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With the formation of All Elite Wrestling, many fans are excited at the prospect of a new weekly wrestling show broadcast on international television. Only problem is, there are many potential viewers out there that still aren’t too familiar with wrestling outside of WWE, so the majority of AEW’s roster may be completely unknown to them. And even for the most knowledgeable of audience members, chances are there’s a few names you’ve yet to see inside a ring.

So to give you some base knowledge before AEW properly gets underway, I’ve put together some brief bullet point notes on every member of the AEW roster, plus wrestlers that are appearing at their first show, Double or Nothing. I’ll also be recommending a match that will give you an idea of what their style is like. With that being said, here’s my Quick Bullet Point Guide to the AEW Roster.


Confirmed AEW Roster Member


Male Wrestlers:

The Elite: Cody Rhodes, Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson, Adam Page, Kenny Omega

  • Anybody familiar with Being the Elite, All In, NJPW, ROH, etc will be all too familiar with these.
  • Along with being wrestlers, they all (barring Adam Page) have backstage roles in the company too.
  • For anybody who is a complete beginner with non-WWE wrestling, Cody has made a huge success of himself since leaving WWE, winning titles in Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling.
  • The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) are one of the best tag teams in the world, and extremely successful thanks to their ability to market themselves. They are known for their innovative, high-flying tag team moves, cocky attitudes and fantastic matches.
  • Kenny Omega is considered by many to be one of the best wrestlers in the world. In the last few years, he has put on some of the most critically well-received matches of all time, and was voted the best wrestler of 2018 by long-running publication, PWI. In 2018, he beat Kazuchika Okada for New Japan’s IWGP Heavyweight Championship in what has been deemed by some as the greatest match of all time.
  • Adam Page is the youngest member of The Elite. He is branded by the rest of the group as a future world champion thanks to his high levels of promise, his athleticism, personality, and constant improvements.



10 Weird and Wonderful Kenny Omega Moments

Top 10 Kenny Omega Matches

Chris Jericho

  • Needs no introduction, but if you haven’t watched Chris Jericho since he left WWE, I highly suggest you check out his work in NJPW.
  • Jericho is far more violent than when he was last in WWE – he’s a vicious brawler with a villainous attitude and a wicked tongue.
  • Had a match against Kenny Omega in January 2018 which many believe to be the best of his career.
  • Still has a working relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling.
  • Debuting a new finisher in AEW: a spinning back elbow called The Judas Effect.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega – Wrestle Kingdom 12 (Requires NJPW World Subscription)


  • Worked in WWE for several years as Neville.
  • Current Open the Dream Gate Champion in Dragon Gate.
  • Complete BASTARD.
  • Insanely fit, absolutely shredded body, unbelievable strength, and phenomenal high-flyer.
  • Extremely entertaining speaker with a very arrogant aura.
  • In my opinion, one of the most complete PAC-kages in the world.


vs. Pentagon Jr. – TNT

vs. Robbie X – Defiant

SCUScorpio Sky, Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian

  • Being the Elite regulars.
  • Obsessed with how good Southern California is, and by proxy thinks everywhere else is trash.
  • Three veterans: CD has 26 years experience, FK has 21 years experience, and SS has 17 years experience.
  • Competed as a trio in ROH and NJPW.
  • Daniels and Kazarian were as a tag team for years in TNA and ROH before adding Sky to the group.
  • Won ROH 6-Man and Tag Team Championships.
  • CD and FK are two of the most long-tenured and successful TNA stars ever.
  • Quick, high-flying style.


Scorpio Sky vs. Sammy Guevara – Wrestle Circus



Jimmy Havoc

  • King of the Goths.
  • Primarily known as a deathmatch wrestler, and when he wrestles a regular match, has a tendency to bend the rules and introduce weapons whenever he can.
  • Hilarious when given the chance to talk.
  • Worked for every big British independent company, worked across America, and worked around the world.
  • Former CZW Tournament of Death winner.
  • Naturally charming and entertaining personality.
  • Had arguably the most celebrated and memorable reign as PROGRESS World Champion.
  • Can be a despicable, ruthless, blood-thirsty villain, or a lovable, charming, but still blood-thirsty wrestler.
  • Maybe the most cockney goth you will ever hear.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: Jimmy Havoc vs. Sami Callihan – IMPACT Wrestling – Highly recommended

Watch these to get an idea for Jimmy’s personality: Straight to Hell or Top 5 Romantic Comedies


  • Ultra smug privileged rich boy that thinks he’s better than everyone.
  • Fantastic talker.
  • Being the Elite regular.
  • Only 23 years old but shows a lot of promise, has competed internationally, and clearly is thought highly of by AEW management.
  • Coward inside the ring but can pull out some great stuff when he has to.



