15 Weird and Wonderful British Strong Style Moments


Pete Dunne. Trent Seven. Tyler Bate. Three pillars on the NXT UK brand. Three fantastic wrestlers. And three gloriously odd dudes. These are 15 Weird and Wonderful British Strong Style Moments.





Pete vs. Tyler?

Dunne vs. Bate….or is it Bate vs. Dunne?….

Not long after their fantastic WWE UK Championship match at NXT TakeOver Chicago, these two BSS members faced each other once again, but this time with a twist.

At Attack Wrestling’s annual video game themed show, there was a glitch with the NXT UK talents’ outfits as Bate emerged dressed as The Bruiserweight, and Dunne walked out waving like the man from Moustache Mountain.

The beautiful thing about this match is that they didn’t just swap outfits, they traded movesets and mannerisms too. It’s an impressive display of both men’s abilities and a testament to just how well know they each other.

The PWG Train

Just Pete Dunne with cat whiskers drawn on his face inserting his thumb into Chuck Taylor’ so he can join the back of a butt train. Nothing out of the ordinary. (Also, everyone involved in this is now signed to a contract with a major company.)







What do you do when your flight is delayed and you’ve looked around the duty free and gift shops multiple times? Recruit Trent Seven to recreate Aleister Black’s awesome entrance of course.



That Time Trent Basically Died

Minoru Suzuki + Chops = Death. Just ask Trent Seven.


Pete Dunne and Millie McKenzie is one of my favourite friendships ever in pro wrestling… I doubt it’s one of Pete Dunne’s favourites though. The Bruiserweight may not have been totally on board on being besties with Suplex Millie, but his tag team partner had enough plutonic love to make these two the greatest of friends.

As unlikely as the pairing was though, they gained much success as a duo, even winning tag team gold together. Although I’m sure Dunne appreciated the championship glory they received, I don’t think he was too big of a fan of the entrance music Millie picked out specially for The Bruisermates…

It’s All About the Game

When BSS first began working for WWE, they decided to pay tribute to their new boss while they were out working on the indies: queue Pedigrees and epic water spray entrances. As Pete Dunne found out, doing an impression of Triple H is a lot harder when you’re wearing a gum shield.



Eddie Dennis Photo

Just look at this pre-NXT UK relic. There’s a lot going on in this.



Severn Trent

Trent Seven’s name was inspired by combining the names of two rivers which flow through the Moustache Mountain area located in the midlands: the River Trent and the River Severn. This pro wrestler isn’t the only one to take their name from these waterways though, as a water provider that serves the midlands area got the same idea when they called themselves Severn Trent.

Clearly these similar names have confused a few people when trying to complain about their water quality on Twitter as on more than one occasion, Trent Seven has mistakenly been asked to sort out the level of faeces coming out of someone’s taps. It’s these kind of interactions that ensure I will never delete Twitter.





The Force

THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!… Or at least it would if Pete Dunne wasn’t there to put a stop to it.

This Entire Match

Trust me, you need to watch this in full, it is guaranteed to make you smile. Pure hilarity and wonderful weirdness all the way through.

When Pete Tried to Bite Joey Ryan’s Penis

I think the title explains this one perfectly. I have nothing more to add other than to advice you to never mess with a man’s magically strong penis… Oh, and check out Riptide Wrestling where this match happened because they’re great.




Pete Dunne is exceptional at many things… flossing is definitely not one of them. Stick to breaking people’s fingers, Pete.



p i r a t e s

Kairi Sane, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven have all had the same drawing of them riding on a pirate ship together as their Twitter header photos for nine months straight at the time of writing. That right there is a serious contender for the most wholesome thing on wrestling Twitter.

Dance, Trent, Dance

Your life will be significantly better after seeing Trent Seven and Trevor Lee having a dance off to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off.



The Game (Not the One with the Sledgehammer)

When WWE launched a UK performance center back in January, Tyler Bate knew the world’s media and fans everywhere would have eyes on it, so he took the opportunity to do something truly devious, impacting on lives around the world…

…Damn you, Tyler.





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