Thank You, Kris Wolf


Last week when I was putting together a list of the best talent the world of independent wrestling has to offer us, one of the first names that came to mind was Kris Wolf. Taking pride of place at the top of my list, Kris’ smiling face appropriately was the first representation of what delights independent wrestling gifts to us as fans. But sadly, within just four days of that article’s publication, one of the most lovable characters in wrestling announced her retirement. If you never got to experience Kris during her time in the ring, please take the time in discovering how brilliant she was.

Without question, Kris Wolf is one of the most instantly likable people I have ever seen, in wrestling or otherwise. Thanks to her gigantic smile, constant bursting stream of excitement, and of course her delightful tail, Kris just has an aura to her that brightens everything up around her. When the electronic tones of Midnight City by M83 would blast out into a room, and Kris frantically emerged from behind a curtain, plush wolf head held aloft Lion King-style, a wonderful energy filled every soul stood around her that could instantly make an arena full of people become her biggest supporters.

What Kris has cannot be taught or picked up along the way, it’s an intangible presence few possess, yet she had it in by the bucket load. I’ve been in a crowd where it was clear not many knew who she was, but by the end of her entrance, she was instantly the favourite. How can you not cheer somebody that has a bushy wolf tail, whiskers drawn on her face, and likes to try and bite people’s butts?!


Her charming personality certainly came in handy when she stepped between the ropes. Mainly opting for more of a comedic style, Kris had a habit for chasing her opponents around the ring, trying to bite them in her constant hunt for delicious meat. But when needed to, Kris could definitely go. In fact, Kris is trained in the martial art of Jeet Kune Do. In an average Kris Wolf match, you could expect a whole load of running knee strikes, diving knee drops, a suplex or two, some lovely technical wrestling, a sprinkle of daredevilry, and some impressive kicks from her martial arts background.

After a previous engagement fell apart, Kris quit her job as a photographer in San Francisco, moved to Japan, and became a teacher. After a year and a half there, somebody suggested she try women’s wrestling, something which Kris had absolutely no awareness of. After watching Stardom on YouTube, she instantly became hooked, contacted the company, and began her training. Since then, Kris has been traveling around the globe, entertaining a variety of audiences. She has since married, and is now stepping away from pro wrestling.

During Kris’ career, she wrestled across the world, for promotions like ROH, Fight Club Pro, wXw, and ProWrestlingEVE, was named the 28th best female wrestler in the world by PWI in 2018, and won the Stardom High Speed Championship. Within the span of five years, Kris won the hearts of many through personality alone, backed by her abilities in the ring.


If you don’t love Kris Wolf then you have no soul. Take one look at her and her fluffy tail, and you will immediately feel happier. Even if she didn’t put on the best match of the night, she put the biggest smile on your face with her primal antics, and you certainly didn’t soon forget her. As she sadly steps away from this part of her life, I am sure whatever she decides to do, Kris will delight everyone around her. For the hours of entertainment she’s provided to audiences around the globe, this is the least we can say:

Thank you, Kris Wolf.


Follow Kris Wolf on Twitter – @WolfInJapan

Kris Announces Her Retirement



Vs. Little Miss Roxxie – NORTH

Vs. Sumie Sakai – ROH

Two Matches at ProWrestlingEVE’s Wrestle Queendom

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