Let’s Talk Pro Wrestling: With A-Kid


Many members of the wrestling community have been in awe by the spectacle that was Zack Sabre Jr. vs. A-Kid, a fantastic match that took place back in April for White Wolf Wrestling, one of the biggest independent companies in Spain. This MOTY candidate caught the attention of many wrestling journalists, and has now become the first-ever European wrestling match to get Five Stars from Dave Meltzer.

I got the chance to quickly catch up with one of the match’s participants – the up-and-coming star, A-Kid, who was only 20 years old when the match took place. Here are some of his thoughts on the match itself, the Spanish pro wrestling scene, and what he wants to achieve in his career.




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HWF: The wrestling world has slowly been building buzz over your match with Zack Sabre Jr., to the point where it reached the attention of some of the biggest names in wrestling journalism. Now that you’re the youngest person to ever be in a singles match to get Five Stars from WON, how does it feel to receive so much praise from so many different people around the world?

A-Kid: It made me really happy to know all those people enjoyed one of my matches. WON is something I’ve always used as a reference in order to study and discover matches.


HWF: The match with Zack took place back in April for White Wolf Wrestling, but didn’t start getting this insane amount of attention until many months later. I think that’s a testament to how good the match is that despite not taking place in a major company, people couldn’t help but talk about it. Was it strange to suddenly get an influx of attention for a match you’d wrestled many months prior?

A-Kid: It was very crazy, I got a review by Voices of Wrestling a few days before Meltzer tweeted. It is a match I will never forget, but didn’t expect this reaction, not to say 7 months later.


HWF: Why do you think you gelled with Zack so well?

A-Kid: I’ve always studied Zack, he is a reference for me. I’ve also trained MMA and grappling so it is a natural environment for me. I had never worked this style before, it was the first time I had this style mainly because in Spain it was not very popular, so I was really happy while working the match.


HWF: The Spanish wrestling scene isn’t a particularly well-known market around the world, but your match certainly has gotten people talking about it. Who else competing for White Wolf Wrestling should we be getting excited about, and how do you hope all this attention surrounding you will help out the Spanish wrestling scene?

A-Kid: Obviously Carlos Romo, the other half of Team White Wolf. But I suggest watching the last shows in White Wolf On Demand service. I had a year long title run and I enjoyed every single match, [watching those matches] could be a great way to get into WWW.



HWF: You’ve competed for some of the biggest companies in Europe so far in your career. Where are some of your favourite places you have wrestled, and where else would you like to go in the future?

A-Kid: My dream is wrestling for NJPW, ever since I discovered it. So far my favourite places are OTT, RPW and recently, Frontline. I assume it’s just the style, I’ve never been a real wrestling fan. I started training at 10 years old and my favourite wrestlers were MCMG and Bryan Danielson.


HWF: At a relatively young age, you’ve already competed against some really big names, including Ricochet, British Strong Style, and many names from the UK scene. Who are some of the names on your list of dream opponents?

A-Kid: I would love to wrestle those names again of course, but I really want to face Will Ospreay, Trent Seven, Chris Brookes and David Starr in singles. I know I would learn a lot from those matches.


HWF: Final question – what is the biggest reason why you love pro wrestling?

To be fair, I don’t know. Ever since I discovered it I wanted to be a wrestler. I am a huge comics fan and for me being a wrestler equals being a superhero.


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