Top 10 Best Juice Robinson Promos


On several occasions, WWE’s Kevin Owens has proclaimed that the best talker in the world right now is New Japan’s own Juice Robinson. In post-match interviews and press conferences, Juice Robinson seems to have a talent for delivering pure gold straight from his heart that has had fans around the world react in awe at his skills. His name may be Juice, but he certainly milks every opportunity he gets backstage to show the world how good of a speaker he is.

So if you’re not up to date on how much the former CJ Parker has improved since going to NJPW, or you just want to treat yourself to some audio goodness, this is what I believe to be this flamboyant star’s best work. These are the Top 10 Juice Robinson Promos.

10. Chase Owens (Skip to 1:22)

Something I love about Juice Robinson is how honest he is. Rather than boasting about how great or successful he is, Juice lays out the reality of his life, and why it’s that reality that pushes him to love pro wrestling so much, and hold the IWGP US Championship in such high regard. Plus, he’s not afraid to talk up about how great his opponent is.

9. Okada

Despite not looking directly at the camera, you can see the honesty in Juice’s face throughout this speech. During his first G1 Climax, Juice spoke about just how good Kazuchika Okada is as a wrestler, and how much further he had to go until he could compete on his level, and it was awesome.


8. Toru Yano

Sometimes the bullshit of professional wrestling can really get to you, and on this particular day, Juice Robinson had quite enough of in-ring shenanigans. If you want an example of how hilarious Juice can be, away from all of his passionate rants that he is heralded so often for, this is the promo to watch. Also, points go to David Finlay for the great reaction at the end.

7. Chance (Skip to 2:18)

Juice Robinson is an underdog, and a brilliant one at that. Juice is at his best when he’s working up against more experienced, more dominating opponents. The odds were never stacked against Juice more than in 2018, when leading up to an opportunity for the IWGP United States Championship, his hand was broken by Jay White. In this backstage interview, you see the despair on Juice’s face, and feel the disappointment in his voice as the realisation dawns on him of how unlikely it is that he will pick up the victory.

As Juice reflects on his injury, he speaks of the chances he’s been given by New Japan, explaining how if he continues to lose against champions, how can he expect to continue to get these opportunities. When hearing about how he can’t defeat champions when he’s in a healthy state, yet now has to compete for a title with a broken hand, you feel how little chance Juice actually has in this upcoming match… but it only makes you route for him more.

6. The Underdog

I understand that some may not be a fan of this, but I find it really refreshing how sincere and brutally truthful Juice Robinson can be. Juice doesn’t admit to being the best. He knows he’s not on the level of the likes of Ibushi and Naito, but he’s fighting every single day until he is, and it makes him all the more likeable. Sure, he admits that he has a shot of beating anyone on any given night, but he makes no bones about how he compares to some of his peers, which makes it all the more rewarding as a fan when you see him get a victory over one of the best. Plus, when he loses, he doesn’t make excuses.

Although it starts off unassuming, this interview from the 2018 G1 Climax tournament suddenly builds into an impassioned tirade that shows off just how good Juice Robinson is at being an underdog.

5. Moxley

In three and a half minutes, Juice Robinson can build anticipation for a match better than most big companies could manage with weeks of television. To give some insight as to why the newly announced match of Juice Robinson vs. the debuting Jon Moxley was happening beyond just capitalising on the newly released former WWE Champion’s popularity, Juice examined his history with the former Dean Ambrose, dating back to his days in Florida.

Juice portrayed Dean as one of his mentors, somebody he looked up to early on in his career, but by the end of the promo, you felt the anger in Juice voice, and determination to prove that he is no longer the young upstart Jon met back in FCW.

4. I Ain’t Going Back

Juice Robinson made a bold move back in 2015 when he chose to leave WWE to pursue a career elsewhere. At the time, this wasn’t the cool thing to do, or even a particularly sensible thing to do. Juice made the decision to go to New Japan, offer to start as a young lion, and work his way up the card. Three years in, his efforts paid off when he became the first American to win the IWGP US Championship.

Fired up by this victory, Juice delivered one of the most spirited promos of his life when he reflected on his time in NXT, and how he’s making himself a star without them. And of course, he got the world talking with the now famous line, “I ain’t going back.”

3. CJ Parker is Dead

With a fresh new haircut, bite marks on his forehead, and a championship absent from his waist, Juice Robinson walked out after his most high profile match to date, and delivered a raging address of the punishment he was put through. As Juice rants about how hard he tried and how he lost everything that matters to him, it’s impossible not to get captivated by the spirit in his voice and face. With this one promo, he made all of the first-time viewers brought in by Jon Moxley aware of the death of CJ Parker.

2. I’m All Heart and Nuts

Leading up to his first shot at the IWGP United States Championship, Juice Robinson gifted us with an almighty ‘Merican promo filled top to bottom with memorable quotes. Opening with an examination of the human skeleton, followed by a tirade so pro USA it makes you want to dress up as Uncle Sam, enter your child into a beauty pageant, salute a Big Mac and belt out your best rendition of Country Roads, Juice delivered a promo that felt like a masterpiece and a rambling sugar rush simultaneously.

Juice Robinson isn’t all tears and disappointment, he’s just as good when he’s riding a high.

  1. On the Road (Skip to 36 seconds)

Now, is this technically a promo? I guess not, it’s actually taken from a documentary about him. It’s not Juice Robinson the pro wrestler talking, it’s Joseph Robinson the person talking about his life and love for pro wrestling, yet the reason why I believe it’s Juice’s greatest ever speech is that once you watch this, you can see all of the passion he injects into his promos is 100% genuine.

The Juice Robinson that speaks directly to you in his heralded backstage rants is the exact same person you see here. All of the emotion that spurts from his mouth post-match comes from the heart. After watching his documentary, this speech in particular, it’s impossible not to route for this guy after hearing just how much he absolutely adores professional wrestling.

Without even trying to, Juice Robinson can tell a story better than most could ever dream of. His pace, facial expressions and tone in his voice all keep you gripped to his every word as you fill with the exact same emotions that he is welling with. Juice Robinson’s words are enough to make you want to cry, and that’s as powerful as it gets.

Juice Robinson may just be the best promo in wrestling because simply put, he means every damn word of it. Try to find anyone that speaks about their industry with as much love, rage and adoration on a nightly basis as Juice Robinson, and you’ll be extremely hard pressed to do so.

Best promo in the world? I think Kevin Owens may have a point.



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