15 Weird and Wonderful Hiromu Takahashi Moments


Hiromu Takahashi is one of the most beloved junior heavyweight wrestlers New Japan has seen in years. His combination of personality, creativity and wrestling ability has adhered him to fans around the world, and one of the biggest reasons why he’s in so many of our hearts is because of how charmingly strange he is.

Without question, Takahashi is one of the most ‘unique’ performers you could ever hope to see, so let’s look at some of his more eccentric antics. These are 15 Weird and Wonderful Hiromu Takahashi Moments.












Promoting Lip Balm

When you think of the perfect person to promote lip balm, it’s a plush cat holding, punk rock band jacket wearing, absolutely insane pro wrestler, right? Well, as confusing as it may be, I am totally accepting of this strange choice due to the amazing advertisement it produced.



Putting That Partnership to Good Use

Gotta get some sponsorship money somewhere, right?

















When Hiromu Takahashi feuds with somebody, he doesn’t do it in the traditional way. You’ll find no talk of insults or being the better man, in fact, as was the case with Will Ospreay, he treats his rivals with respect. At one press conference, Hiromu turned up with a plate of freshly made fried chicken for his opponent to enjoy, and the only animosity seen during this whole event was when a reporter had the nerve to question how fresh Hiromu’s offering was.



Taking Tetsuya’s Tranquilo

Nobody can make Tetsuya Naito lose his signature brand of cool like Hiromu can, and it makes for an adorable friendship.



Hopping Mad Pro Wrestling

Take some advice from Hiromu: when your opponent starts kip-upping around the ring, just do your own thing for a bit.










He Called Will Ospreay a Cat

For some reason, Hiromu Takahashi was convinced Will Ospreay was a cat. Regardless of how much Ospreay tried to disprove these rumors, Hiromu’s feline accusations continued to persist, so in response, the Aerial Assassin showed up to a match donning whiskers and a cat-like stance.

And how did Hiromu respond? Did he take advantage of Will’s silly antics and attack as he was distracted? Did he react in anger at how he wasn’t taking the match seriously? Nope, he did what every decent cat owner would do and gave him a big old stroke. Good boy.








And Ricochet Too…

Speaking of cats, Ospreay isn’t the first performer to be given the kitten treatment from Hiromu, yet when he believed Ricochet to be a feline, he decided to speak directly to the future NXT star in his ‘native’ tongue, resulting in one of the strangest backstage interviews you’re likely to ever see.
















The Debut of Daryl Jr.

When you’re up against a duo as skilled as The Golden Lovers, you need all the help you can get… except most people wouldn’t choose a plush luchador cat making their in-ring debut…







His Trip to Disneyland

Imagine you’re having a nice little day out in Disneyland when you spot a fully grown man in a Mickey Mouse Fantasia hat wearing a pink jacket, clutching a cuddly cat, and making it wave to his phone. You’d start to question whether you accidentally drank some of the water from the It’s a Small World ride.



Invisible Soccer

Hiromu Takahashi: world’s greatest cat owner, fried chicken extraordinaire, and two-sport athlete.



Whatever This…Is…

There are many very, very strange photos from Hiromu’s time as a young lion, and this is just one of them. Also, where do I get one of those dragon hats?




His Unique BOSJ Strategy

Hiromu Takahashi won the Best of Super Juniors tournament in 2018, and it’s all thanks to his gigantic note book full of strategies to beat each competitor, all adorably created in crayon, making for a good representation of Hiromu’s childish charm combined with his insane wrestling ability.



Lounging with Liger

Here’s a GIF of Hiromu wearing a reindeer hat sat in a hot tub with EVIL wearing a santa hat holding their fists up with Jushin Thunder Liger. Enjoy.



Calling Out El Desperado

Stay to the end with this one: it makes absolutely no sense but that humming is absolutely hilarious.


When His Cat Died, Came Back to Life, Got Married and Had a Child

Arguably, Hiromu Takahashi’s greatest gift to the world is his feline son, Daryl Takahashi. Only somebody as wonderfully weird and creative as Hiromu could own a plush cat toy that can get murdered, come back to life, get married, and have little luchador kittens. This man must be protected at all costs.


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