Joey Janela

  • Managed to become a huge name thanks to his Spring Break and Lost In shows with GCW, which are known for inventive booking, unforgettable moments, and star-making performances.
  • Known once as a deathmatch/hardcore wrestler, but has since retired from that.
  • Has a chaotic, risk-taking style in the ring.
  • Has a long-running rivalry with an invisible man (no, seriously)
  • Willing to take some serious bumps.
  • Bad boy.

RECOMMENDED VIEWING: Joey Janela Documentary

RECOMMENDED MATCH: vs. The Invisible Man – Blind Pig

Best FriendsChuckie T, Trent Beretta

  • Complete goofballs.
  • Obsessed with hugging each other.
  • Basically Simpsons characters come to life.
  • They’ll make you laugh but when they need to, they can definitely go inside the ring.
  • Competed extensively in ROH, NJPW and PWG together.


Trent Beretta vs. Kenny Omega – Power Struggle 2017 (Requires NJPW World subscription)

Chuck Taylor vs. Zack Sabre Jr. – Death Match 7

vs. The Bouncers vs. The Kingdom – ROH


Lucha BrosPentagon Jr., Fenix

  • Competed extensively in AAA and Lucha Underground, IMPACT, PWG and around the world, both as a tag team and singles wrestlers.
  • Both former Lucha Underground Champions.
  • Won tag team championships in AAA, IMPACT, PWG, and several indie promotions.
  • Pentagon Jr. is a former IMPACT World Champion.
  • Have one of the best looks of any tag team in the world.
  • Fenix is an incredible high-flyer with insane balance, and is able to run across ropes at staggering speed.
  • Pentagon is one of the most well-rounded wrestlers out there, has some beautifully loud slaps, one hell of a superkick, and enjoys breaking people’s arms.
  • Legitimate brothers and have a wealth of chemistry together.


Fenix vs. Pentagon Jr. – WCPW

Young Bucks vs. Lucha Bros – The Crash

PAC vs. Pentagon Jr. – TNT

Sammy Guevara

  • Being the Elite regular.
  • Presented as a try too hard nice guy that everyone actually finds annoying.
  • Very talented in the ring with some innovative moves, and fast-paced style.
  • Gave himself the nickname “The Best Ever”.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: vs. Ricochet – Wrestle Circus

Jungle Boy

  • Youngest male wrestler on the roster.
  • Broke out at a Joey Janela show in late 2018 which got him noticed by AEW.
  • Relatively inexperienced, especially on a big stage, but definitely has talent and a lot of potential.
  • Creative risk-taker.


Sonny Kiss

  • Former Lucha Underground star.
  • Captivating personality that’s a wonderful mix of flamboyancy and blindingly bright colours.
  • In-ring style that’s both deadly fun and deadly painful.
  • Sonny’s in-your-face character and open sexuality is most likely going to divide opinion, yet for most of the audience, it will be hard not to instantly become a fan once he steps into an All Elite ring.
  • Sonny has an undeniable aura that cannot be ignored, but if his striking ring gear and impressive twerking ability don’t hook you in, you’ll be convinced once that bell rings.
  • Uses his impressive flexibility and athleticism to bring an arsenal of kicks and innovative moves to the ring in surprisingly violent fashion.
  • Had some particularly brutal and well-received matches with Jack Evans.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: W/ Ivelisse vs. Jack Evans and Joey Ryan – Lucha Underground



  • 22 year veteran that competed for WCW in their cruiserweight division.
  • Worked with Dragon Gate for 14 years, winning every championship there.
  • Was very supportive of The Young Bucks during the early part of their careers, and helped train them.
  • Left Dragon Gate to start his own promotion, OWE, which is now partnered with AEW.
  • OWE is blowing up the internet at the moment thanks to the unreal aerial displays their young roster are conjuring up.
  • Cima scouted talent in China, including former monks that had no previous knowledge of what pro wrestling even was, and showed these unbelievable athletes the ropes.


Michael Nakazawa

  • Michael Nakazawa….
  • Hated by Matt Jackson.
  • DDT Pro Wrestling veteran.
  • Former tag team partner of Kenny Omega.
  • Expect a ridiculous, comedic style from Nakazawa.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: Nakazawa’s (sort of) DDT Send Off

Peter Avalon

  • Known as The Librarian in AEW.
  • Wrestled mainly for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.
  • Cowardly heel that often cheats to win.
  • Unknown how his new character will play out in All Elite.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: vs. Watts – Championship Wrestling from Hollywood

Private PartyMarq Quen, Isiah Kassidy

  • Relatively unknown but clearly show promise.
  • Two ultra cool, party lovers that utilise many innovative tag team moves inside the ring.
  • A lot of fun to watch with a lot of room still to grow.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: vs. Ugly Ducklings – What! Wrestling


