Bullet Point Guide to AEW: Double or Nothing


It’s finally here: one of the most exciting pro wrestling events in modern history. The entire pro wrestling industry is about to change, and it all starts with this event. Here’s everything you need to know about this history making show, and the people involved in it. This is my Bullet Point Guide to AEW: Double or Nothing.



Why You Should Consider Watching

  • It’s arguably the biggest non-WWE show, both in importance and viewership, in the United States since the closure of WCW.
  • It marks the start of a major new company that offers more opportunities for pro wrestlers to work on television and ultimately be successful.
  • The better AEW does, the better it is for pro wrestling as a whole, so consider supporting this show if you’re a fan of anybody on it.
  • Main sale tickets for DoN sold out within four minutes, so of course the crowd for this event is going to be blazing hot.
  • The diversity of talent featuring on the show is wonderful. Everything from glass eating goths to future WWE Hall of Famers to the living legend that is Glacier.
  • There are bound to be some amazing matches with the people that are involved.
  • Omega vs. Jericho 2.
  • Rhodes vs. Rhodes.



How Did AEW Come to Happen?

  • It all started with a tweet – a fan on Twitter asked WON journalist Dave Meltzer if ROH could sell 10,000 tickets to one show, to which Dave responded, “Not any time soon.” (We know now that ROH are actually capable of selling out Madison Square Garden, with a little help from NJPW).
  • Cody Rhodes took this as a challenge. Rhodes believed that he didn’t even need ROH to achieve this, and by this point, there were already discussions between himself and Matt and Nick Jackson about running their own self-funded show, but this comment was the fuel to set this potential project on fire.
  • Through self-promotion on Twitter and through their YouTube series, Being the Elite, they managed to spark up enough buzz that they sold out 10,000 tickets in less than 30 minutes with only one match announced.
  • The buzz around All In caught the attention of many major companies, including Destination America that agreed to broadcast the All In pre-show, as well as long time wrestling fan and billionaire family member, Tony Khan.
  • All In was a major success – it was widely praised for its top-to-bottom booking, great matches, memorable moments, and just an all-around positive vibe that displayed non-WWE wrestling to a worldwide audience.
  • Following on from All In, Tony Khan approached Cody and The Young Bucks with the idea of starting a pro wrestling company.
  • On January 1st, All Elite Wrestling was announced, ran by Tony Khan, The Elite, and financially backed by the Khan family.
  • Within one month of operation, AEW had already signed up some of the most popular wrestlers in the world, pulled them away from big time contracts with New Japan, ROH, and more, and made Chris Jericho break a long-running promise to Vince McMahon not to work anywhere else on US soil.
  • Double or Nothing will be AEW’s first official show, but they already have two major shows planned for June and July, and a weekly television show broadcast internationally on major channels starting in Autumn 2019.



When and What time is it On?

  • Double or Nothing takes place on May 25th 2019.
  • The Buy In (Pre-Show) will start at 12am (UK), 7pm (EST) and 4pm (PT)
  • The main show starts one hour later


How to Watch

  • Pre-show: It will be broadcast globally for free on the All Elite Wrestling channel on YouTube, as well as on ITV4 in the UK, Fite TV outside of the US, and on the WarnerMedia streaming service in the US.

Viewers in the UK:

  • Double or Nothing is available through through ITV Box Office for £14.95/€17.95 through Sky, Virgin, Fite TV or TVPlayer.com. This price is much cheaper compared to the American PPV price.
  • PLEASE NOTE: DoN cannot be ordered using Fite TV credits, and must be paid for with actual money.
  • Sky and Virgin can be ordered through the main menu of your set top boxes, as well as through the Sky app.
  • You can order it through TVPlayer.com here.
  • If you can’t watch live, all three services allow you to buy and watch the show up to 7 days after the event.

Viewers in the US and Canada:

  • Double or Nothing is available to watch through traditional pay-per-view and the BR Live streaming service for $49.99 (it may be up to an extra $10 on certain services).
  • See below for a potential cheaper option.

Viewers in the Rest of the World:

  • Double or Nothing may be available through your local television pay-per-view services.
  • It is available to watch outside of the US for £14.99 (or equivalent currency) on Fite TV.

Cheaper Option for US Viewers:

  • Alternatively, if you have access to a VPN, you can watch through TVPlayer.com – it will cost you £14.99 + international purchase fees.
  • Set your VPN to UK and order it through TVPlayer.com here.





