A Bullet Point Guide to G1 Supercard


The biggest non-WWE show of Mania weekend is here. Selling out in less than an hour, G1 Supercard is set to make history on April 6th by helping to change the game in regards to pro wrestling outside of The McMahon Family. With such a big spotlight on this historic MSG show, there will be many brand new or newish viewers interested in this show that will need catching up, or maybe some of you still need convincing as to why this show is a must-watch. So here is everything you need to know about G1 Supercard in handy bullet points.

  • Why you should watch
  • Start times
  • How to watch
  • How you can watch for free (legally)
  • Sampling free matches beforehand
  • Match card in detail
  • What to watch after G1 Supercard
  • List of recommended matches with NJPW World links and English commentary



Why You Can’t Miss G1 Supercard

  • This will be the first non-WWE wrestling event held inside Madison Square Garden since 1960, and one of the biggest non-WWE US wrestling events since the closure of WCW.
  • G1 Supercard is a great opportunity for first-time or newish viewers to be introduced to the stars and stories of both ROH and NJPW. It can be a great jumping off point to begin watching either promotion.
  • It will be ROH’s biggest show to date and NJPW’s biggest USA show to date.
  • The card features some of the best wrestlers in the world from several great companies.
  • Okada vs. White is a Wrestle Kingdom rematch, with a story that has been building up for over a year.
  • The New Japan Rumble as well as the NYC Open Street Fight make for some potential big surprises.
  • Hearing that crowd sing Kaze Ni Nare if Minoru Suzuki enters the New Japan Rumble.
  • Cheeseburger.
  • Ishimori vs. Bandido vs. Dragon Lee.
  • Ospreay vs. Cobb.
  • Naito vs. Ibushi.
  • ZSJ vs. Tanahashi.



Start Times

Pre-Show Times (NOT AVAILABLE THROUGH FITE TV) Saturday April 6th

3:30pm (Pacific)

6:30pm (Eastern)

11:30pm (UK)

7:30am Sunday April 7th (Japan)




Best Value: NJPW World

  • The most cost effective way to watch G1 Supercard is through NJPW’s streaming service – NJPW World. – CLICK HERE FOR MY GUIDE ON USING AND GETTING THE MOST OUT OF NJPW WORLD
  • NJPW World can be accessed through an official app on Amazon Fire Sticks, as well as through njpwworld.com on most browsers, laptops, phones and tablets with Chromecast support.
  • Do not use the iOS/Android app. Just use your browser if watching on your phone or tablet.
  • Not only does it work out at slightly cheaper than WWE Network every month, it offers regular live shows, as well as access to previous events from decades past, matches from select indie promotions such as RevPro, the full ALL IN show, and exclusive documentaries that follow the lives of both their Japanese and English speaking roster members.
  • Please note that there is no free trial period available, so you will need to purchase the service in order to watch.
  • Regardless of when you sign up, the billing date for NJPW World is the first day of every month for every user (so you could be charged 2 days in a row if you signed up on the last day of a month) – IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON SIGNING UP, DO IT AS CLOSE TO THE BEGINNING OF THE MONTH AS POSSIBLE.
  • Once you cancel your subscription, you immediately cannot use your account, even if you have weeks left until your next billing date – IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON CANCELLING, DO IT AS CLOSE TO THE END OF THE MONTH AS POSSIBLE.
  • Live shows are available to watch in full usually within thirty minutes after they’ve been broadcast.



Honor Club

  • Alternatively, you can use ROH’s streaming service, Honor Club, priced at $9.99 a month.
  • Usually, you have to pay extra for ROH PPV’s on a standard, non-VIP membership, however on this occasion, G1 Supercard is available to watch live for no extra cost for Honor Club users.
  • Honor Club is available to watch through the ROH app, android TV, Roku, Apple TV, and web browser.
  • Honor Club also gives you 15% off their online shop, as well as early access and discounts for show tickets.
  • If you want to go with either company’s streaming services, I’d recommend just choosing the one you are more likely to use after G1 Supercard is over. Personally, I would recommend NJPW World, yet ROH’s weekly TV and archive of shows may be more to your tastes.




