10 Weird and Wonderful Kenny Omega Moments


Kenny Omega is one of the best wrestlers in the world today. A world champion. A member of arguably the most popular group in pro wrestling. A scale-breaking in-ring performer. Yet from time to time, Omega has been known to joke around and get up to some strange and often hilarious antics. We’ve seen his fun personality manifest on Being the Elite, yet this humorous side of Omega has been known to make it’s way into the ring from time to time. Here are 10 Weird and Wonderful Kenny Omega Moments.



Suspicious of the American Dragon

Daniel Bryan vs. Kenny Omega – one of the biggest dream matches in 2019. However, what you may not know is that this is a match that has already happened in PWG a decade ago, but it wasn’t quite the technical masterclass in emotional storytelling that you would probably expect. This was a fight that involved arm wrestling, a thumb war, a running contest, and most importantly, one of the most shocking revelations in wrestling history…

Omega was suspicious of Bryan’s real name because, in his words, people aren’t really called American Dragon. So, Bryan decides to reveal it to the world, and according to the man himself, it’s John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. But would you believe it, his name is Omega’s name too! Yes, these foes share the same name! To celebrate, they erupt in a sing song, enjoy a bit of square dancing, and then thanks to a quick sneaky roll-up from Omega, the match continues. Simply amazing.




Princess Jasmine

Since when did Princess Jasmine have abs?

For Halloween 2016, Kenny and The Young Bucks emerged at a New Japan show dressed as The Ghostbusters, a classic group costume that put a smile on all of our faces. So for the following year, we were all expecting another iconic cosplay from The Elite gang… we just weren’t expecting this one.

Out emerged Marty Scurll dressed as a monkey, an blue-faced Chase Owens dressed as a genie, and of course, Kenny Omega as Princess Jasmine, complete with fabulous fake eyelashes and all. The costume was a surprising, strange choice for one of the best wrestlers in the world, but a hilarious one nonetheless. The fact Omega did not get cast in the upcoming live action Aladdin movie is a crime.


Wrestling a Young Girl

Here it is – the infamous exhibition you all knew would be on this list.

The story goes that in the joshi promotion Stardom, a seven year old girl obsessed with wrestling turned up at one of their beginner’s training session. As she was too young, she obviously was not being recruited by the company, however as to not upset her too much, Stardom decided to let her have an exhibition match just to give her a taste of the life she craved so much.

Omega was chosen as her opponent due to his reputation for being a solid, safe worker that wouldn’t cause her any harm. So, this infamous clip was born. It’s a match that’s as unbelievable as it is impressive, in a genuinely entertaining showing of skill and the weirdness that makes pro wrestling so great. And fun fact, that little girl is now a teenager, and achieved here dream of becoming a pro wrestler.




Losing a Match from Kissing

The ten year relationship between The Golden Lovers has changed and evolved over the last decade. Back during their days in DDT Pro Wrestling, they definitely played up the ‘lover’ aspect of their relationship, mainly for comic effect. One time, the love that they have for each other cost them a match as a man in a thong got hit by a piledriver whilst Kenny and Kota were too busy kissing each other to notice anybody going for a cover.

If you ever want to give Jim Cornette a heart attack, just show him this.




At this point, it’s well known that there’s a friendly rivalry between the original Elite trio from New Japan, and The New Day from WWE. This feud has spawned multiple moments, including a Street Fighter battle at this year’s E3 convention, yet most of these took place away from the ring, except for this early cross-promotional jab.

On an internationally broadcasted New Japan show, Kenny, Matt and Nick made their entrance sporting WWE branded New Day merchandise, and The Cleaner even pretended to play his signature broom like a trombone to mock his biggest gaming rival, Xavier Woods. We know that NJPW wrestlers are given far more freedom compared to members of the WWE roster, yet it’s still such a strange sight seeing their talent appear on screen with merchandise from their biggest global competition.



Kenny Omega once appeared on a TV show for Samurai Television singing Points of Authority by Linkin Park. That’s all I’ve got to say on that.


The Weird Universe of DDT

Basically, I could include about 90% of his matches in DDT Pro Wrestling in this entry. Matches against blow up dolls, fighting in canoes, brawling in campsites, shooting fireworks at people, all kinds of weirdness. Don’t get me wrong, Omega had some outstanding bouts during his time in DDT, most notably his MOTY candidate against Kota Ibushi in 2012, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t involved in plenty of strange shenanigans along the way.





If you want a lesson in great comedy wrestling, watch the match between Kenny Omega and Toru Yano from 2017’s G1 Climax tournament. Powder in the face, ankles tied together, Yano making Omega dance when he tries to go for a lock up, it’s such a weird and wonderful affair with hilarious results. If this doesn’t make you smile, I have no idea what will.



Naked Photoshoot

I mean, there it is. There’s the IWGP Heavyweight Champion’s rear end…  You’re welcome I guess…


That Time He Turned Into The Rock

When Kenny Omega goes to PWG, he clearly tries to have as much fun as possible. We’ve seen that in the previously mentioned encounter with Bryan Danielson, and on many other occasions too, but this may be one of my favourites. An impromptu moment where a fan’s Stone Cold vest entered the ring sparked one of the most ridiculous and brilliant PWG moments of all time.


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