Kip Sabian vs. Sammy Guevara

For two young, up-and-coming talents to get one of only four singles match on the entire show, and the only one to be broadcast on free television, that is a major opportunity. The point of the Buy In pre-show is to entice people into wanting to watch the main card, so clearly the AEW higher-ups must have a lot of faith in Sabian and Guevara’s abilities to attract viewers’ attention.

Expect a quick pace with some seriously impressive moves thrown in there. By the end of this historic night, don’t forget about these bright talents.



Casino Battle Royale – Winner Gets Future AEW World Championship Match

Twenty one entrants. Five cards from each suit, and a joker. As is the match’s namesake, the order of each entrant is determined by luck. Each wrestler picked a card at random prior to the show. A suit is picked out at random before the match – the five wrestlers who picked a card of that suit will enter first (e.g. all diamond card holders take the first five spots). Then another suit is picked, and so on until 20 wrestlers are in the match, at which point the lucky number 21 that drew the joker takes the final spot.

Putting the Casino Battle Royale on the Buy In pre-show is a stroke of genius on AEW’s part. I mean, for a start, who doesn’t love a battle royal match? It’s essentially extreme The Floor is Lava. But also, it gives everybody a taste of the high level of diversity and ability within AEW’s ranks.

Imagine you’re just flicking through the channels, and you land upon a ring filled with a man with no legs, a martial artist ice man, a disturbing behemoth wearing face paint, a glittery twerker with brutal kicks, a psychotic goth probably trying to put stables in someone’s head, and….. Michael Nakazawa?… Who wouldn’t want to stick around and watch more after seeing that?!

What’s more, the winner of the match will receive a future AEW World Championship match, a title which has yet to be revealed or have any contenders for it, so to know we have a future challenger for it before the first show even properly starts is a very exciting prospect.

The Over the Budget Battle Royal from All In last year was one of the best matches of its kind we’ve seen in recent years, so let’s hope the Casino Battle Royale can recapture some of that magic we saw in Chicago.


Main Show


SCU (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Scorpio Sky) vs. Strong Hearts (Cima, T-Hawk, and Lindaman)

Three Being the Elite regulars in SCU vs. Strong Hearts, a team representing China’s hottest wrestling promotion, Oriental Wrestling Entertainment.

Founded by Cima, OWE is blowing up the internet at the moment thanks to the unreal aerial displays their young roster are conjuring up. Cima scouted talent in China, including former monks that had no previous knowledge of what pro wrestling even was, and showed these unbelievable athletes the ropes. In a staggeringly quick amount of time, they were innovating brand new moves and leaping one-footed from the ring apron into the ring. Now, OWE is bringing their new brand worldwide thanks to their partnership with All Elite Wrestling.

All three members of SCU can still deliver a great match, and the OWE guys will be looking to show what their exciting new product is all about.



Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki, Emi Sakura vs. Hikaru Shida, Riho, Ryo Mizunami

I cannot explain to you how much I love that Aja Kong is a part of Double or Nothing. When AEW was announced, the thought of Aja ever being involved with them didn’t even seem plausible, but here we are, this legend is getting the spotlight she deserves to show the world what she still has to offer after over 30 years.

The six names in this match is evidence enough of the strength of AEW’s women’s division, not to mention the other women performing on the card, as well as their other roster members not competing at DoN. If the aim of this match is to exhibit what we can all expect from their female roster, then I’m positive everyone will be foaming at the mouth to see more after this tag match.




Jack Evans and Angelico vs. Best Friends (Trent Barreta and Chuck Taylor)

One team is made up of two extremely gifted high flyers that love to sore through the air and hit more rotations than you can keep track of. The other…. really like hugging each other?

For a multitude of reasons, this has every right to be a highly entertaining match. Whether it’s the frantic flips of Evans and Angelico, or just the lovable ridiculous of Best Friends, something will amaze you or make you smile in this one.



Dr. Britt Baker vs. Nyla Rose vs. Kylie Rae

Three women with the task of showing why they deserve to have such a high profile spot on one of the most exciting wrestling shows of the 21st century. Baker, Rose and Rae need to display what they are each about individually, and make every viewer watching excited about what the future of the AEW women’s division will have in store for us.

Not only will this bout make history as the first pro wrestling match broadcast on pay-per-view to feature a transgender woman, it will also be the start of what will hopefully be a place for talents that would otherwise be overlooked or wouldn’t be afforded major opportunities to flourish and make themselves successful through their personalities and abilities.



