10 Times Zack Sabre Jr. Proved he is the Most Quotable Man in Professional Wrestling Today


Zack Sabre Jr. – technical wizard, RevPro British Heavyweight Champion, windy man, future Prime Minister. Not only is he a master of the mat, he is a master of the soundbite too. When a microphone is presented in front of ZSJ, a nugget of wisdom, an obscure British comedy reference, a wonderfully inventive insult, or simply the word “dickhead” will leave his lips, and these are the best of the best when it comes to his teachings. These are 10 Times Zack Sabre Jr. Proved he is the Most Quotable Man in Professional Wrestling Today.




When he Gave Some Helpful Advice to Pro Wrestlers

NJPW legend Hiroshi Tanahashi once explained why wrestlers don’t just dodge every move that comes their way:

“Actually, we can dodge, obviously, but we don’t. There is a beauty in getting hit. Pro-wrestling is a sport to show one’s strength, to show you can stand up and fight, even when you get hit. We wrestlers make a match more exciting by not dodging, and letting things get heated… We want the audience to empathise with the pain we’re feeling.”

Zack Sabre Jr. however, has a different opinion…




When ZSJ Planned Out His 2019

ZSJ may not be wrestling for much longer. Come March 2019, he’s going to have to enter Parliament and sort this country out.

When He Told Everyone Exactly How He Was Going to Win a Tournament

In 2011, Zack Sabre Jr. entered CHIKARA’s Rey de Voladores tournament, and warned his opponents of exactly what he was going to do to them in a way only he could… Zack Sabre Jr. did not win the tournament that year.

When Warm Beer Wasn’t Good Enough

Never, ever serve this man a warm beer. Zack Sabre Jr. was so bitter in the drink choice he was presented after winning the New Japan Cup, when he won the RevPro British Heavyweight Championship at Wrestle Kingdom 13, he brought his own gin and tonic to celebrate with.

When Zack Told us What he Thinks About EVIL

Comparing somebody to Evanescence, it doesn’t get much more brutal than that.




When He Gave His Thoughts on Bullet Club and The Elite

I don’t think Zack will be invited to All Elite Wrestling any time soon…




When He Had Some Advice for Chris Jericho

If you’re expecting to see Zack Sabre Jr. competing on the second Jericho Cruise later this year, don’t bother. I don’t think he wants to hang out and listen to dad rock with the dickhead that interrupted his match against EVIL.




When Zack Revealed his Thoughts on Kenny Omega

“You’re just a dickhead, mate.” That’s all Zack needs to say, and he will instantly be the best promo of the night. Oh, and extra points for, “I’ve got counters I haven’t even created yet.”




When He Compared Himself to Brian Eno

The most Zack Sabre Jr. thing that Zack Sabre Jr. has ever said is when he drew parallels between his style of wrestling to a pioneer of 70’s ambient music. Only he could manage to pull this off.




When Zack Explained What Powers His Wrestling

And finally, the iconic quote that spawned it’s own t-shirt, Zack Labour Jr. explains how he recycles his hatred for Tories into energy for his in-ring actions. Please Zack, never changed.


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