  • Like most ROH events, G1 Supercard will be available to watch through the popular service, FITE TV. The show costs a hefty £/$39.99 (you will be given $8 back in credit if you pre-order), significantly more than an NJPW World or a Honor Club subscription, plus you don’t get the entire month of content that comes with the streaming services (read the next section below to learn about watching it for free).
  • FITE TV can be streamed through their website, through apps on certain streaming devices, or you can use the FITE TV app on your mobile or tablet to link with streaming devices or your Smart TV. The good thing about using FITE on your mobile and linking it to another device is that you’re free to use your phone for other things and it won’t effect the streaming quality (I watch FITE through my Amazon Fire Stick via my mobile app whilst I use my phone to tweet at the same time, and I have never experienced streaming issues because of it.)
  • HOW TO WATCH ON YOUR SMART TV OR STREAMING DEVICE WITH FITE – If you don’t have a streaming device with a FITE app available, you can use your phone to link up with it. Just make sure your phone and your streaming device are connected to the same WiFi, click the Play button on the event you want to watch, and then you can use the TV symbol in the top right hand corner to pick which screen you want to watch it from, pick your streaming device, and once it’s loaded up, you’re free to use your phone for other things as you watch.



How to Watch for FREE on FITE TV (Legally)

  • FITE TV has a credit system that rewards users that help others sign up to their service, however this will require a lot of work.
  • If you have a friend that uses FITE TV already, please use their referral code to sign up instead and help them out. You can use anybody’s sign up code to do this.
  • IF YOU DON’T KNOW ANYBODY THAT USES FITE TV YOU CAN CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FITE TV APP or SIGN UP USING THE FOLLOWING CODE: ndvz0yo and you will get $15 FREE CREDIT (The link is for mobile users to download the FITE TV app with, and will automatically add the $15 to your account)
  • Highly recommend you download the mobile app because it is far easier to do this entire thing through it compared to the website.
  • IMPORTANT: FITE TV credits cannot be used to get discounts on shows, you can only purchase a show using credits if you have the full value of the show in credits on your account (e.g. you can’t use $15 to put towards the $39.99 price of G1 Supercard and pay the rest yourself, you have to either pay for it all with credits or all with actual money).
  • This is how you get more credits – open up the sidebar menu on the left hand side of the FITE TV app and press the “Watch FREE PPV” option (there should be $15 credit next to that from signing up).
  • On here, you will get a unique promo code and a social media link to share – anybody that signs up to FITE using your link/code will get $15 of credit to use.
  • Any time somebody uses your link or promo code to sign up, you get $5 of free credit added to your account. (NOTE: If that person orders a PPV through FITE with actual money, you get an extra $10. It used to be that you would get the extra credits when they used FITE credits you gave them but that has changed recently).
  • The currency shows as $ regardless of what region you’re in, but that dollar value converts to the same numerical value in your currency – e.g. $5 FITE credit is actually worth £5 for UK users.
  • Sign up using a referral code, and then have five accounts sign up using your code (it costs nothing to sign up), and you will then have enough to watch G1 Supercard for FREE.
  • If you pre-order G1 Supercard, you will receive $8 of that credit back to use in FITE.
  • New Japan will still receive payment for anybody that watches the show through their FITE TV credits so you will still be supporting them, plus FITE gets an increased number of subscriptions so it helps everybody.
  • Once you’re signed up to FITE, they offer a lot of great free content, such as MLW and ROH’s weekly television shows, as well as PPV’s from a lot of quality companies.

Quick summary: You download the app using the link in the article to get $15, once in the app go to the “Watch free PPV” button, on there it gives you a code to give to other people, every time someone signs up to FITE with your code you get credits, repeat until you have enough credits



What if I want to Sample Some NJPW Matches First for Free?

