Rainmaker – An Original Poem


Currency clouds are spread across the sky,

Dollar bills reign down from far up high.

Falling green lands throughout the crowd,

Rainmaker emerges in a financial shroud.


Arms stretched out in his signature pose,

Greeting the fans before it comes to blows.

Glimmers of gold beneath the spotlight,

The monarch of Chaos is ready to fight.


He holds dominion through domination.

Battles to the end regardless of duration.

Bursting with spirit and blazing in fire,

Fierce determination and a champion’s desire.


With his torso pressed against their spine,

He spins them round and hits the clothesline.

Leaps into the air with style and grace,

Hits that dropkick right square in the face.


A galaxy of stars surrounds his contests,

Every performance is tinged with finesse.

The force of his lariat you cannot defend,

To be blessed by his presence is a godsend.


Be in awe of this pro wrestling showcase,

Whether he faces an Omega or even an Ace.

Within this world he is a true ground-shaker,

Reach your hands to the sky for the Rainmaker.



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