PAC vs. Adam Page… Or Maybe Not…

At the time of writing, it’s unsure quite what is happening with this match. The word is that it’s not taking place anymore, but I already had to rewrite this once because I lost an hour’s worth of work, so I’m not going to do it a third time until we know exactly what’s happening. I’ll update as more info is released.

PAC is one glorious BASTARD. Since leaving WWE, he has been dominating around the world. Undefeated for eighteen months, he is a true force in professional wrestling. On the other side of the ring is the youngest member of The Elite, and arguably the one with the most promise, ‘Hangman’ Adam Page.

It’s no secret that Cody and The Bucks believe Page to be a future world champion. Page has everything you could want in wrestling: six foot, muscular, athletic, good in the ring, handsome, likeable, funny, and ever-improving… but he’s definitely not a BASTARD.

Despite a lack of stature, PAC is almost unstoppable at the moment: he’s fast, smooth, vicious, experienced, has inhuman levels of fitness, a shredded body, a ridiculous amount of strength, and a gravity-defying moveset. If Page wants to prove himself as a future world champion, he’ll have to overcome one of his toughest challenges so far in his career.

It’s fair to assume that whoever wins this match will be a top contender for the AEW World Championship. As much as I would like to see Page become a champion after all of his hard work, it would be wonderful to see a belt with the word “BASTARD” engraved on the name plate. Either way, we’re in for a brilliant match.



The Young Bucks vs. Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix) for the AAA Tag Titles

Arguably two of the best teams in the world will collide in a flurry of superb superkicks, punishing piledrivers, and terrific tag team moves. Both The Young Bucks and The Lucha Bros have gained reputations for their frantic, exciting in-ring styles that blend innovative double team moves and jaw-dropping high spots with good quality psychology.

If we’re physically capable of keeping up with this high-speed encounter, we may be witnessing a five-star match.



Cody vs. Dustin Rhodes

Here it is: the blowoff match WWE never gave us. Literally thirty three years in the making. Brother vs. brother. Rhodes vs. Rhodes.

Unlike the majority of this card, you won’t see flips, dives and ridiculous high spots in this encounter, just good old fashioned storytelling, similar to what we saw in the NWA Championship Match at All In last year. Instead of fighting over belts and accomplishments, they are fighting over one of the oldest stories there is: sibling rivalry. After several years apart, the story of Cody and Dustin reignites once again. This time, Dustin gets to the show the world what the man behind the gold and black face paint has left to give.

Who is going to win the battle of the Rhodes? Will it be the young buck that entered the ring with a silver spoon in his mouth, or the grizzled veteran with nothing left to prove to the world, but everything to prove to himself? Let’s wait and see.



Kenny Omega vs. Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho needs no introduction. At Wrestle Kingdom 12, Jericho shocked the world when he had a historic match against Kenny Omega. This rivalry showed that a non-WWE Chris Jericho was an option, and it brought a new, more violent version of the legend along with it. Omega vs. Jericho was one of my favourite matches of 2018: it was a violent brawl that many heralded as the best match of Jericho’s career which showed that he is still one of the best in the world at one he does.

If Jericho is willing to go against his promise of not working for any non-WWE company on American soil for this project, it’s fair to say All Elite Wrestling must be something special. To show the world he made the right decision, Jericho will be looking to make chapter two of this fantastic rivalry a must-see event, so don’t be surprised if two GOAT’s of pro wrestling craft the best match of the night.



What Happens After Double or Nothing?

  • Following on from Double or Nothing, AEW’s next show is Fyre Festival at the CEO video game event.
  • In July, AEW will host a charity event for victims of gun violence called Fight for the Fallen.
  • Starting in Autumn 2019, AEW will broadcast a weekly television show around the world. So far it has been confirmed for TNT in the US, the same network that showed WCW Nitro.
  • AEW star Chris Jericho will wrestle Kazuchika Okada on June 9th for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship at New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Dominion show.




  • Starrcast is a pro wrestling convention taking place in Las Vegas during the same weekend as Double or Nothing.
  • Of the many events happening that weekend, 22 live shows happening at Starrcast will be available to watch live or OnDemand through Fite TV.
  • Unfortunately, each live show is not available to watch for an individual price, you either have to pay for all of the events that day, or buy the entire Starrcast weekend package.
  • Prices: Full weekend: $59.99 ($25 saving), Day 1 (2 events): $14.99, Day 2 (9 events): $39.99, Day 3 (4 events): $14.99, Day 4 (7 events): $14.99



Recommended Matches with Links



NJPW World Matches (with English commentary):


Recommended YouTube Matches for Main Card:


Casino Battle Royale Participants:


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