  • Check out New Japan’s English language YouTube channel. They regularly upload past matches featuring full English commentary, including world title matches. They upload a new free match every Monday that has some sort of connection to an upcoming show.
  • Also, they upload press conferences, interviews, promos and sometimes documentaries with English subtitles.
  • If you have AXS TV, you can watch their New Japan highlight show every Friday night, however the shows aren’t covered until several weeks after they’ve aired live.




Pre-Show: 30-Man Honor Rumble for a Future ROH World Championship Match

Starting off with what has the potential to be the funnest match of the night, thirty men will enter and try to throw each other over the top rope for a chance at the ROH World Championship. Standard rumble rules apply for this one, and it will be a great way to introduce newer viewers to some of the faces of both companies. Plus, it sort of makes up for the lack of New Japan Rumble at Wrestle Kingdom this year.

Confirmed so far we have the legendary Jushin Thunder Liger, but expect the majority of participants to be ROH roster members like Jonathan Gresham, as well as NJPW talents that are confirmed to be in New York at the time, such as Minoru Suzuki, Davey Boy Smith Jr., Tomohiro Ishii, Roppongi 3K and Rysuke Taguchi, CMLL stars like Puma King, associated talents like Bullet Club’s Juicy Gambino, and maybe even a legend or two such as Masato Tanaka and Josh Barnett.



Will Ospreay (c) vs. Jeff Cobb (c) – NEVER Openweight and ROH TV Championships Both on the Line

Cobb and Ospreay, two freak athletes with two different skill sets. Ospreay is known as one of the greatest high-fliers in the entire world, being able to pull off gravity-defying moves along with absorbing sick amounts of punishment, while Jeff Cobb is a former Olympian that is capable of throwing men around like pillows with ease and innovation, and is basically a very handsome suplex machine.

But expect both men to pull out elements from each other’s playbooks in this one. Cobb is capable of Canadian Destroyers and standing moonsaults, and don’t forget, as recent as February this year, Ospreay managed to pin Cobb after lifting him up on his shoulders, and hitting his signature Stormbreaker in an impressive feat of strength.

With their complimentary styles, incredible wrestling abilities, and a hunger to steal the show on such a historic card, this is certainly a match to put your focus on.



Rush vs. Dalton Castle

Former ROH World Champion Dalton Castle will take on CMLL turned ROH-exclusive Rush in what will no doubt be a great, fast-paced and flamboyant contest. Rush is currently undefeated in ROH, yet Castle has yet to win a match this year, meaning that both men are desperate to get this victory.



Mayu Iwatani (c) vs. Kelly Klein – Women of Honor Championship

Considered one of the best female wrestlers in the world, Stardom’s Mayu Iwatani managed to win the Women of Honor championship back in February from the woman she faces at G1 Supercard. This will be the biggest global stage both of these wrestlers have ever been on, so expect them to try and express with big kicks and some of the most gorgeous bridging suplexes you will ever see.




Bully Ray NYC Street Fight Open Challenge (Vs. Juice Robinson)

Somebody will step up to have a street fight against Bully Ray in his home state – but who will it be? Well, Juice Robinson has answered the challenge… but that doesn’t guarantee it will only be him that will take it. Minoru Suzuki has also expressed interest in this brawl, and has confirmed he will be at MSG that night. So who knows exactly what the match will be, but it’s guaranteed to get violent.



Taiji Ishimori (c) vs. Dragon Lee vs. Bandido – IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Match

This match will practically be a blur inside the ring given how quick all three of these men are. If you’re able to keep up with it, expect an erratic, chaotic, blisteringly-fast, and absolutely brilliant three-way between some of the best junior wrestlers in the world. This is a serious dark horse for match of the night.



Guerrillas Of Destiny (c) vs. PCO & Brody King (c) vs. The Briscoes vs. EVIL & SANADA – ROH and IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships Both on the Line

Four teams clash, one walks out with two sets of championships. You can expect some seriously big chops from Brody Lee, a Paradise Lock or two from SANADA, an entrance outfit worthy of Soul Calibur from EVIL, and PCO will most likely try to destroy himself with a really unnecessary bump at some point. Should be good.



