Punk Rock Pro Wrestling: A Guide to Pro-Wrestling: EVE and Their Streaming Service


Sometimes an independent promotion just has a special feel to it that separates it from other companies: Pro-Wrestling: EVE is one of them. Featuring talents from some of the biggest promotions in the world, EVE collects the best female talent out there today and places them all inside one wonderful, punk rock world. But what makes this company stand out above the rest? Well, let me tell you why. This is Punk Rock Pro Wrestling: A Guide to Pro-Wrestling: EVE and Their Streaming Service.

(Also, scroll to the bottom for guides on other streaming services, as well as discount codes).



Reasons to Start Watching EVE

  • Pro-Wrestling: EVE is an all-female promotion founded in 2010 that employs a punk rock, underground, DIY ethos to everything they do.
  • Like a punk rock show, each match in the set list is fast, frantic and unpredictable. You won’t see one hour epics in EVE, but you will see ten to fifteen minutes of exciting chaos filled with fast-paced action, a balcony dive or two, and maybe even an NXT UK star dressed as sperm (don’t ask).
  • Diversity is a key part of EVE’s shows: a wide range of wrestling styles, backgrounds and appearances flood EVE’s roster, which makes for a variety show that’s thrilling to watch.
  • EVE utilises talent from across the wrestling world, featuring stars from NXT UK, IMPACT, Stardom, the British indies, US indies, legends of joshi wrestling, and more.
  • Along with badass, exhilarating wrestling, EVE also hosts some absolutely hilarious comedy wrestling thanks to the likes of Session Moth Martina and “The Princess Diana of Professional Wrestling” Jetta.
  • EVE runs shows on a regular basis with flowing storylines and rivalries, rather than just hosting a series of dream/exciting matches.
  • Meiko Satomura wrestles there.
  • They absolutely love a good tournament.
  • You can go back and treat yourself to all of the fantastic Kris Wolf related content.
  • EVE hosts most of their shows inside the Resistance Gallery in London, an intimate venue that creates a fantastic atmosphere on film, and has been taken advantage of in some unique ways by performers over the years.
  • Every single show so far in 2019 has been a sell-out. EVE has a passionate fan base that make their shows all the more enjoyable, and it’s thanks to this support that EVE are beginning to branch out into larger venues.
  • Basically, if you like really good wrestling, and just generally having a good time, give EVE a chance.



Other Cool Stuff to Note

  • Standard wrestling rules apply in most EVE matches, yet similar to the likes of NJPW, referees have the discretion to adapt the rules to suit the match under what they call the “Spirit of EVE”. If one wrestler is using a weapon, that’s a DQ, but if both are consenting to using weapons, why spoil the fun? Likewise if they’re both up for having a good old brawl in the crowd, it’d be a shame to cut that short with a countout.
  • If you get yourself to a live EVE show, you’ll be treated to either a burlesque or a drag show during intermission, usually with a unique quirk involved, like the crowd being in charge of song changes or Star Wars themed costumes. It all adds to the overall sense of fun and liberation in EVE.
  • EVE has been covered by major publications around the world, including Huffington Post, New York Times, and The Independent.
  • Mick Foley is a fan, and if he’s a fan, can you really argue against that?
  • They have their own training school in London open on a weekly basis.
  • EVE supports several charities with funds raised from their shows, merchandise and streaming.
  • This year, they are bringing pro wrestling to London Pride, to help increase representation of the LGBTQ+ community in pro wrestling, as well as introduce a group of role models for young members of the culture to look up to.
  • They do awesome things like put on secret/mystery shows, and host alternative, free streams to watch during WWE’s Saudi Arabia events.
  • They have had merch with Donald Trump receiving a piledriver on it.
  • EVE’s owners have an absolutely beautiful dog called Pond that deserves your love and support.



EVE OnDemand

  • It costs $9.99 a month with no long term commitments. Get 25% off your first month using code EVEGETSHAIRY
  • EVE does not offer a free trial period due to people abusing it to share their content illegally, but subscribing for at least a month to sample their content is definitely worth it.
  • EVE broadcasts some of their shows live to watch as they happen. Make sure to follow them on Twitter/Facebook to keep up to date with upcoming shows.
  • New content added weekly.
  • Extensive back catalog of EVE events and full shows from other independent promotions.
  • EVE hold events 1-2 times a month. These events can be a single show or a weekend full of shows. They also hold tournaments which can involve up to four different shows in one weekend, so you get a lot of content for your monthly subscription price.
  • Finding content is easy: you can break it down into promotions, list it by date so you can watch the most recent content, use the search function to find specific shows, or search a wrestler’s name, e.g. Meiko Satomura, to only watch content involving them.
  • EVE OnDemand is hosted by Pivotshare, the same streaming service used by PROGRESS and countless other promotions so it is reliable. You can watch it through most browsers, but there is yet to be a dedicated app for it.



Recommended Free Matches to Try Out

  • FULL SHOW: Wrestle Queendom – To get the best taste of EVE, here’s a full free taster of one of their biggest ever shows. I can honestly say that top to bottom, this is one hell of a card. Not a single average match on the show. From the War Games opener, to AEW’s Aja Kong (learn about her story here) vs. NXT UK’s Viper/Piper Niven, to the insane main event of Sammii Jayne vs. NXT UK’s Charlie Morgan, it’s full to the brim with quality pro wrestling.
  • FULL SHOW: SHE1: Another full show! Featuring the extremely fun Session Moth Martina and a main event involving two former Mae Young Classic competitors, Meiko Satomura vs. Viper/Piper Niven.
  • Rhia O’Reilly vs. Sammii Jayne: A street fight between two of EVE’s regulars. Plus, NJPW’s Kota Ibushi even makes a brief appearance!
  • Britani Knight (AKA WWE’s Paige) vs. Shanna: EVE has had a lot of stars pass through their doors over their nine year history, including Nikki Cross, Jazzy Gabert and Emi Sakura, but none more well known than WWE’s Paige. Get a taste of EVE’s infancy with this bout from their second ever show.
  • Kay Lee Ray vs. Sammii Jayne: A violent and highly entertaining brawl.



OnDemand Matches You Need to Watch


maxresdefault (1).jpg

What Else is on the OnDemand Service?

  • XWA: A partner promotion with EVE that runs from the same venue and has a similar atmosphere, except with male talents involved along with EVE regulars. Arguably best known for hosting the match where Kota Ibushi shot fireworks into his own chest.
  • Riptide Wrestling: Probably the most beautifully shot wrestling promotion in the world, Riptide combines quality cinematography with amazing pro wrestling. Check out my full guide on them and their streaming service here.
  • RISE: Another all female promotion operating out of Illinois.
  • Sample shows from several other promotions.










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