10 Weird and Wonderful Jimmy Havoc Moments


Jimmy Havoc: King of the Goths, violent, blood-thirsty, hardcore wrestler, and now, AEW roster member. The prospect of seeing this man on weekly international television fills me with so much joy, so to celebrate, I’m taking a look at some strange and hilarious moments involving the man himself. And please bare in mind that this has got to be weird by his standards, so we have to count getting hit by a sword made of light tubes and doing a promo as a cannibal as normal for him.

With that being said, here are 10 Weird and Wonderful Jimmy Havoc Moments.





When He Clearly Needed a Hearing Test

You can’t have a hardcore match in the U.K. without Jimmy Havoc… or something that sounds similar to a hardcore match at least.

When Wrestling Resurgence put on a painting-based scramble match, an unexpected guest rocked up wearing his signature coat and mask, with an easel in hand. Shrouded in blood red light, he entered the ring, and placed himself into what he thought was a hardcore match…

…Turns out it was actually an Artcore Match. It was a chance for wrestlers not to smash each other with light tubes, but to dazzle their foes with beautiful expressions of emotion on canvas. Jimmy didn’t give a shit what it was though, he just wanted to hurt people. That is his art form.

When His Master Plan Backfired

As if wrestling Keith Lee and Matt Riddle in a triple threat match isn’t bad enough, Jimmy had to go against these two units in a two out of three falls tables match.

On his way to the ring, Jimmy decided to set up a table at ringside, and the cut out the middleman by slamming himself through it. A confused crowd looked on as he rolled into the ring and began explaining that by putting himself through the table, he’s 1-0 up. Smart right?

Well, not really, as the ref explained that not only does a fall only count when you put an opponent through a table, the bell hadn’t even rung at that point so the match hadn’t started yet. Not only did Jimmy have to go against Limitless Keith Lee and The King of Bros, he had to do so after already breaking a table with his body. We’re lucky he’s still around to this day.




When He Had a Mid-Match Snack

Not even Millie McKenzie could ingest shards of a broken light tubes, but it’s not a problem for Mr Havoc. I guess deathmatches are very hungry work.

When He Legit Tried to Torture Will Ospreay

There’s a difference between parodying a movie for entertainment, and straight up trying to slice somebody’s ear off to the tune of Stuck in the Middle With You. It’s all fun and games until harmless hardcore wrestling takes a weird turn into legitimate torture.



When He Released Some Unexpected Merch

Look at Jimmy Havoc. Of all the music-inspired designs you’d expect he’d have on his t-shirts, I don’t think Taylor Swift would be near the top of the list.

Jimmy Havoc is a big Tay Tay fan: and why wouldn’t he be? She’s got some absolute bangers. The 1984 album is a firm favourite on my wrestling road trips with friends. It’s just, you wouldn’t expect Swifty parody designs on The King of the Goths’ tees, but there they are! And there’s two of them!

If you’ve got a Blank Space on your chest for some quality merch, put on a Jimmy Havoc tee or you’ll be in Trouble, your face will get covered in Bad Blood, and you won’t be able to Shake It Off… Welcome to New York is also a good song.



When He Competed at WrestleMania Axxess

This is the weirdest one of the lot. Jimmy Fucking Havoc, King of the Goths, Tournament of Death Winner, a man who has had to pick pieces of glass out of the wounds on his back, that man competed in a morning session of WrestleMania Axxess in 2017.

Rather than slicing up his body or sticking a middle finger up to the world, according to William Regal he was being an uncharacteristic babyface, and playing up to the family friendly crowd in attendance. That is the strangest thing I’ve ever heard Jimmy Havoc do, and that’s saying something.

When He Appeared on ITV Long Before AEW Ever Existed

This is Marty Scurll and Jimmy Havoc appearing on Saturday night dating show, Take Me Out. Nothing else I can say can improve on this. Just watch and enjoy.



When Someone Tried to Pay Him to Drink Beer

I’ve actually had a weird moment with Jimmy Havoc myself. In October 2018, I found myself backstage at a heavy metal gig with Jimmy, sat around a table with my best friend and his fiancé, who were dressed as Jesse and James from Team Rocket, while I was dressed as a dinner lady. It was a lovely evening, Jimmy is a delight to hang out with.

It was on that strange Halloween night where I first saw this DM for myself, along with a couple of others, and as weird as these requests were, it must feel amazing that people will pay just to hang out and drink beer with you.



When He Met Triple H in a Toilet

Back when the WWE U.K. division was without a weekly television show, Triple H made a surprise appearance at an ICW show, which Jimmy Havoc just happened to be at. According to the hardcore goth legend, he walked out of a toilet cubicle during the show, only to be confronted with big ol’ Trips right in front of him.

To show respect, Triple H extended his hand out, and in an awkward panic, Jimmy decided to pretend to wipe his hands all over his shirt before shaking the COO of WWE’s mitt. He’s not quite sure why he did it, it was probably a bit awkward and weird, as would any meeting be with Triple H inside a toilet in Scotland, but it definitely brightened my day when I first learnt about it.

When He Listed His Favourite Romantic Comedies 

Yes, Jimmy Havoc did do a top five list of his favourite romantic comedies… or at least what he considers to be romantic comedies by his standards. Please watch this, it’s hilarious.

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