Reasons You Should Watch IMPACT Wrestling’s Homecoming on January 6th


Been hearing good things about the quality of IMPACT Wrestling’s pay-per-views in 2018? Still haven’t had a chance to witness the great talent this company has? Well, their Homecoming PPV show on January 6th is the perfect place to start, and here are several reasons why you should give it a try.



A Great Way to Be Introduced to IMPACT

With Homecoming being the first show of 2019, and having such a stacked card too, it’s the perfect starting point for any new or returning fan to be introduced to stories, talents, match types and the new feel and direction of IMPACT Wrestling. If you’ve been curious about checking out IMPACT for a while, make Homecoming your tasting session.



IMPACT Has Made Some Great Changes in the Last Year

Throughout 2018, IMPACT Wrestling made leaps and bounds when it comes to implementing improvements and much needed changes, bringing in new fans, and bringing back old fans discouraged by past iterations of the company (including myself). With the likes of Don Callis working backstage in the company now, it seems as though IMPACT Wrestling finally isn’t obsessed with trying to be a WWE competitor, or WWE Lite, or the place where former WWE talents go to play out the rest of their career.

As we’ve seen with the influx of talents and much-needed changes, IMPACT seems to have forged an identity for itself, with a clear vision of what it wants to achieve and what type of product it wants to put fourth. IMPACT seems to sign more and more brilliantly talented free agents and give them a place to shine, and that deserves to be given a try.




The Venue

When Total Nonstop Action Wrestling began putting on weekly pay-per-views after forming in 2002, each one of those shows for the first two years took place at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds Arena, nicknamed the TNA Asylum. The company now known as IMPACT was literally built from this venue, with the two becoming synonymous with each other, but sadly the promotion hasn’t returned to this building since October 2004… until now.

After over fourteen years, IMPACT will be coming back to The Asylum. Sure, other wrestling events have taken place there during this time, most recently the NWA 70th Anniversary Show, yet purely for the heritage and burst of nostalgia that is bound to come along with this event, the guaranteed red hot crowd will be worth tuning in for. Homecoming is named that for a reason, so expect plenty of history, a heap of sentimentality, and a load of great moments.


FiteTV- Logo

It’s Easy (And It Can Be FREE) to Watch on FITE TV

  • Homecoming will be available to watch through the popular service, FITE TV. The show costs £/$19.99 (you will be given $4 back in credit if you pre-order). Read the next section below to learn about watching it for free.
  • FITE TV can be streamed through their website, through apps on certain streaming devices, or you can use the FITE TV app on your mobile or tablet to link with streaming devices or your Smart TV. The good thing about using FITE on your mobile and linking it to another device is that you’re free to use your phone for other things and it won’t effect the streaming quality (I watch FITE through my Amazon Fire Stick via my mobile app whilst I use my phone to tweet at the same time, and I have never experienced streaming issues because of it.)
  • HOW TO WATCH ON YOUR SMART TV OR STREAMING DEVICE WITH FITE – If you don’t have a streaming device with a FITE app available, you can use your phone to link up with it. Just make sure your phone and your streaming device are connected to the same WiFi, click the Play button on the event you want to watch, and then you can use the TV symbol in the top right hand corner to pick which screen you want to watch it from, pick your streaming device, and once it’s loaded up, you’re free to use your phone for other things as you watch.


IMPACT is also available to watch across North America on cable, satellite and digital pay-per-view, including DISH, DirecTV, iN Demand, Vubiquity, Rogers, Bell, Shaw and Sasktel



How to Watch for FREE on FITE TV (Legally)

