Deathmatch – An Original Poem


Ringbell tolls for the violence to begin,

Hear those gasps when blade hits the skin.

Strikes to the head send worlds into spin,

Human mutilation for the sake of a pin.


Seen as nothing more than a ‘hardcore guy’,

Go out and take a bump three stories high.

A falling corpse dripping blood from the sky,

Blinded by the crimson covering your eye.


Harness the pain as a way to escape,

Cheese grater on flesh, begin to scrape.

The signs of war are starting to gape,

Wrap our wounds up in adhesive tape.


Take a shot to the head from a steel chair,

Remove the barbed wire from your hair.

Take a leap of faith, no time for a prayer,

Engulf human flesh in a blazing flare.


Blood stains adorned on clothes once white,

Place teeth in scalp and proceed to bite.

A stream of gore flows through the night.

Torture and scars are all part of the fight.


Check wounds for glass, pull out a shard,

Mental and physical, we all get scarred.

Ignite the flames until skin gets charred,

Sprinting in fire around the backyard.


Head to the back to check this contusion.

Mind concussed, shrouded in confusion.

Blood, guts and gore, it isn’t an illusion,

Just a love for violence fuelled by delusion.


Who knows why this want lives in my brain,

To feel that sting, a rush like cocaine.

I might be a sadist, I might be insane,

But I’ll put on my boots and do it all again.



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