Top 10 Rey Mysterio Matches


Rey Mysterio has been a pro wrestler since he was 14 years old. 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of his debut, so to celebrate, I’m looking at my personal favourite matches from a truly legendary career. As with all my best matches lists, I will only be including one singles match per opponent, but tag team or multi-man matches are still eligible if one of the participants has already been featured in the list. With that being said, here are my Top 10 Rey Mysterio Matches.



10. W/ Rey Fenix and Bandido vs. Young Bucks and Kota Ibushi – All In 2018

Right before heading back full-time to WWE, Mysterio got to compete in the main event of one of the most anticipated pro wrestling shows of recent times. If this six-man tag wasn’t cut severely short due to the previous matches running long, it may be higher up on the list, but it still remains as a fantastic, fast-paced affair.



9. Vs. Kurt Angle – WWE SmackDown June 2nd 2006

I love this version of Kurt Angle. As a showing of Rey Mysterio, it’s not really the match I’d point people to as it’s mainly Angle dominating over his smaller opponent, but it’s certainly one of the better matches in SmackDown history.

Angle throws around Mysterio like a child. At this point in his career, he was out to prove how much of a wrestling machine he is, overflowing with aggression that comes out in a vicious streak of suplexes and submissions. Mysterio overcomes Angle several times in the underdog role that he plays so well, but in the end couldn’t bring himself to defeat the Olympic Gold Medalist.



8. Vs. Juventud Guerrera 2/3 Falls – ECW Big Ass Bash Night 2 1996 (Hardcore TV 152)

It speaks to their intelligence as wrestlers how the luchadors that came to ECW in the mid 90’s knew how to adapt their style to instantly become favourites with the fans. Mixing fast-paced, high-flying action with a touch of the extreme style, Guerrera and Mysterio set the world’s most famous bingo hall alight with this two out of three falls match. They even managed to take the fight outside of the ECW Arena briefly as Mysterio was powerbombed onto, and then leaped from a car that according to Paul Heyman belonged to a fan.

Their chemistry together is clear from start to finish, so it’s no surprise that Heyman made them fight each other two nights in a row back in 1996, and that they were both pitted against each other again over twenty years later.



7. Vs. Prince Puma – Lucha Underground Ultima Lucha Dos 2016

Ricochet was brought in from the inception of Lucha Underground as Prince Puma, the poster boy for the entire show. He was their first champion, competed in their first main event, marketed as the hometown boy for the believers inside the temple, so they clearly had a lot of faith in him.

Fast-forward to the second season, and Lucha Underground managed to make the major acquisition of signing Rey Mysterio. It was obvious that this legend of lucha would end up in the ring opposite from the show’s favourite young star at some point along the line, which came at Ultima Lucha Dos.

Leading up to the match, Puma was cocky and convinced that he could beat the veteran Mysterio, but the legend was out to prove he was still one of the best. It told a good story, and it was a great way to showcase both men. Personally, I think these two have the potential to have an even better match together, but that doesn’t take away from how good of a bout this was.



6. Vs. Andrade 2/3 Falls – WWE SmackDown Live 22.01.2019

Mysterio’s greatest rival at the moment without question is the highly talented Andrade, with whom he’s been feuding with practically since he came back to WWE. These two have put on a series of incredible television matches that fans never get sick of seeing, and for me, their 2/3 falls bout from January is their best so far.

Rey Mysterio started wrestling before Andrade was born, and yet in 2019, he hits him with a sunset flip powerbomb after sliding on his belly through the bottom rope in one fluid motion. I’ve never seen anybody do that before, let alone a man in his 40’s. With the smooth, flowing action throughout along with the array of ridiculous moves, it’s clear these two were made to face each other. I’m not sure if I’ve ranked this so high purely because of how impressive it is to see Mysterio work like this in 2019, but I for one am craving a lengthy match on pay-per-view between these two.



5. Vs. Chris Jericho – WWE The Bash 2009

Chris Jericho has stated that Mysterio is one of his favourite opponents of all time. Before 2009, Mysterio hadn’t really done much of substance since winning the world title in 2006, yet his series of matches with Jericho turned out to be one of his more memorable rivalries.

After Jericho snatched Mysterio’s mask off his face in the middle of a 619, something which I still can’t get my head around to this day, he became obsessed with the mask, so at The Bash, it became mask vs. IC Championship. These two veterans went at it in one of the best matches either had during their time in WWE. In the midst of a great heel run. Jericho played up to his dastardly character perfectly, and used his size advantage to bully Mysterio and launch him around the ring, whilst Mysterio used his speed and dug deep into his repertoire of moves, including an impressive double springboard moonsault.