Darby Allin

  • Unique with his impressive moves and appearance.
  • Known for taking huge bumps, both from his opponent’s moves and his dangerous dives.
  • Still relatively inexperienced yet ever-improving.
  • Passionate skateboarder and at times implements his skateboard into some of his aerial moves.
  • One of EVOLVE’s top prospects, and has faced the likes of Mustafa Ali, Kassius Ohno, Adam Cole, WALTER and Fabian Aichner.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: vs. PCO – Black Label Pro

RECOMMENDED VIEWING: Darby Allin Documentary

Los Güeros del Cielo/The Sky Blondes: Angelico and Jack Evans

  • Two seriously talented high-flyers.
  • Both competed extensively in Mexico and on Lucha Underground.
  • 3x AAA Tag Team Champions together.
  • Evans is a 19-year veteran and Angelico is an 11-year veteran.
  • Very creative offence.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: vs. Averno and Chessman – AAA

Kip Sabian

  • Competed on ITV’s WOS Wrestling where he became one of the first WOS Tag Team Champions alongside Iestyn Rees.
  • Had a cameo in the WWE film Fighting with My Family.
  • Faced the best the UK has to offer on a regular basis for a number of years.
  • Very agile and great at dives and springboard moves.
  • So handsome that it isn’t fair.


Brandon Cutler

  • Long-time friend of The Young Bucks, and trained by them.
  • Took a seven year break from pro wrestling but returned in 2018.
  • As well as a wrestler, Cutler will also be AEW’s Executive Content Producer, a role he earned thanks to his work filming Being the Elite.
  • Former PWG regular.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: vs. Tyler Bateman – Championship Wrestling From Hollywood

Female Roster:


Brandi Rhodes

  • As well as a wrestler, she is also AEW’s Chief Branding Officer.
  • Appears on reality TV show WAGS Atlanta.
  • Former WWE announcer.
  • Still a relatively inexperienced wrestler, having less than fifty matches to her name, but has already competed for ROH, IMPACT and Stardom.


Dr. Britt Baker

  • Fully qualified dentist.
  • Competed for ROH and at All In in 2018.
  • Has been wrestling for five years.
  • Can pull out a really good match against the right opponents.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: vs. Tessa Blanchard – Wrestle Circus

Penelope Ford

  • Highly agile, flexible and athletic.
  • Uses gymnastic background in the ring.
  • Regularly competes in intergender matches.
  • Risk-taker that’s also full of personality.
  • Competed in independent promotions around the US.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: vs. David Starr – Beyond Wrestling


Kylie Rae

  • Has a very sweet, bubbly, nerdy personality.
  • Very likeable.
  • Really good at selling.
  • Competed in independent promotions around the US.
  • Surprisingly aggressive and has some wicked kicks and submissions.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: vs. Allie Kat – Black Label Pro

Nyla Rose

  • Powerhouse full of aggression and intimidation.
  • Can also use jaw-dropping springboard attacks and speed when she needs to.
  • First transgender woman to be signed to a major pro wrestling company.
  • First transgender woman to wrestle on pay-per-view.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: w/ Dan Maff vs. Sonny Kiss and Davienne – Warriors of Wrestling

Sadie Gibbs

  • Made a big impact in a short amount of time.
  • Known for her amazing handsprings and dives out of the ring inspired by her background in gymnastics.
  • Great combination of strength and athleticism.
  • Only been wrestling for a couple of years but has competed for Stardom in Japan and around the UK.
  • Already a fantastic wrestler with so much room to grow.

RECOMMENDED VIEWING: A Showreel of Her Amazing Moves


  • Up until recently competed for IMPACT Wrestling.
  • Fourteen years wrestling experience.
  • 2x IMPACT Knockouts Champion.
  • Can bring out a dark side if she needs to.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: vs. Sienna – Smash Wrestling


Hikaru Shida

  • Wrestling for over ten years.
  • Competed almost exclusively in Japan throughout her career.
  • Fought in intergender matches against the likes of Kenny Omega and Naomichi Marufiji.
  • Wrestled against some of joshi wrestling’s biggest names, including Manami Toyota, Aja Kong, Asuka, Jaguar Yokota and Kyoko Inoue.
  • Quick and aggressive.
  • Lethal arsenal of kicks.
  • Has a history with Aja Kong which will make her match against her at Double or Nothing interesting.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: vs. Athena (Ember Moon) – SHIMMER

Bea Priestley

  • Current World of Stardom Champion.
  • Has a brilliant step-up curb stomp finisher.
  • Competed in matches that have gotten millions of views on YouTube.
  • Bea’s style is a good mix of flash and viciousness that makes her a lot of fun to watch.
  • Has some lovely suplexes.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: Vs. Nixon Newell – Last Woman Standing, WCPW

Leva Bates

  • Formerly Blue Pants in NXT.
  • Also known as The Librarian in AEW, just like Peter Avalon.
  • Avid cosplayer.
  • 12 years experience.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: vs. Shotzi Blackheart – Hoodslam


