A Quick Guide to LIJ’s Newest Member, “The Dragon” Shingo Takagi


On October 8th, Los Ingobernables de Japon revealed their newest member, the pareja, Shingo Takagi.

Unless you’re a fan of Dragon Gate, LIJ’s new recruit may not be all too familiar to you, so here’s a quick summary of his background, what you can expect from Shingo in this stable, and a few match recommendations to watch. This is A Quick Guide to LIJ’s Newest Member, “The Dragon” Shingo Takagi.




Notable Achievements

  • First graduate of Dragon Gate dojo
  • Stayed with Dragon Gate since debut, and has only now left the company to go to New Japan
  • Holds the joint record for most reigns as Dragon Gate’s top champion
  • Won several different championships and tournaments in Dragon Gate, acting as one of their top heels for many years
  • Former ROH Tag Team Champion
  • WON’s Rookie of the Year 2005
  • wXw’s 16 Carat Gold winner 2009
  • Competed in 2018’s BOLA tournament
  • First match in New Japan was against a team involving Okada
  • Has a damn fine mullet



In-Ring Style

  • Shingo is a powerhouse, so expect him to be the juggernaut of the juniors
  • Over 200lbs so he will be possibly the biggest junior. Could easily transition into a heavyweight at some point
  • Former powerlifter so may also be the strongest too
  • Along with strength, Shingo uses amateur wrestling style moves, suplexes and drivers
  • Uses his strength to overpower his smaller opponents, catching them mid-dives and planting them
  • Favours lariats and stiff strikes
  • Has a seriously impressive move set with really interesting finisher variations
  • With 14 years experience in Dragon Gate working against smaller wrestlers, he is the ideal candidate for the junior division. Plus, his experience in PWG, Dragon Gate USA, and ROH will help him adapt to a range of styles



Why He’s a Great Addition to LIJ

  • Being brought straight into the company’s most domestically popular group should give you an idea of how much faith NJPW have in Shingo, and what a major acquisition he is to them
  • Experienced pro wrestler that can battle alongside BUSHI in the junior division until Hiromu returns
  • When Hiromu returns, he can be BUSHI’s full-time partner in the junior tag division whilst Hiromu battles for the Junior Heavyweight Championship
  • His size is right on the border of junior and heavy, so he can transition to where the group need him
  • He’s a very seasoned heel so he will know exactly what he’s doing during his matches
  • Has a great look with his thick frame and green mullet haircut
  • Still not that well known to most international New Japan fans, so he brings some air of mystery and fascination to the group
  • Shingo’s status at the top of Dragon Gate for many years means he can come in, be an instant threat, challenge for championships straight away, and be trusted to have solid matches



What You Can Expect From Him in New Japan

  • Will compete in the upcoming Super Junior Tag League starting October 16th
  • Given how hyped his debut was, expect him and BUSHI to at least reach the finals, if not win the whole thing and challenge for the belts at Wrestle Kingdom
  • If he’s still in the division by then, will be a dominant force in the BOSJ tournament
  • Will most definitely become a fan favourite quickly in New Japan, especially with the Japanese audience, due to his impressive arsenal of moves, and his association with LIJ
  • Good chance of him being a NEVER Openweight Six-Man Champion
  • A likely transition over to the heavyweight division at some point
  • Good quality matches with lariats and drivers a-plenty



Recommended Matches with Links



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