15 Weird and Wonderful Shinsuke Nakamura Moments


I don’t think I’m breaking any news to anybody here but, Shinsuke Nakamura is a pretty unique guy. Entertaining as hell, without question, but certainly a little quirky. That being said, let’s celebrate some of The King of Strong Style’s stranger career highlights. These are 15 Weird and Wonderful Shinsuke Nakamura Moments.

Whatever is Going on Here

Let’s start things off with a good chunk of weirdness. What is this commercial advertising? I have absolutely no idea. Is there any explanation as to why a load of kids are inside the New Japan dojo with The King of Strong Style? I sure hope so. Is Shinsuke’s dancing fantastic? Definitely.




This may be the best thing to come out of TJP’s entire run in WWE. As weird as it is seeing the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion dabbing, early NXT Shinsuke was a true delight.




Pharrell x Shinsuke

When watching the Japanese music video to one of the most popular songs of the past decade, a song written for the extremely popular Despicable Me franchise by Pharrell Williams, a dancing King of Strong Style is not the first person I would expect to show up, but it was certainly a welcome surprise.



Got Your Nose!

Grabbing a grown man by the nose is a weird thing to do anyway. Grabbing the dangerous and vicious Samoa Joe’s nose as a hoard of security guys have to hold him back from releasing his rage, that’s just dumb, Shinsuke… and still weird.



Catching the Bullet

If someone is shooting imaginary bullets at you, just eat them. Simple as that.

What I love about this wonderfully quirky Wrestle Kingdom moment is how so damn simple it is. If you’ve never seen Shinsuke perform, you can get an immediate idea of his personality and charisma just from this one clip. It’s an image that will follow him throughout his career, and for very good reason.








Mini Nakamura’s

Shinsuke just confronts children and challenges them to dance battles, huh?

Tempura Kidz are a junior J Pop group, popular with Japanese youths. In one of their music videos, Shinsuke Nakamura shows up, IWGP Intercontinental Championship firmly around his waist, and does a four freaking minute long dance routine with them, in complete unique Nakamura fashion. It’s so weird, yet you won’t be able to look away.



The Demon

As strange as it is to see Shinsuke resembling his close friend and part-time demon, Finn Balor, you’ve got to admit it looked completely badass… and rather unsettling too…












Wrestle Kingdom 8

When I think about Shinsuke Nakamura, The King of Strong Style, The Artist, the flamboyant yet dangerous striker, I have to admit that pole dancers aren’t one of the first things that come to mind. Despite that, at Wrestle Kingdom 8, Shinsuke made his rockstar entrance accompanied by a troop of dancers, one of which Shinsuke actually carried out with him. This certainly is a spectacle to behold, it’s just a little out of character from the Nakamura we know.









Code of Honor

Shinsuke Nakaura is the only person in the world to not understand how handshakes work – that’s how odd he is.



Everybody do the Shinsuke

This is easily a contender for one of my favourite GIF’s of all time.



Bitten by a Police Dog

This one isn’t exactly wonderful but… it’s definitely a weird one.

So backstage at a live event in 2018, after a sweep through the arena due to a bomb scare, an on the job police dog randomly attacked Shinsuke Nakamura, biting and injuring his left leg. The damage was so bad that Shinsuke actually had to take time off from the ring.

Without question, this is one of the weirdest injuries in pro wrestling history.







Burger King Commercial

Shinsuke Nakamura is playing poker against the mascot of a global fast food chain: do I need to say anything more?




Hello Kitty

Shinsuke Nakamura is stood with Hello Kitty and Kazuchika Okada marketing crossover merch for the famous cat and New Japan Pro Wrestling: do I need to say anything more?



Meeting Ultra Seven

One of the most popular Japanese shows of the 1960’s was Ultra Seven, part of the iconic Ultraman series that still runs to this day. It was a science fiction show about a transforming alien that fought giant invading kaiju monsters. Ultra Seven is somewhat of a pop culture icon in Japan, so it’s no surprise that Shinsuke was clearly overjoyed when this strange meeting took place.




Most people would wear a baseball journey to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game, right? Not Shinsuke. Full entrance attire, and Kazuchika Okada in robes just to be safe.

Still, not as weird as the moments Jushin Thunder Liger and Minoru Suzuki both had on baseball fields…


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