  • Youngest female wrestler.
  • Has been wrestling almost thirteen years despite being 21 years old.
  • Debuted at nine years old for Ice Ribbon.
  • First Ice Ribbon Triple Crown Champion despite leaving the company when she was 15.
  • Competes regularly across Asia.
  • Utilises double knees, plenty of dives, and some absolutely gorgeous bridging suplexes.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: vs. Makoto – Singapore Pro Wrestling

Appearing at Double or Nothing (But Not Officially on the AEW Roster Yet):


Aja Kong 

  • Appearing in a six-woman tag match at DoN.
  • 30+ year veteran.
  • Competed in the WWF during the 1990’s.
  • One of the most legendary Japanese female wrestlers ever.
  • Had several highly praised matches, including some that got five stars from WON.
  • Powerful and destructive style that uses big strikes, throws and powerbombs.
  • Still going strong after such a long time.
  • Suffered horrendous bullying as a child due to her race, but found wrestling as an escape, and fuelled her to get into the ring.



RECOMMENDED MATCH: vs. Viper/Piper Niven – Pro Wrestling EVE

Yuka Sakazaki 

  • Solid and consistent wrestler.
  • Full of personality and energy.
  • Quick and crisp in the ring.
  • Five years experience wrestling mainly for Tokyo Joshi Pro and DDT.
  • Stiff striker.
  • Has an absolutely crazy entrance song (which I definitely hope they play).

RECOMMENDED MATCH: w/ Mizuki vs Shoko Nakajima and Riho – DDT

Dustin Thomas

  • Appearing in the Casino Battle Royale at DoN.
  • The most obvious quality of Dustin Thomas is that he has no legs – clearly this limits Dustin’s style but what he can do is insanely impressive and inspirational.
  • Utilises the ropes and his upper body strength to launch himself onto his opponents.
  • Highly athletic.
  • Has limited experience – appeared at Joey Janela’s Spring Break in early April, and instantly became a viral sensation. That one appearance got him a place on this show.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: vs. Tony Deppen – GCW – Highly recommended


  • Absolute unit.
  • Competed in NXT, IMPACT, Lucha Underground, ROH, and more.
  • Clearly a powerhouse but also has surprising speed and an agile, explosive arsenal of moves.
  • Beautiful kicks.
  • 6’6, 250 pounds.
  • Appearing in the Casino Battle Royale at DoN.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: vs. Brian Cage – Bar Wrestling


Ace Romero

RECOMMENDED MATCH: vs. Keith Lee – Limitless Wrestling

Emi Sakura

  • Wrestling for almost 25 years.
  • Founder of Ice Ribbon and Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling.
  • Responsible for training dozens of wrestlers, including Riho and Hikaru Shida.
  • Competes around the world, mainly across Asia but also in the UK.
  • Shouts very loud throughout her matches.
  • Technical grappler that isn’t afraid to be rough with her opponents.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: vs. Crystal – Philippine Wrestling Revolution

Billy Gunn

  • Ass man.
  • WWE Hall of Famer.
  • AEW producer.
  • Still an absolute unit.
  • Appearing in the Casino Battle Royale at DoN.


Brian Pillman Jr.

  • Appearing in the Casino Battle Royale at DoN.
  • Wrestling for 18 months but already making a big name for himself.
  • Member of The New Hart Foundation in MLW.
  • One hell of a mullet.
  • Strong with explosive power moves, yet also fast and agile.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: vs. Joey Janela – Black Label Pro

Ryo Mizunami

  • Competes across Japan.
  • Has a brutal variation on a Tombstone Piledriver, and a stiff lariat.
  • Favours a powerful, hard-hitting style.
  • Fifteen-year veteran.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: vs. Misaki Ohata – Pro Wrestling WAVE

Sunny Daze

  • Appearing in the Casino Battle Royale at DoN.
  • Eleven years experience but has only wrestled for small independent promotions.
  • Uses his weight to his advantage with a range of power moves.
  • Not as positive and cheery as his name may suggest.

RECOMMENDED MATCH: vs. Pain – Continental Championship Wrestling



  • Ice man.
  • Creation of WCW.
  • Experienced martial artist.
  • If he doesn’t have an entrance involving fake snow, I will be deeply disappointed.
  • Appearing in the Casino Battle Royale at DoN.

Shawn Spears

  • Formerly known as Tye Dillinger in WWE.
  • This will be his first appearance since leaving WWE.
  • Obsessed with a particular number.
  • Enjoys a cartwheel.
  • Appearing in the Casino Battle Royale at DoN.

Dustin Rhodes

  • Formerly Goldust in WWE.
  • Debuting new look at DoN.
  • Winding down his career but still has a lot to give.



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