Zack Sabre Jr. (c) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi – RevPro British Heavyweight Championship

ZSJ and Tanahashi are quickly racking up a lot of history together. They have clashed in the New Japan Cup finals, for the Intercontinental title, and during the G1, with a record of 2-2 in singles matches. Inside MSG with Zack’s British Heavyweight Championship on the line, which man will gain that 3-2 advantage?



Tetsuya Naito (c) vs. Kota Ibushi – IWGP Intercontinental Championship Match

Naito vs. Ibushi is basically going to be two men dropping each other on their necks until one of them finally can’t stand it anymore, and if history is anything to go by, it should be fantastic to watch. Ibushi and Naito are two of the most globally popular performers in New Japan, so expect a very lively crowd throughout this one.

Plenty of high-risk moves and plenty of tranquilo will make this one of the matches of the night.



Jay Lethal (c) vs. Marty Scurll vs. Matt Taven – ROH World Championship Ladder Match

It wouldn’t be a big ROH show without a ladder match.

After a sixty-minute time limit draw against Jay Lethal recently at ROH’s 17th Anniversary show, Matt Taven earned himself a shot inside MSG for the title, whereas Marty Scurll is cashing in a title shot he received by winning the Survival of the Fittest back in November. With a strong history of classic ladder matches inside MSG, these three men will definitely be looking to add to that during this co-main event.



Jay White (c) vs. Kazuchika Okada – IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match

On January 6th 2018, ‘Switchblade’ Jay White was brought in as the newest member of CHAOS, much to the surprise and confusion of many fans. From the start, it was obvious White wasn’t the right fit for the group, given his villainous, rule-bending ways, yet clearly Okada saw potential in the young star, but it was this eye for talent that would ultimately prove to be his undoing.

During the G1 Climax tournament, White held nothing back when he faced The Rainmaker, throwing him around as his if he was his greatest enemy. And what’s more, Switchblade cheated his way into beating the longest-reigning IWGP Heavyweight Champion of all time. Throughout the G1, the tension between CHAOS and Jay White built further thanks to Switchblade’s treatment of his tag partners in non-tournament matches, ordering them to take shortcuts and being resistant to tag in.

Then September came along. After Okada lost to his biggest rival, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Jay White stormed to the ring and decimated the leader of CHAOS, cutting all ties with the group, and subsequently joining Bullet Club, bringing Okada’s long-time mentor Gedo along with him.

After being betrayed, Okada looked for redemption inside the Tokyo Dome at Wrestle Kingdom. He was all business, he had returned back to his old persona after several months of red hair and balloons, he was determined to get revenge, but with one swift Blade Runner, White managed to once again put away The Rainmaker in surprisingly quick fashion.

Within a month, Jay White beat Hiroshi Tanahashi to become the youngest non-Japanese wrestler in history to win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Fueled by a hunger for regaining gold and gaining victory over the biggest thorn in his side, Okada won the 2019 New Japan Cup to earn this shot inside the world’s most famous arena.

Expect a lot of underhanded tactics from the hands of White, and a very stiff Rainmaker or two from Okada in what will no doubt be an outstanding main event.




Where Do I Go From After G1 Supercard?

  • There will be eight more live NJPW shows in April on NJPW World, followed by Wrestling Dontaku and the Bet of Super Juniors tournament in May, and then the second biggest show of the year, Dominion, in June.
  • ROH has a weekly television show available for free through FITE or Honor Club. They also have some live shows available through Honor Club in April and the War of the Worlds Tour in May.



NJPW Recommended Matches with Links and English Commentary


Honor Club Recommendations

  • Jay Lethal vs. Matt Taven – ROH 17th Anniversary
  • Dalton Castle vs. Jay Lethal – ROH 16th Anniversary
  • Jeff Cobb vs. Adam Page – Final Battle 2018


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