Towards the end of the fight, Mysterio once again had his mask ripped from his face by his foe, only for Jericho to realize that Mysterio had another mask on underneath. A fantastic callback to their previous encounter that helped this match tell a great story. Without question one of the best Intercontinental Championship matches of all time.



4. Vs. Will Ospreay – WCPW Pro Wrestling World Cup 2017

As we saw with the #6 entry, Mysterio can definitely still go, something which he proved in 2017 against a top high flyer from this generation, Will Ospreay.

When Will Ospreay was born, Mysterio had already been wrestling for four years, and had been in a match given five stars from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Ospreay had grown up watching this legendary luchador, and it’s clear before, after and during this match how much it meant to be in the ring with a childhood hero.

In somewhat of a passing of the torch moment, Ospreay and Mysterio went at it in a great match that showed how a veteran well and truly still had the capability to put on a fantastic showing after nearly three decades in the ring, as well as showing what the future of the high flying style has to offer.



3. W/ Edge vs. Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit – WWE No Mercy 2002

In 2002, not long after the first WWE brand split, a tournament was held to crown the first ever WWE Tag Team Champions exclusively on Smackdown, which culminated at No Mercy that year. You only have to take a look at who’s involved in this match to know it was a masterpiece – two of the greatest technicians of all time teaming up against an iconic luchadore and one of WWE’s most proficient tag team wrestlers during the Attitude Era.

Everything about this match is superb – from Mysterio proving his technical ability and surprising strength against an overconfident Angle, to the perfect use of tag team wrestling dynamics, to the way Edge just launches his own tag team partner around with no care for his safety. All four men would become world champion at some point within the company (Angle already had achieved that honour by this point), and judging by the performances they each put on in this one match, it’s easy to see why. This is honestly about as good as tag team wrestling can get.



2. Vs. Eddie Guerrero – WCW Halloween Havoc 1997

Some pro wrestling matches just have a magic to them. It’s hard to describe, yet when you watch it, you just feel something. For me, this is one of them.

Something about the quick start, the iconic Halloween-inspired outfit of Mysterio, that absolutely insane backflip off the ropes into a DDT, it’s all ingrained into my brain. It’s a match that certainly opened a lot of eyes to both Mysterio and Guerrero as in ring performers, and for good reason.

After such a hot start, it does dip slightly in the middle of the bout, but brings things right back up with the exciting finish, and of course this is a classic that is a must-watch for any fan.


Honorable Mentions

W/ Super Calo & Winners Vs Heavy Metal, Picudo & Psicosis – AAA 29/01/1993

Vs. Dean Malenko – WCW Halloween Havoc 1996

Vs. Ultimo Dragon – WCW World War 3 1996

Vs. Kidman vs. Juventud Guerrera – WCW Starrcade 1998

Vs. Jushin Thunder Liger – WCW Starrcade 1996

Vs. Billy Kidman – WCW Nitro 1999



1. Vs. Psicosis 2/3 Falls – ECW Hardcore TV 130 1995

I could have just made a list of the best matches Rey Mysterio had with Psicosis. Whether it was in AAA, WAR, WCW, or in this case, ECW, these guys put themselves on the map with the battles they had together. Their talent, size difference and clear chemistry meant that they could not have a bad match even if they tried, and out of all of their classics, this is definitely my favourite.

I first saw this match when I was about 11 years old thanks to an ECW DVD I definitely shouldn’t have been watching. As a young WWE fan, my exposure to Mysterio was simply what I’d seen on Smackdown, and an old WCW VHS where he was unmasked which really confused me, so to see him wrestling Psicosis, who I knew as somebody that rode around on a lawnmower, inside this small, grungy arena with a ravenous adult-only crowd was a shock to the system.

Even back then I knew this was a great match, but watching it back now, it’s certainly still something special. From start to finish, they use every second they can to the fullest, and it makes for a highly entertaining affair. When they were both putting on classics like this, it’s no surprise they were scooped up by WCW not long after.

The most startling thing about watching this 24 year old match now in 2019 is that Rey Mysterio can still go like this today. The way he moves around after 30 years inside the ring and several knee surgeries is unbelievable. It’s ridiculous to think that he’s been competing for longer than a lot of us have been alive, yet can move better than I ever could, and is still capable of things I could never even think about doing.

Rey Mysterio was one of my heroes as a child, and in 2019, he’s one of my nephew’s heroes. He was a hero to children long before me, and he’ll probably be a hero to kids a few more years down the line, and that right there is a testament to his longevity and legendary status. If there is such a thing as a real life superhero, without question it’s Rey Mysterio.

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