Top 10 Intentionally Funny Wrestling Video Game Moments

In the past I’ve looked unintentionally funny entrances and cutscenes in wrestling video games, but now it’s time to acknowledge some of the moments where developers were actively trying to make us all laugh. These are just my favourite ten that I could remember from games I’ve played, so please feel free to suggest some if I’ve missed any out. These are my Top 10 Intentionally Funny Wrestling Video Game Moments.



10. Eric Young Gets Flustered – TNA Impact

Remember Eric Young? The guy on SmackDown that never gets any TV time? Well over a decade ago, he appeared in TNA Impact, a fun yet flawed video game. With his goofy, bumbling character at the time, Eric played a big part in the game’s story mode, acting as your tag team partner.

At one point in the game, Eric is getting you prepared for a backstage interview, something which he seems confident about, yet once he lays his eyes on Christy Hemme, he completely flusters his words, and ends the interview by saying the word “boobies”. Sure, it’s not world class comedy, but I’m pretty sure 13 year old me would have laughed when I first heard “boobies” in a wrestling game.










9. Stone Cold Cookies – SmackDown Shut Your Mouth

There’s a part in SmackDown Shut Your Mouth where you can talk to Debra backstage about her cookies. When she kindly offers to get you some of her freshly baked treats, Stone Cold bursts in, exclaims, “I DON’T LIKE YOU!”, and then says “WHAT?” for about 20 seconds. That was what wrestling was like in the early 2000’s.



8. Matt Facts – Various

Back before he was Woken, Broken, or kayfabe burning down his brother’s house, the version 1.0 of Matt Hardy was intent on educating his fans with interesting tit bits about his life. Even in the WWE video games, we were gifted with some extremely insightful Matt Facts, such as that he uses low fat salad dressing, and he is dominant at put put golf. Truly fascinating.



7. Santino’s Road to WrestleMania – Various

In a couple of the SmackDown vs. Raw video games, Santino Marella acts as the comic relief during your Road to WrestleMania journeys. Across the 2010 and 2011 editions of the game, he breaks the fourth wall, he acts like a ninja, he sings the original WrestleMania song, and just generally acts like Santino. Nothing too clever but, come on, it’s Santino.






6. Sami and Kevin – WWE 2K19

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens’ chemistry together is a gift to pro wrestling fans, so it was a delight during 2K19’s great MyCareer mode to experience some of their hilarious charm. Clearly, they just let these two friends do their thing for 2K19 as they bickered their way through a story line with your CAW. The way Sami tries to justify himself getting another shot at the US title just tickles me every time.



5. Wacky WCW Characters – WCW Thunder

In 1999, hardly anyone gave a shit about WCW anymore. Not even Inland Productions, the developers of WCW Thunder, gave a shit about WCW judging by this game. Along with an already sizeable WCW roster, Inland decided to just bang in any old character they could think of: a praying mantis, an astronaut, robots, an ant called Adam, and even the whole development team. At this point, WCW games were known for having a few original, cartoonish characters included, but not to this extent. They even had a space arena, and USO show arena that made the wrestlers dance. It was like if CHIKARA made a game, before CHIKARA even existed.

If anyone who worked at WCW actually took one look at this game and approved it before release, I will be shocked, but I’ve got to admit, playing as a anthropomorphic cow in a wrestling game is rather amazing.






4. Barron Blade’s Commentary – WWE 2K19

In the latest installment of WWE’s annual video game series, your created character starts off in BCW – a typical local promotion led by the shady Barron Blade. After your CAW gets signed and then immediately dropped again by WWE, Barron decides to capitalize on your ‘buzz’ by broadcasting your upcoming matches live on iPPV for the first time.

He’s spared pretty much every expense possible, even going as far as to do the commentary all by himself, and it is hilarious. Essentially, Barron Blade on commentary is a stream of one liners poking fun at the limitations of his high school parking lot wrestling shows. For nerdy fans like me, it certainly gets a chuckle or two.






3. Changing Wrestler’s Appearances – Various

The developers of multiple WWE games knew exactly what they were doing when they allowed you to alter the attire of the in-game roster, and even in some games change their models completely. Oh, it’s so you can update them with their latest ring gear? Bullshit, it’s so we can dress Brock Lesnar up like Liv Morgan, and make The Texas Rattlesnake’s body as big as possible and call him Hot Dog Steve Austin. They knew exactly what they were doing, and for childish fans like me, it’s still hilarious.




2. Edge and Christian – SmackDown Vs. Raw 2011

Before the Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness, we got a little E and C reunion back in SVR 2011, and it is one of the most fun sections of a mode I have ever played in a wrestling game. Hitting on the nostalgia hard, everyone involved in the making of this Road to WrestleMania story clearly had an absolute blast. You’ll have a hard time not smiling at this one. Oh, and The Hurricane is in too which is always a bonus.



  1. Shut Your Mouth! and Smackdown 2 Entrances

The moment I first discovered these purposely awful and ridiculous entrances as a kid whilst messing about with my CAW’s, I could not believe what I was seeing. I must have sat and laughed at these for an hour straight. From riding a shopping cart to the ring, to impersonating Spiderman, to doing some ballet, these are the most insane entrances ever featured in wrestling games, and they are utterly hilarious.


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