and most likely a future WWE Hall of Famer, Billy Gunn needs no introduction as he will bring star power and name recognition to this Zero Hour bout.

Jimmy Jacobs: Despite being mostly known as a former WWE writer these days, Jimmy Jacobs is back in the ring doing what he built his reputation on. The Zombie Princess will be looking to cheat and shenanigan his way to victory, with entertaining results along the way.

Marko Stunt: When this next entrant was announced, there was definitely an air of confusion amongst most fans towards this relatively unknown entrant. For me, the first time I’d heard of Marko Stunt was actually the night before it was announced he was All In, at the extremely fun Joey Janela’s Lost in New York Show. Marko is the most inexperienced member of the match with the least amount of name value, in fact, prior to the weekend he was announced for All In, Marko had less than 1,000 followers on Twitter, but this fun sized high-flyer is something special. His aerial move set will wow everybody watching, and personally I think it’s great that Cody and The Bucks are giving a promising rookie such a big opportunity.

Brandon Cutler: A childhood friend of The Bucks, Cutler took a seven year break from pro wrestling to be with his family. Now, he’s back in the ring, and looking to put his name out there by appearing on shows like Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, Dojo Pro, and now, he’s All In.

Punishment Martinez: The current ROH Champion is one of the most physically imposing members of the Ring of Honor roster. With his impressive combination of size, speed, strength, athleticism, and good old intimidation, Punishment Martinez is bound to make an impression in this match.

More to be announced.


Nick Aldis (champion) vs. Cody Rhodes (with Brandi Rhodes) for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship

The story here is perfect. Cody Rhodes, son of one of the most iconic NWA Champions in the company’s history, finally has a chance to capture the very same title that became synonymous with his surname. Through NWA’s Ten Pounds of Gold YouTube series, we’ve seen Nick Aldis travel the globe and work hard to keep hold of this legendary belt, and attempt to raise its prestige up to a prize worth fighting for. Now, one of the biggest names not signed to WWE wants it, and it should make for an interesting affair.


Kazuchika Okada vs. Marty Scurll

All In is a chance to set up matches that otherwise could not happen. In New Japan Pro Wrestling, there are strict guidelines between the heavyweight and junior heavyweight divisions. Only on special occasions will a singles match take place between competitors from the two weight classes, which is what makes Scurll vs. Okada so interesting. Never will we get the chance to see these two clash in New Japan one-on-one, but at all All In, Scurll gets a chance to show that he can hang with one of the best in the world today…..or he’ll just prove that he is after all fucked against the heavyweight Okada. Either way, should be fun.


Joey Janela (with Penelope Ford) vs. Hangman Page

Coming off a stand-out performance in this year’s G1 Climax tournament, it seems as though every single one of Hangman Page’s peers is praising how promising of a talent he is. Even megastars like Tanahashi couldn’t help but publicly endorse this Bullet Club member. With this much hype behind him, Page will want to make a huge impression on a stage as big as this.

Joey Janela is somebody who has been creating buzz for years through viral videos and insane acts during hardcore matches. Recently, he’s began carving out a name as one of the most creative bookers in indie wrestling with his line of signature shows for Game Changer Wrestling. Whilst Joey is known for his willingness to punish himself and fall from great heights, he recently stepped away from deathmatch wrestling in order to build more of a reputation for great traditional singles matches.

With both men looking to put on a great performance and attempt to steal the show, but for totally separate and selfish reasons, Janela vs. Page has potential to be the dark horse of the evening.


Christopher Daniels vs. Stephen Amell

One of the main criticisms of the All In card has been the fact that a television actor is having his first-ever singles match on this show, with only a couple of tag bouts in under his belt so far. Well, as fair as this critique is, my argument is if Cody and The Bucks didn’t think Stephen was ready for a one-on-one encounter, they wouldn’t put him in one. He could have easily been placed in a tag or a battle royal, yet clearly his Bullet Club brethren believe in Amell’s talent and efforts he’s put in to face independent icon, Christopher Daniels, who has been calling out the Arrow star on Being the Elite.

Plus, as we saw from his SummerSlam 2015 match, Amell is arguably the most athletic celebrity to try their hand at pro wrestling, and with a veteran like Daniels guiding him, I’m intrigued to see how this one turns out. Sure, this won’t be a five-star technical classic, but does it have to be? It’ll be an interesting break from the rest of the action, a fascinating palette cleanser to separate the show. Give this match a chance, it may just surprise you.


Madison Rayne vs. Britt Baker vs. Chelsea Green vs. Tessa Blanchard

One is fresh from the Mae Young Classic, one is fresh from qualifying as a dentist, one is fresh from a WWE tryout, and one is fresh from winning the IMPACT Knockouts Championship. There’s no underlying storyline here, just four great wrestlers that will try their best to steal the show.


Jay Lethal (champion) vs. Over Budget Battle Royale winner for the ROH World Championship

Not much to say on this one. All depending on who wins the BR, who knows what kind of match this title bout will bring.


Kenny Omega vs. Pentagon Jr.

Omega vs. Pentagon is the epitome of what makes All In special. This is a clash between two of the biggest non-WWE wrestlers in the world today that would otherwise never come into contact. Operating in totally separate companies on other sides of the world, the arm-breaking Pentagon Jr. would never normally cross paths with the Best Bout Machine, Kenny Omega, so Cody and The Bucks clearly were salivating at the opportunity to create this otherwise impossible dream match.

If any match is guaranteed to blow everything else out of the water, this is it. Two of the best and most unique performers in the world colliding for the first and possibly only time ever to prove who is the superior, and it will be simply epic.



Rey Mysterio, Fénix, and Bandido vs. The Golden Elite (The Young Bucks and Kota Ibushi)

Rey Mysterio has been a professional wrestler since 1989. When Rey Mysterio had his first match in WWE, he was 27 years old and had already been wrestling for 13 years. 16 years on, he’s still going, still moving around like a 27 year old despite several knee surgeries, and looking for another WWE run. Incredible. And before he embarks on that final venture into Vinny Mac’s bright lights, he will wrestle on the biggest independent show of the 21st century.

Alongside him are the unbelievable Rey Fenix, who has been wowing viewers of Lucha Underground and more recently IMPACT with his creative, innovative offence, and the up-and-coming Bandido, who has recently been making a name for himself in PWG and PROGRESS alongside his tag team partner, Rey Horus.

On the other side of the ring, we have one of the best tag teams in the world teaming with one of the craziest (yet brilliant) wrestlers in the world. The Golden Elite vs. Mysterio, Bandido and Fenix will be utter chaos in its most enjoyable form. This combination of outstandingly creative high-flyers, tag team specialists, in-ring masters and a true icon of pro wrestling may just be the most entertaining match of the night.

Some have doubted how good this six-man tag will be, but in my opinion, when you look at just who’s involved, how can it not be? If they’re prepared to make this the main-event of such an important show, the aim of all those involved will be to make it as much of a spectacle as they possibly can. It will be wild, it will be hard to keep up with at times, and it should hopefully be spectacular.




The four day convention that coincides with All In, StarrCast, is available to watch through Fite TV, however you cannot pay to watch events individually, you have to pay for the full StarrCast package. StarrCast is priced at a hefty $99.99, but you do get $20 Fite Credit back if you pre-order it. Details of every event are available on Fite TV. There is a chance that the events will become available to buy separately after the All In weekend, but nothing has been confirmed.


Match Recommendations 


Follow me on Twitter where I will be live-tweeting All In on Saturday night – @HairyWrestling

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