  • FITE TV has a credit system that rewards users that help others sign up to their service.
  • CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FITE TV APP or SIGN UP USING THE FOLLOWING CODE: ndvz0yo and you will get $15 FREE CREDIT (The link is for mobile users to download the FITE TV app with, and will automatically add the $15 to your account)
  • If you have a friend that uses FITE TV already, please use their referral code to sign up instead and help them out. You can use anybody’s sign up code to do this.
  • Highly recommend you download the mobile app because it is far easier to do this entire thing through it compared to the website.
  • IMPORTANT: FITE TV credits cannot be used to get discounts on shows, you can only purchase a show using credits if you have the full value of the show in credits on your account (e.g. you can’t use $15 to put towards the $19.99 price of Homecoming and pay the rest yourself, you have to either pay for it all with credits or all with actual money).
  • This is how you get more credits – open up the sidebar menu on the left hand side of the FITE TV app and press the “Watch FREE PPV” option (there should be $15 credit next to that from signing up).
  • On here, you will get a unique promo code and a social media link to share – anybody that signs up to FITE using your link/code will get $15 of credit to use.
  • Any time somebody uses your link or promo code to sign up, you get $5 of free credit added to your account. (NOTE: If that person orders a PPV through FITE with actual money, you get an extra $10. It used to be that you would get the extra credits when they used FITE credits you gave them but that seems to have changed recently).
  • The currency shows as $ regardless of what region you’re in, but that dollar value converts to the same numerical value in your currency – e.g. $5 FITE credit is actually worth £5 for UK users.
  • Sign up using code above (or any other referral code), and then have just one person sign up using your code, and you will then have enough to watch Homecoming for FREE.
  • An easy way of doing this is to ask family members, friends or people on social media to sign up to FITE TV using your code. It won’t cost them anything and they can delete the FITE app once you have your credit.
  • If you pre-order Homecoming, you will receive $4 of that credit back to use in FITE.
  • IMPACT will still receive payment for anybody that watches the show through their FITE TV credits so you will still be supporting them, plus FITE gets an increased number of subscriptions so it helps everybody.
  • Once you’re signed up to FITE, they offer a lot of great free content, such as MLW and ROH’s weekly television shows, as well as all of IMPACT’s PPV’s.
  • Also, Fans who purchase the pay-per-view via will receive an email with a coupon code for a free 2019 IMPACT Wrestling calendar from

Quick summary: You download the app using the link in the article to get $15, once in the app go to the “Watch free PPV” button, on there it gives you a code to give to other people, every time someone signs up to FITE with your code you get credits, have one person sign up with your code to watch for free



Lucha Bros vs. LAX

Two of the best teams in the world today will collide for only the second time ever (first time in IMPACT) at Homecoming, and trust me, it will be spectacular. LAX are quickly building a reputation for having the best tag team matches across the world, whilst Fenix and Pentagon Jr. have been wowing fans for years with their innovative offence. Six days into 2019 and we may already have the tag team match of the year.




The Return of Ultimate X

The signature match of IMPACT Wrestling – the human demolition derby that is Ultimate X.

After a lengthy absence, Ultimate X is back. The vacant X Division Championship will hang above the centre of the ring, suspended by a criss-crossing set of high wires. Participants must climb across the wires and retrieve the championship in the middle, the only problem is that there are three other opponents trying to stop them.

Ultimate X will be a highlight reel of car-crash level bumps and ridiculous feats of daredevilry. With the high-flying talents involved, this four-way match is bound to be something special. Trust me, you don’t want to miss it.



Other Great Matches

  • Tessa Blanchard and Taya Valkyrie had a great match at Bound for Glory, so expect another stellar bout from these two.
  • Eli Drake vs. Abyss in Monsters Ball will be full of hard-hitting hardcore action.
  • Eddie Edwards vs. Moose will probably be a little ridiculous and definitely entertaining.
  • The main-event of Johnny Impact vs. Brian Cage will be a clash of innovation and jaw-dropping displays of athleticism.



Has Something for Almost Everyone

Good old-fashioned, great quality wrestling? Hardcore wrestling? Amazing tag team wrestling? High-flying action? Whatever type of wrestling fan you are, I’m sure that there will be at least one match on this card that will please you, and maybe even one or two that will surprise you.


Match Card:

  • Johnny Impact vs. Brian Cage – Impact World Championship Match
  • Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie – Impact Knockouts Championship Match (with Gail Kim as the Special Guest Referee)
  • Jake Crist vs. Ethan Page vs. Rich Swann vs. Trey Miguel – Ultimate X Match for the Vacant Impact X Division Championship
  • LAX (Santana and Ortiz) vs. The Lucha Bros (Rey Fenix and Pentagón Jr.) – Impact World Tag Team Championship Match
  • Abyss vs. Eli Drake – Monster’s Ball Match
  • Eddie Edwards vs. Moose – Falls Count Anywhere Match
  • Allie and Su Yung vs. Jordynne Grace and Keira Hogan
  • Sami Callihan vs. Willie Mack


Start Times:

  • UK Time – 1am (January 7th)
  • Eastern Time – 8pm (January 6th)
  • Pacific Time – 5pm (January 6th)






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