15 Absolutely Brutal WALTER Attacks


WALTER has arrived in NXT UK. If you want to know why the behemoth known as The Ring General is easily Pete Dunne’s biggest threat to date, here’s fifteen times when he proved why this extremely popular, five-star wrestler is so dangerous yet so brilliant to watch.



15. That Time he Nearly Killed The Bruiserweight with a Lariat

I hope you’re not too attached to that NXT UK Championship, Pete…



14. And He Also Does This Lariat Too…

Even if you’ve gotten the upper-hand on him, don’t get too confident when you’re facing WALTER, otherwise he will take your head off.



13. And There’s His Dropkick

If his colossal arm doesn’t keep you down, his charging cannon dropkick will definitely send you flying to the mat.



12. It’s Enough to Send You Out of the Ring

WALTER is such a grounded competitor that utilises simple attacks with little flash… and then out of nowhere he just leaps into the air and almost kills his opponent.



11. When He Nearly Took ZSJ’s Head Off

How Zack Sabre Jr. can even still compete after this malicious assault to the skull is baffling.



10. Sometimes He Will Literally Just Throw People Around

Well, that’s one way to make an entrance.



9. And Of Course, There’s His Infamous Chops

Even without sound, it’s clear to see that WALTER has one of the most powerful arm swings on the planet. Face WALTER at your chest’s own risk.



8. Want Proof of how Much Those Chops Hurt? Ask Mark Davis

When this Aussie Open member faced WALTER at a PROGRESS show in early 2018, The Ring General targeted his foe’s chest with skin-breaking chops so much that it was apparently still bleeding two hours after the match had finished, leaving his chest a swirling mess of black, blue and red. Let’s just hope WALTER and Marufuji never have a one-on-one match against each other, neither of them would have a chest left.



7. You Can Ask PCO Too…

Just look at the colour of that man’s chest. That is not healthy. It could almost pass for a piece of abstract art. Yet because of that punishing barrage of strikes inflicted by WALTER at Joey Janela’s Spring Break 2, thousands of people around the world had their eyes opened to the resurgence and impressive abilities of PCO, so much so that it helped to relaunch his career to the point where he’s now part of Ring of Honor. So I guess this WWE veteran owes WALTER a big thank you for turning his chest into a bed of burst blood vessels.



6. His Hands Don’t Have to be Chopping to be Lethal

The brilliant Beyond Gorilla captured one of the most ridiculous wrestling photos of recent memory back in 2018. This one image is proof of just how powerful those arms of WALTER really are as his opponent’s flesh is forced to part ways around his fist. He could probably rip his heart out if he wanted to, it’s terrifying.







Video credit: @ThisIs_Progress on Twitter

5. Still Not Convinced? Just Listen to the Sound of One of Those Chops

And that’s not even as loud as they can be…







4. And Another

NXT North American Champion Ricochet can vouch for how hard those blows really are.




3. A Colossal Chop

And it’s not just smaller foes that feel the suffering of these chops. Even WALTER’s biggest opponents can’t stand that savage pain inflected by them.



2. If You Get Chopped, Don’t Try and Stay on Your Feet

Tomohiro Ishii is built like a fridge and made of stone, and clearly as evidenced by this video, certifiably insane. How he could ever manage to face up to this much punishment is incredible.







This clip was shared around so much I couldn’t find the original poster, so apologies to the OP (please let me know if you know who that is!)

1. And Finally, the First Chop in NXT UK

When WALTER appeared at the end of the first NXT UK TakeOver, the prospects of what he could do there and who he could face on a big stage was majorly exciting, yet I did have some concerns that he may not be allowed to be as dangerous as he has been in the last couple of years.

Then I saw this video on Twitter and… OH SHIT!

If you close your eyes and play this clip, it genuinely sounds like somebody is cracking a whip. Everyone on the NXT UK roster be warned: hide your chests, WALTER is here.



Vs. Will Ospreay – Defiant Wrestling

Vs. Travis Banks Vs. Zack Sabre Jr. – Defiant Wrestling


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One thought

  1. I’m in two minds about Walter – I can’t tell if he’s just overly stiff, or if he’s a genuinely unsafe worker. I don’t like seeing competitors get genuinely hurt, though.


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