15 Weird and Wonderful Kazuchika Okada Moments

Kazuchika Okada is a wrestling god. The atmosphere of an arena instantly changes when he enters. You cannot help but be swept away by his undeniable presence and superior ability. In the realm of pro wrestling, he has set multiple records, surpassed all expectations, broken rating scales, and many consider him to be one of, if not the greatest of all time….. on top of all that though, he can also be a really strange person (in the best way). So rather than acknowledge his superior wrestling ability, let’s take a look at some of the funniest and most charmingly odd things this champion goofball has done. These are 15 Weird and Wonderful Kazuchika Okada Moments.


















That Time he Brought a T-Rex to New Japan

In an effort to promote Japanese card game Future Card Buddyfight, Okada made an even more epic entrance than usual at New Beginning in Osaka 2014 when he walked out with a fucking massive sword, accompanied by a T-Rex. Does it get much more badass than giant blades and extinct beasts?




Okada Cruise

Climb aboard! One day in 2018, Rocky Romero posted photos from the first ever Okada Cruise. Captain Kazu, complete with very official pirate hat, took his CHAOS crew mates out across the Tokyo Coast, with Romero there to document the whole adventure.

And what started as a friendly day out sailing actually turned into a real thing. Yes, in 2019, Osaka Bay will be blessed twice by the presence of the Okada Cruise, a two hour buffet lunch at sea. Hopefully Okada won’t actually be behind the wheel for these cruises though.




















Azusa Babazono, a Japanese comedian and NJPW superfan, once got a chance to touch Okada’s legendary thighs, and within microseconds of coming into contact with his flesh, she was overcome by his godliness, exclaiming, “IT’S AMAZING!”

Of course, the entire wrestling world had a similarly passionate reaction at Wrestle Kingdom 13 when Okada revealed he was no longer wearing long trousers and had gone back to shorts. Wrestling fans are strange sometimes.



Amazing Red

Here’s a photo of a young Okada holding an Amazing Red TNA figure. It’s as simple as that.























Appearing as a Chef in a TV Drama

For some reason, Okada and Gedo just turn up in the middle of a Japanese crime drama called 99.9 Criminal Lawyer, and offer to cook a crowd of people a giant pot of curry. That’s all I have to say about that.


Eating Food

There are an abundance of photos of Kazuchika Okada eating food in a weird way. His twitter icon photo is him trying to take a bite out of a teddy bear. He may be the best wrestler in the world, but he’s also a little bit strange.



Dragon George

The 2018 film My Dad is a Heel Wrestler centered around the story of Takashi Omura (played by Hiroshi Tanahashi), and his struggles with juggling family life and being a villainous pro wrestler.

The wrestling promotion featured in the movie, Lion Pro Wrestling, is an NJPW parody in every way possible – it has the Z1 Climax tournament, it’s tagline is “King of Beasts”, and it features an array of NJPW talents under different gimmicks, most notably the promotion’s champion, Dragon George, as played by Kazuchika Okada.

If the fact Okada’s character is called “Dragon George” isn’t good enough as it is, in January 2019, Okada actually wrestled a tag team match as his movie persona in NJPW. After the final bell rung, Dragon George even challenged Kazuchika Okada to a match. If that brawl ever ends up somehow happening, that’s when we’ll know Okada truly is the greatest of all time.



Dressing as King

When the latest edition of the Tekken series was announced, it came along with some additional content that pleased a lot of pro wrestling fans – NJPW extras. In the character customization options, you can dress your fighter in a variety of New Japan clothing, including Bullet Club tees, CHAOS tees, and special crossover merch.

But the greatest inclusion by far was the Rainmaker costume for fan favourite Tekken character, King. Dressed in Okada’s signature robes, King even adopts The Rainmaker clothesline to finish off his opponents.

So to repay the favour to King for paying homage to the longest reigning IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Okada decided to do a little tribute of his own, and walked out at Fantastica Mania 2017 resembling King’s Rainmaker costume from Tekken 7.



When He Raised the Roof

This is the least enthusiastic raising of a roof you will ever see in your life, guaranteed.




Along with Shinsuke Nakamura, Okada appeared briefly in the Japanese music video for Pharrell Williams’ 2013 mega hit, Happy. With his signature pose, the wrestling god summoned a shower of Okada Bucks from the sky, something that would certainly make any wresting fan happy.















Wrestle Kingdom 7 Promo

Smug as fuck Okada just riding onto a baseball field in a mustang wearing a catchers mitt to promote an upcoming wrestling match. Why not?



Yakuza 6

In case you’re not aware, Yakuza is a franchise of epic open world crime video games that are known for being packed full with a ridiculous amount of content, including arcade games, sports, gambling, and even karaoke. In the sixth installment of the main game series though, they packed in more epic content than ever before when they had a group of NJPW wrestlers appear as mob bosses, and of course, the most dangerous of them all was Okada.

Appearing early in the game, Okada is established instantly as one of the most powerful villains in the entire game, overseeing an army of 3,000 mobsters. And this isn’t The Rainmaker playing a character of a different name, he is literally referred to as Kazuchika Okada in the game. Perhaps Yakuza 6 is trying to tell us something about the former world champion that we’re not aware of…










Scooby Dooby Doo

There was a time where Kazuchika Okada, seven-star performer, PWI’s wrestler of the year in 2017 and longest reigning IWGP Heavyweight Champion in history, began just randomly shouting, “SCOOBY DOOBY DOO!” any time he hit a crossbody during a match. I guess when you’re the best in the world you can kinda get away with whatever weirdness you want to.






More Future Card Advertising

Once again, Kazuchika Okada was placed into a weird situation in order to promote this BushiRoad product (the owners of New Japan). Turns out Okada walks around casually in public wearing full ring gear, then achieves super human speed whenever children challenge him to play a card game. That’s the wonderful world of Japanese advertising for you.



His Entire TNA Run

I mean, making one of the best wrestlers in the world dress like a character from The Green Hornet, that’s more laughable than anything else on this list (and not in a good way). This man would become IWGP Heavyweight Champion less than two months after returning to NJPW full time after being with TNA, that’s how much faith New Japan had in him, but prior to that, Okada only had one victory in the almost two year stint he had in the states, and that came via DQ.

TNA’s treatment of NJPW’s prized rookie is one of the main reasons the two companies stopped working together. If they had realised the potential the future Rainmaker had, who knows what kind of talent sharing IMPACT could be benefiting from today.


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