Wrestle Crate UK May Review, + Promo Code!


I started subscribing to Wrestle Crate UK back in 2015. It’s a service I loved enough to write two lists about in the past, but I thought it was about time I reviewed their May 2019 box to give you all an idea of the value they offer. And in case you decide you want to sign up, you can go to WrestleCrate.co.uk and use code “HAIRYWRESTLING” to get a free extra item in your first crate.

Wrestle Crate Lite is £11.99 + P+P: it features 4-6 items, including a t-shirt

Wrestle Crate is £21.99 + P+P: it features 6-9 items, including a t-shirt



AJ Styles Signed Print

This is arguably the greatest appeal of Wrestle Crate UK – where else are going to get an item of this quality at this kind of price? Traditionally, the only way you’d get your hands on a signed AJ Styles 8×10 is at a meet and greet, or maybe a WWE live event if you were lucky enough, and were willing to pay more than the price of a Wrestle Crate Lite for it.

Well, considering in the past they’ve had the likes of Kurt Angle, Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, Scott Hall, Edge, and many other current day stars and all time legends, Wrestle Crate is the cheapest way to get your hands on authentic signed goodies from your favourites. Plus, check out the quality of that print: this isn’t a photo taken on an early 2000’s camera that has been reused repeatedly for promo shots over the years, this is original artwork printed on high quality paper.

A unique item signed by a current day WWE Star – to some that’s worth the price of the Crate alone. Currently this phenomenal 8×10 is taking pride of place in my nephew’s room: definitely earned some cool uncle points thanks to Wrestle Crate UK.



Kip Sabian Signed Print

Along with The Phenomenal One, Wrestle Crate is also keen on pushing up and coming stars, and someone who’s on everybody’s lips at the moment thanks to AEW, and his appearance on the Double or Nothing Buy In show, is also included in this month’s Crate. Depending on which way you look at it, you’ll either love or hate this print of Kip Sabian due to how damn handsome he is, it’s simply not fair.

But once again, a beautiful quality print of an amazing photo, and the same applies to every print I’ve received from this service since 2015. Not only will you get items worth a high value today, you’ll get prints of future stars like Sabian that in a year or two may be much harder to get your hands on.



Suck It Eco Straw

Something I love about Wrestle Crate is the unique items that they surprise us with. I’ve personally never considered buying an eco straw before (even though I probably should have), but not to worry, Wrestle Crate and Lapel Yeah have me covered. Now when I’m out on road trips to wrestling shows and I stop for some fast food, no longer will I have to use plastic straws or crappy paper straws. I can keep this Suck It metal straw in my car, inside this handy carry bag, and reduce the amount of waste I use up. Thanks pro wrestling for once again helping me in my adult life.



Calling Spots Magazine

Now, perhaps I am going to be a tiny bit bias here, considering the fact I’m in this magazine twice, but I really do believe Calling Spots is a fantastic edition to Wrestle Crate. I’ve got a collection of CS magazines filling up my shelf dating back to 2015, so the fact I now get to write for them in every issue is a pleasure. As always, CS is printed on high quality, glossy paper, and features a hand-drawn double cover of Kofi Kingston on one side, and Cody and The Young Bucks on the other.

As well as my article on AEW’s diverse roster, and my interview with the newest member of Bullet Club, El Phantasmo, you can find an article on Kofi Kingston, a piece on RISE Underground Wrestling, an interview with Spike Trivet, and an article on Daniel Bryan. It’s a great magazine I love being a part of, and I seriously hope you consider giving it a read.




Mid-South Wrestling T-Shirt

In every Wrestle Crate, you’ll find one or two original t-shirt designs. For the most part, they will feature a top name star in pro wrestling, but personally I love it when they make designs like this. To find a Mid-South Coliseum t-shirt anywhere else would be difficult, and in all honesty it’s not something I’d likely even think to try and look for, but once I opened my crate to see it, I was delighted.

A lovely, simple design that I’d be happy to wear in everyday life regardless of where I was going, on a nice comfy tee. Considering the big names they already have in this crate, this was a great addition to the box.



Riptide Wrestling Pin Badge

Riptide Wrestling is one of the best promotions in the U.K. today. No other company in the world produces pro wrestling as beautifully as Riptide does. Their events are filmed like movies: the beautiful cinematography, combined with the lack of commentary provide a unique, stunning viewing experience. Riptide manages to capture the beauty and atmosphere of live pro wrestling unlike any other company, and on top of all that, they have some damn fine merch too.

With every show they do, they bring out a new line of original merchandise, and this sweet shark enamel pin badge is a great taster of what to expect from them. Wear this pin with pride, you’re representing some of the gnarliest pro wrestling in the U.K.

Learn more about Riptide and how to watch them with my guide to their streaming service, and use code HAIRY to get 30% off for up to 6 months!



Jay White Sticker

Do you want to put a knife pervert on your laptop? I know I do! A great original design of the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Jay White, to place anywhere you want to. The same design was used on a t-shirt in April’s crate, which goes to show the kind of name value WC can bring to their merch. A great little addition to an already superb box.



GOOD Wrestling Subscription

Another big win for pro wrestling fans with Wrestle Crate is the exposure it gives us to companies we may not have checked out before. GOOD Wrestling is a promotion in Milton Keynes that is committed to providing, well, good wrestling. Featuring some great independent talents from across the world, including Millie McKenzie, Speedball Mike Bailey, Escaping the Midcard, and even some NXT UK stars, GOOD Wrestling is definitely worth checking out, and Wrestle Crate UK gave subscribers two months access to their entire back catalogue!



Frontline S.P.I.R.I.T DVD

Frontline Wrestling was established in 2018 by New Japan star, Will Ospreay. The company showcases some of the most exciting young talents in the UK, along with some of the biggest independent names in the UK. To give you a taste of what Frontline is like, Wrestle Crate UK has included a DVD of a their show from August last year, featuring Mark Haskins, Kay Lee Ray, Bea Priestley, Chris Brookes, and many more.

If you want to subscribe to either Wrestle Crate Lite or Wrestle Crate, make sure to use code HAIRYWRESTLING for a free extra item


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