Aja Kong: All Elite Wrestling’s Head-Splitting, Fire-Spitting Human Earthquake


God made the devil just for fun, but when he wanted the real thing, he made Aja Kong.

On February 7th 2019, All Elite Wrestling, the hottest new promotion on the planet, announced that they had signed a true legend of pro wrestling to their ranks, Aja Kong. If you’re not aware of who this influential, imposing talent is, you’re about to learn about one hell of a career, with a tragic backstory that fueled it.



Starting when she was just 16, Aja Kong has been wrestling consistently since 1986. Making her name in All Japan Women’s Wrestling, Aja became one of the most hated monster heels in joshi history, dominating her way through competition thanks to her imposing size and destructive backfist. Not only was she a punishing force in pro wrestling, she also gifted it with the invention of the Package Piledriver, a move still very popular to this day, used by the likes of Pentagon Jr. and formerly Kevin Steen.

Aja picked up the sport of pro wrestling quickly, becoming well-versed at an early age. Her battles in the early to mid 90’s against Manami Toyota are now legendary, earning several five-star match ratings from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter in the process (in the top ten youngest people to ever do so). Aja vs. Manami are some of the greatest examples of David vs. Goliath style pro wrestling you will ever see that still more than hold up today.

Not convinced by how badass she was and still is? Well, just let her entrance music tell you how dangerous she is (it’s incredible):

God got up one morning, He was in an ugly mood
He was sick of floods and plagues, He wanted something really rude
He made a big piranha out of broken glass and glue
Then He gave her two legs and a nasty attitude

Well the Sahara was a jungle till she ripped out all the trees
Then she looked up at the mountaintops, they all began to freeze
The sun gave her a cold until she set it on fire
Check and see it for yourself if you think that I’m a liar

God made the Devil just for fun
But when He wanted the real thing He made Aja Kong

She’s a head splitting, fire spitting human earthquake
She makes the young ones wonder and the wise ones shake
She’s got the hands of a gorilla, got the head of a snake
She keeps looking but hasn’t found a thing she can’t break!

God made the Devil just for fun
But when He wanted the real thing He made Aja Kong


During the prime of her career, Aja held titles, put on instant classics, won tournaments, and found great success in this world that she loves. Her role as a monster heel has served as inspiration for many stars over the years, including WWE’s Nia Jax, and it’s her reputation and consistently high performance ability that has earned her a contract with All Elite Wrestling.

Aja’s legendary run as joshi’s top villain of the 90’s sadly has some heartbreaking roots. Aja was born in 1970: her mother was Japanese and her father was an African American soldier. It was her mixed race heritage that would play a major part in both her childhood and her wrestling career.

Being the only mixed race person in her school, Aja faced daily racist-driven abuse from her classmates, being referred to as a “half breed”. Nobody would talk to her other than to criticise her. When Aja was five, her father left their family behind and went back to America. At the time, the sanctity of marriage was a very respected practice in Japan, thus being from a ‘broken home’ was looked down upon by many members of society, something which Aja was also ridiculed for heavily during her childhood.



The bullying grew to such a point that her mother was driven to the edge by her daughter’s constant unhappiness, so much so that when Aja was ten, her own mother pointed a knife at her promising to end her misery after an emotional exchange, stating that she was the one that brought her into the world, so she should be the one to end her existence.

Thankfully, life improved when Aja found refuge in the world of pro wrestling. During her teenage years, women’s wrestling in Japan had reached insane levels of popularity thanks to The Crush Gals, Nagayo Chigusa and Lioness Asuka. This duo was pulling in 12% of the entire Japanese television audience on a weekly basis, and even managed to release pop songs that charted in the top ten. They were the most popular wrestlers in all of Japan, which inspired thousands of young girls to try their hand at pro wrestling.


Each year, All Japan Women’s Wrestling held auditions to find new talent, which thanks to The Crush Gals, were overrun with applicants. In 1985, 3,000 girls applied to train with the company, and out of the 2,500 who did so in 1986, Aja Kong was one of them. Of the thousands that put their names forward, 16 year old Aja Kong was one of the very few selected.



In an interview with CGTN, Aja stated that the reason why she started wrestling was because she wanted to be a hero. She craved fame and the acceptance that she could never find from her peers, and thus desired to be the biggest face in all of joshi wrestling. But unfortunately, once again her race was a roadblock in the way of her ambitions.

Trainers at All Japan told Aja that as she was black, she could not be a hero, she had to automatically be a villain. Her race meant that her character had to have contempt for Japanese people. She could not be the beloved figure that she wanted, but if she was going to be the heel, she was going to be the best that she could. One of the driving forces was the illness of her mother, who was admitted to hospital with a brain hemorrhage when Aja was 17. She couldn’t afford to support her financially, but as she knew she would be up late enough to watch pro wrestling on television, she tried to cheer her up by being the best performer she could be.

Another motive for her success and fame was her estranged father. After her mother passed away, Aja hoped that if she became famous enough, she could use this as a method of finding her dad, a man who’s name she didn’t even know and had no way of contacting. In an early interview from 1991, Aja stated:

“I want to be the champion and be successful and popular on TV… so one day I may go to New York. Surely my father will recognise me. I just hope that he’ll try to contact me. I want to meet my father at least once in my life.”



And sadly, it doesn’t seem that Aja ever did get to meet her father, yet her success did take her over to New York, I guess you could say, in more ways than one. During the mid 1990’s, Aja Kong became a part of the WWF’s women’s roster. She dominated in a Survivor Series elimination match, where she pinned all four members of the apposing team. In the few appearances she made for Vince and co, Aja impressed with her physicality and intimidating presence.

Aja was being built as a serious challenger for Alundra Blayze’s WWF Women’s Championship, but unfortunately for the Japanese monster heel, the Monday Night Wars got in her way. Just weeks before her title match was set to take place, Alundra Blayze left WWF and infamously dropped the women’s championship into a trash can on WCW Nitro. The women’s division subsequently collapsed, and Aja made her way back to Japan.

Her career certainly wasn’t over though as she still continues to compete over twenty years later. Appearing regularly for promotions across Japan, America and Europe, as well as acting as a trainer for joshi promotion Ice Ribbon, Aja Kong is still a fantastic performer with no plans on slowly down any time soon, as evidenced by her recent signing to AEW Wrestling.



All Elite have made a fantastic decision in inviting a true legend to their roster. Aja Kong is a guaranteed future hall of famer who can not only gift younger members of AEW’s women’s division with her vast wrestling knowledge and experience, yet she can also act as the imposing in-ring force that she has been for over thirty years. She’s a competitor with a lot left to give, and an influence with a lot left to teach.

It’s yet to be revealed whether Aja Kong will be taking part in AEW’s first official show, Double or Nothing, but when she does make an appearance, her vicious move set and impressive ability will impress fans around the world. Out of all of the incredible talent All Elite has signed already, this new acquisition certainly put a huge smile on my face (only rivaled by Jimmy Havoc).

Obviously, there are dozens of great Aja Kong matches from the 90’s which are definitely worth your time, but make sure you see how good she still is after three decades of competition before AEW kicks off on May 25th. And finally, a message to the entire AEW roster, male or female: The head-splitting, fire-spitting human earthquake is coming. Be afraid because…

God made the devil just for fun, but when he wanted the real thing, he made Aja Kong.



Vs. Viper – ProWrestlingEVE Wrestle Queendom 2018

Vs. Hiraku Shida – OZ Wrestling 2018

Vs. Manami Toyota – AJW 1995




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