10 Weird and Wonderful Daniel Bryan Moments


I think we can all agree, Daniel Bryan is a gift to humanity. Both as a wrestler and a pro wrestler, Bryan just had a unique charm and ability to entertain. Sometimes, his entertaining antics take him to some particularly weird places, so let’s look at ten of the best.





Talking Smack

Clearly Daniel Bryan saw this short-lived post-SmackDown talk show as an opportunity to say whatever he wanted without a single care for the consequences, and a result, we were gifted with several unforgettable moments. From the time he formed a rap group with The Usos, to his accusations of AJ Styles being a Flat Earther, to the time he talked about fisting on SmackDown, the Talking Smack era of Daniel Bryan was a truly wonderful time.



For some reason, Daniel Bryan has an obsession with bears. It all started on Saturday Morning Slam, an in-ring programme aimed at younger children, where during one episode, Daniel decided to provide commentary for a match between Cesaro and R-Truth. For whatever reason, Daniel just started talking about bears. At any chance he could get, he just talked about bears, and it was gloriously weird.

Then, on the YouTube-exclusive JBL and Cole Show, Daniel’s bear obsession was brought to life again when he constantly lectured about the idea of wrestling a bear. Finally, in 2016, WWE released a documentary entitled, “Daniel Bryan vs. The Bear.”

Daniel may be an environmentalist who is against the consumption or mistreatment of any animal, however, if you’re a bear, keep your distance before you end up in a Yes Lock.



When you’re an expert bear wrestler like Daniel is, you need a lot of cunning and strategy to better your opponents, which the leader of the Yes Movement decided to put on display on Saturday Morning Slam. When facing Tyson Kidd, Daniel had the genius idea of rolling himself into a ball so that his shoulders could never physically be laid on the mat, making it impossible for him to be pinned.

Call this weird, call this crazy, yet there’s clearly some method in this madness, and clearly a load of entertainment as well.


Mr Small Package

During his feud with Kane, Daniel revealed a nickname he earned back home in Aberdeen, Washington, and, well… let’s just say we’re not too sure if he was given it because of wrestling…



Smacking Talk

Fans are still left baffled by the cancellation of Talking Smack, one of the most entertaining and unpredictable examples of content on the WWE Network. Even the hosts of this show were perplexed and upset by the sudden axing, so they took action and decided to start their own programme – Smacking Talk (exclusively on Tout). On the show, we found out the shocking revelation that Daniel managed to conceive his son, Chad Gable, at the worrying age of five.

We never got another episode of Smacking Talk, but when the first and only is as weird and wonderful as this, perhaps one is enough to keep us laughing for a while.


The Travelling Champion

When Daniel Bryan was released in 2010 as a result of him choking Justin Roberts with his own tie, Daniel quickly booked himself on multiple indie events. However, WWE quickly realised their mistake and re-hired him, quickly pushing him into a run with the United States Championship. So quick was this push in fact that the champion was still competing outside of WWE at the time.

Since Daniel had already been advertised for several indie shows, WWE allowed him to work the dates he had committed to. His final date was for North East Wrestling, and it took place right after Daniel won the US Title, so that means the reigning United States Champion had a match outside of WWE, and it was even against a former US Champ, Shelton Benjamin. Weird, huh?


American Dragon at LibertyLand

At one point, American Dragon wasn’t just a nickname for a young Bryan Danielson, it was an actual masked character Bryan brought out from time to time. One occasion in which American Dragon made an appearance was when he decided to go to one of the most ‘Merica places there is, LibertyLand, where Dragon spread the word of how great the country he loves is.


Doing the Impossible

Daniel Bryan can sneeze with his eyes open. Weird, pointless, but interesting.


The Dazzler

Daniel Bryan took the JBL and Cole Show as an opportunity to be as weird and ridiculous as he possibly could be. And here are the results: The Dazzler, otherwise known as B. Dizzle. Just watch this incredibly strange yet utterly hilarious character morph before your eyes, and be wildly entertained.


John Jacob Jingle

Daniel Bryan vs. Kenny Omega – one of the biggest dream matches in 2019. However, what you may not know is that this is a match that has already happened in PWG a decade ago, but it wasn’t quite the technical masterclass in emotional storytelling that you would probably expect. This was a fight that involved arm wrestling, a thumb war, a running contest, and most importantly, one of the most shocking revelations in wrestling history…

Omega was suspicious of Bryan’s real name because, in his words, people aren’t really called American Dragon. So, Bryan decides to reveal it to the world, and according to the man himself, it’s John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. But would you believe it, his name is Omega’s name too! Yes, these foes share the same name! To celebrate, they erupt in a sing song, enjoy a bit of square dancing, and then thanks to a quick sneaky roll-up from Omega, the match continues. Simply amazing.


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