30 Reasons to Play Fire Pro Wrestling World


Fire Pro Wrestling World was released for PS4 just two days ago here in the UK (and over a month ago in the US, you lucky things), and I am already so impressed by the gameplay that I’ve made a quick list of 30 Reasons to Play Fire Pro Wrestling World.



  1. It is the first game outside of Japan to include an official New Japan Pro Wrestling roster.
  2. It has one of the most unique range of match types in any wrestling game, with everything from a landmine deathmatch to barbed wire deathmatches and cage deathmatches.
  3. Upon release, Fire Pro is cheaper than WWE 2K19.
  4. You can play online against others, the first edition in the series to do so.
  5. You can download other people’s character creations online.
  6. It’s the first big non-WWE wrestling game to be widely released internationally in about a decade.
  7. The gameplay is a fascinating puzzle to solve. Unique to traditional grappling games, strange at first, but quickly engaging.
  8. Fire Pro is easy enough to pick up at first but is also the type of game you could spend hours upon hours trying to master.
  9. If you hate your friends button mashing to defeat you, you’ll love FPWW.
  10. Fire Promoter mode allows players to create their own wrestling promotion, hire and train wrestlers, book shows and tournaments, collaborate with other promotions, and work on merchandise sales.
  11. The game has a great story mode, Fighting Road, where you start off as a young lion in New Japan and advance your way to being a main-eventer.
  12. You can assign a taunt that literally just says, “You bastard.”
  13. You can also make your wrestler say “You bastard” every single time they do a move if you wish to.
  14. You can set any move in the game as your finisher….. and you can also say “You bastard” whenever you do that finisher.
  15. This isn’t just a game for New Japan fans – the endless customisation options make it a must-play for any type of wrestling fan.
  16. Red Shoes Uno is a referee in the game.
  17. There is an MMA Rules mode charmingly named Gruesome Fighting.
  18. You can assign Minoru Suzuki’s amazing hairstyle to anybody in the game.
  19. There are hundreds of character customisation options. This is the longest I have spent on character customisation since I was a kid.
  20. Fire Pro has a very dedicated fan community, so don’t worry if you can’t recreate your favourite grapplers in the game, somebody else will have probably already done it.
  21. Whenever you meet a new NJPW roster member in Fighting Road, it gives you a few facts about their career and character, so you learn as you play.
  22. There is a fictional wrestler in the game called Steel Johnson (shame he doesn’t look like Joey Ryan).
  23. FPWW is the only game released outside of Japan that you can play as Minoru Suzuki (excluding CAWs).
  24. All matches can be contested with 1-4 players on each side of the ring, so you can have 4 on 1, 1 on 1, 3 on 2, etc.
  25. You can change the name of every move in the game.
  26. You can create and customise your own referees.
  27. There’s young lions featured in the game.
  28. You don’t have to watch a show intro every time you have a match in career mode like certain other games.
  29. Hitting The Rainmaker is very satisfying.
  30. It’s the only game where you can play as Toru Yano.



What do you think of Fire Pro? Let me know over on Twitter @HairyWrestling

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